Rhade grew up on a mixed-race colony, so he should be used to unmodified humans. There's just no 'getting used to' Harper though. Harper, of course, doesn't hide the fact that he doesn't like Nietzscheans. It's odd though: he hates Nietzscheans as a whole, but doesn't seem to be sending any particular venom Rhade's way. It takes Rhade a while to decide why.

Harper obviously wants him.

And since Rhade is light years from an appropriate breeding partner, he can't think of a better way to keep his sperm production healthy than indulging in a little mutual fun. Harper is rather appealing, in a scrawny kludge way, and seems very agile.

Rhade's not sure what Harper did to Andromeda's gravity controls to make him stick to the wall, but he hopes it's temporary.


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