Quantum Physics

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Chapter One: Ordinary Day, Or IS IT?

Telemachus Rhade opened his eyes and sat up. He got out of his bed and stretched his lean, muscular chest, on what he knew would be an ordinary day. He went down to the officer’s mess in the same ordinary way, the same routine day in, day out.

Life on the Andromeda Ascendant had gotten predictable, and not mildly so. Rhade was itching for a battle, a fight, something that would take the edge off his growing need. He was tired of growling at Harper, or punting insults Beka’s way.

Maybe he could schedule a few drills, test the rest of the crew. He thought to himself, and then frowned, No, just more of the same ol’, same ol’. He picked up the flexie, picked up his tray, and departed the mess hall.

Bridge of Andromeda

“Ah, good, Rhade, I was beginning to wonder where you were.” Capt. Hunt looked to his Tactical Officer, “We’ve got orders to proceed to the Arial Galaxy.” Hunt finished, not even giving his officer time to question if he had been late.

Rhade went to his station, and then turned to the Captain, raising his powerful eyebrow, and asked: “What is in the Arial System? “

“A large metal ring has been recently uncovered on one of the nine planets in the system.” Hunt continued “We are being sent with the Perseids and Harper to see what we can make of it.”

“What so special about this ring? It’s not like the Perseids don’t have the capabilities to get there themselves.” He growled.

“And there in lies the problem. The collectors want to thwart us at every turn.” Hunt turned his back to his officer, then as an after thought turned and glanced at him, “and this is no ordinary ring. It is made of an unknown metal.”

Rhade shook his head, like he hadn’t heard correctly. “I can understand the thing about the collectors, but surely, I mean…” He broke off there.

“Rhade, I know this is not your cup of tea. But it will give us something to do, until the Magogs or the Collectors pop-up and decide to yell “Howdy!” Captain Hunt was busily adjusting his coat, “Look at it this way, if push comes to shove, then we just shove harder” trying to pacify the Tactical Officer.

Sure that he had done just that, Hunt looked forward into the viewer screen “Rommie, compute the time between us, rendezvousing between the Perseids, and getting to the Arial system.”

The viewer screen of the Andromeda began working and responded “Exactly, 48 hours.”
Andromeda was state of Art. If she said 48 hours, then it was 48 hours. Dylan Hunt could count on that. With Rhade piloting the ship into Slipstream, Andromeda made her way to their first point of contact.

CHAPTER TWO: Lord Camulus’s Cometh

General O’Neil did not know about this, inviting a Goa’ld System Lord back to take a second poke at their defenses. Everything about it about spoke bad vibes to Jack. But at Carter and Jackson’s insistence he had approved it, provided that if there was any trouble, they would abort the mission. And he had meant any trouble, just a smidgen.

Why did they have to invite HIM back? Jack thought to himself, while sitting at his desk. And why on my watch? Jack ran a hand over his five o’clock shadow, brooding all the while.

Red lights started flashing, signaling that someone or thing was trying to reach the SGC.

“Showtime” and with that Jack walked out of the safety of his office.

Stargate Room

Sgt. Harriman was seated in his usual spot. Jack went to lean over “Radar O’Reilly” Harriman. Harriman took a deep breath as the Iris closed over the event horizon of the Stargate.

“Receiving GDO code.” Reported the Sgt. “It is SG-11, and they have Lord Camulus with them.”

“Well, then let them through.” O’Neill ordered, motioning for Harriman to open the Iris “We can’t keep his prissiness waiting.”

“Aye, sir” The Sgt. looked a little nervous.

The klaxon sounded again, but this time it sounded for an emergency.

“Jack,” Daniel reported “there is a solar event happening.”

“Not one of those solar flair up thingies again!” O’Neill said while his hands and arms flailed about.

“You better message the team not to come through.”

“Not an option. It is too late. “Jack rubbed his temple. “ We need you in the situation room.” Then upon further reflection Jack added “Whatever comes through that gate, after it does, we better contact the Tok’ra, such friendly guys as they are, and find out how to get it back.” Jack finished.

Chapter 3: The Metal Ring

Hunt, Rhade, and Harper accompanied the Perseids down to Ellipses, the Ninth Planet in the Arial System. It was a lush land, with plenty to offer, and so the newly formed Commonwealth had agreed to send a colony there. The colony had started to teraform, and naturally, had come across this metal ring, with symbols. It hadn’t taken the colonist/ farmers long to realize that this was an important find.

“Welcome to Ellipses, Capt. Hunt.” Gov. Jemmie Zarkus extend his right hand to Capt. Hunt, “We were most pleased when the Tri-vers said that they would be sending you and your crew, to us, to help us out.” He finished.

“Well, we are, that is my crew and I, are always happy to lend a helping hand.” Capt. Hunt took his hand firmly in his, pumping it up and down.

“Let me show you to the ring,” Gov. Zarkus motioning for them to follow, “It is 2 klicks from here.”

“A lovely day for a walk,” Rhade muttered, with in hearing of the Chief Engineer, and raising his eyebrow in that delectable way, “If you can stand it.”

“Oh, I can stand it,” Harper put his hands on his hips, failing to come up with a good comeback.
Side note: It wasn’t Harper’s failing, it was mine. I hate it when I outwit myself.

“Gent-le-men!” Capt. Hunt’s tone was sharp, and low. But it did get the point across.

“He started it!” Harper whined to no one in particular.

Chapter 4 :The Stars May Fall Where They Like

Gov. Zarkus lead his guest to the Metal Ring. Capt. Hunt could see that the colonist had raised it to a sitting position so you could look through it. Noticing, also, there were several pictographs on the Metal Ring, depicting objects, almost like they were places.

“Have you found anything else,” Capt. Hunt began, “That would suggest what to do with this Metal Ring?” he motioned to the woman standing beside the Metal Ring.

“We did find a controller of sorts.” The woman reported “And a room which seems to have been a temple, with pictographs on the walls. We sort of filled in the blanks on the rest.”

“I’m sorry, I am so lacking in manners, Capt. Hunt” Gov Zarkus interrupted “This is our Chief Scientist, Charity Mahan.” The Captain took the hand of the lovely Scientist, and shook it.

“Ms. Mahan, a pleasure to met you,” Capt. Hunt, said obviously taken with the young woman, “these are members of my crew, Lcdr. Rhade and Harper” Rhade nodded his head in her direction and Harper was just, well, Harper, “And the Perseid representatives, Neo Flosyde and Beryan Wynsyde.”

“Very pleased to meet you.” Said Neo

“Yes, yes very pleased to meet you, indeed.” Finished Beryan while stroking his pointed beard.

Introductions finished, Charity began her explanation “It seems that locking in a series of those symbols, that correspond to that Metal Ring will activate something. But what we have not seen yet.” She paused, pursing her lovely mouth. “You then hit the red bubble, and something happens.” She said with a questioning eyebrow.

“Well, have you tried activating it yet?” asked Dylan.

“We have tried up to several hundred different combinations, up to six.” She concluded “But we were just going to do seven combinations.”

“Okay.” Dylan said motioning with his hands for her to continue.

She motioned for them to move out of the way, walked up to the control and began pushing symbols.

“Symbol one locked in.”

“Symbol two locked in.”

“Symbol three locked in.”

“Symbol four locked in.”

“Symbol five locked in.” At that point there was a sizzle of electricity in the air.

“Symbol six locked in.” Everyone could feel the anticipation.

“Symbol seven locked in.” Several scientist moved backwards.

She pushed the red bubble, thinking it was never going to work- except this time it did. There was a loud “Whoosh!” as the event horizon appeared. It was all shimmery and liquid-like, and there was stillness in the air, even the birds had stopped singing. Everyone was floored and flabbergasted.

Her eyes were like saucers as she tore her gaze away from what was happening at the ring, and looked at the Captain. Then she grew excited as she spoke for the first time-

“Wehaveneverhadthishappenbefore.” It came out in an excited whisper. The Perseid and Harper were just as excited.

“Come again?” Capt. Hunt asked perplexed.

“We, we have never had this happen.” She was stunned.

“Oh. Okay. So what is next?”

“To send someone through. Test it out.”

“Sir, given my genetics, I think I should be the one to go.” Rhade spoke up for the first time.

Harper seconded the motion adding “It is not like I don’t like the guy.” Then he shrugged.

Ordinarily, Capt. Hunt would have reservation about sending through a crewmember, but at this point he could not even think.

“Go ahead. But at the first sign of trouble we are pulling you out.” Capt. Hunt spoke with finality.

Rhade was prepped to go through. Rhade was not one to believe in the Divine, but in case he was wrong, which he was sure he was not, he said a silent prayer. Let me get through this in one piece. He walked up to the Ring, and put his hand out and touched the shimmery water-like substance. He took one look backwards, to get courage from his Captain, and stepped through. At the exact moment he stepped through, a solar flair went from the Sun that was the center of the Arial System, and disrupted the Ring.

That something had gone wrong, the Captain was sure of. When the Ring re-activated they all waited with bated breath. Soon something stepped through. A man who looked like Rhade, but in warrior’s garb stepped through, and after him came four soldiers, all of them looking confused.

Chapter Five : Telemachus- Lost in Space or Time?

It had seemed like moments to Rhade- but he stepped through the Ring, and was instantly surrounded by men with heavy fire power. What was that saying, which Beka was always saying? You’re not on Tarn Vedra anymore Galcia?

A strange looking man came into Rhade’s midst and said:

“Okay Snake head, what have you done with my men?”

“I have been called lots of things, but never snake head. “ Rhade’s eyebrow rose and he was unsure of how to proceed.

“Jack, if I can?” Another man came into the room and pleaded with him. This man was younger, and he wore glasses. He looked like the science type. A little geeky, like Harper would say.

“Go ahead.” Jack had motioned with his hands.

“My name is Daniel Jackson.” The man identified himself and continued “You obviously are not Lord Camulus, are you?”

“No, I am not. I am Telemachus Rhade, Lieutenant Commander of the Starship Andromeda Ascendant.” He stated with obvious pride.

“I am General Jack O’Neill.” Jack stated with obvious mockery, “And you bear a striking resemblance to Lord Camulus.” He continued “You guys no the drill take him to LT. Duram.”

“Lcdr. Rhade, right this way.” Daniel motioned in the direction Rhade should follow.

Rhade thought to himself When in Peresia do as the Perseids would do. He looked at O’Neill grimly; flexing his bone blades, then stepped down and proceeded to follow the human named Daniel Jackson out of the room.

While Lcdr. Rhade was getting checked out by the base Doc-in-the-box, Daniel Jackson had sent a coded urgent message to the Tok’ra. They had responded with three representatives: Selmac/Jacob Carter, Maht’han Ja’mal, and Set’nak Ethan.

Situation/Debriefing Room

O’Neill sat at the head of the polished hardwood table, with his hands interlaced, and a glazed look in his eyes. Jacob Carter looked from O’Neill to his daughter, Lt. Col. Samantha “Sam” Carter, and smiled an ironically, then he spoke:

“We have everyone working on this problem. Unfortunately word has leaked to the lesser Goa’ulds in Camulus’s Court. But we may have a chance seeing as how Baal has started executing other Goa’ulds.”

Daniel tapped his fingers on the table, and then looked up “How is this good for us?”

The symbiote in Jacob took over; Selmac began “Because those lesser Goa’ulds will not be in a hurry to go to Baal. You know better than we that Goa’ulds value there host’s heads attached to their bodies.” Jacob took over at that point “It will buy us some time in trying to locate Camulus and your soldiers. And it may buy us a quite alliance.”

Jack looked up shrugged his shoulders “Stranger things have been known to happen.”

At that point Lcdr. Rhade was shown in.

“Our guest of honor is here.” One could feel the sarcasm dripping off every word Jack had said. Lt.Col. Carter and Dr. Jackson winced; sometimes the General could be brutal when he was caught between a rock and, well, a hard place. This was certainly no exception. “Can I ask you a question?” Jack finished.

Rhade motioned for him to go ahead.

“What were you doing and what are you?”

Before Rhade could answer the second question, he was interrupted by Dr. Duram.

“I believe I can best answer the question.” Duram waited for no one, “He is a super, genetically engineered human.”

Rhade, giving the man a callous look “Most humans and aliens call my people Neitzcheans” Then moved his look to the General. He launched in to a whole explanation of what the Neitzcheans were, their Origins, the Ayn Rand Station, Dylan Hunt and the Gang, the magog, and their mission.
When he stopped talking, the glazed look had returned to Gen. O’Neill, but Selmak/Jacob, Carter, Jackson, and Lt.Col. Alessa Callista di Rinaldi looked like they had about a million questions. Di Rinaldi started with her question:

“What are those bones jutting out of your arms? Are they a practical defense?”

Rhade looked at her for a moment; she was stunning for a warrior. She had long, curly brown hair, honeyed skin, and she looked like she could hold her own in a fight. The uniform could not hide her curves. She was perfection, almost, but she was not Neitzchean. Rhade could not help but notice her. Rhade started:

“They are called bone blades. They are a self-defense built into our genetics, so yes; I suppose they would be a practical defense. By-the-way, if I might ask, where is my force-lance?”

Sorry folks I could not resist that one. If you don’t work in the force lance jokes to at least one of your stories, then you aren’t living.

After a few more questions, mainly from the Tok’ra, General O’Neill cleared his throat, and singled an end to the entire line of questions. “If you will show are guest to his quarters,” Jack paused “And then Teal’c if you would be so kind as to show him are more than adequate dining facilities.” Jack waited until Teal’c and Rhade had left the room, and started again “I want your impression on this Jacob.” Alessa Di Rinaldi followed the two out. She might as well ask more questions, while he was available.

“All I can tell you is that I sense no subterfuge. I know he maybe more lost than we are.” Jacob paused to chew his lower lip, then shaking his head, continued, “I need more time to piece together the puzzle.”

“Don’t take too much time. Remember, we don’t have that much time before Baal gets wind of what is going on, and decides to go crazy. Not that he isn’t already.” Jack motioned with his hands “I will be in my office catching up on paperwork.” His eyebrows rose, and then fell; he slid back, stood up and then marched to his office.

Chapter 6

Gould Mother Ship

Baal looked on into the vast blackness of space, where his thoughts were preoccuping him. Just then an Orecki interrupted him.

"Yes?" Baal simmered in impatience.

"Lord" the Orecki bowed " we have just captured Lord Tzu's fleet."

"Wonderful. You may go. Report to me when you have captured the other fleets as well."

The Orecki struck his breast, well where his breast should have been, turned on his heels and left the veiwing area.

"Everything is going as planned. Now the only group that could put a wrench into the works were those T'uari." Baal continued his aimless wanderings "How to best defeat them, and make his victory complete?"

Star Gate Command

If I have to answer one more of Di Rinaldi's questions, he cringed in less than enthuastic anticpation, my head will explode. He responded to the loud banging at his door- "Enter!"

Rhade had been afforded better accomidations because he had cooperated. Gen. O'Neill had even taken out the camera. Apperently, he was termed "not a snakehead" by Gen.O'Neill. He could identify with and respected Gen. O'Neill. Rhade was even impressed with Gen.O'Neill dilligence and care. In short he reminded him of Dylan Hunt.

Rhade paid very little attention to whom came into his room, but he should have- he looked up and before he could change his mind--he saw that it was Di Rinaldi. Rhade shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. She was almost as irritating as Beka. But a lot more pretty and emotionally accessible. She would have been perfect except she was not Neitzschian.

"I'm sorry to bother you again Commander." Alessa Di Rinaldi continued "I was going down to lunch and thought you would like to accompany me."

Finally. He considered her for a moment "Yes I would. But I must insist that we not "talk shop." Let us discuss recreational pursuits. Agreed?" Rhade blazed a look directly at her.

"Agreed." Di Rinaldi finished.

Chapter Seven
Stargate Command: The Cafeteria
(Sounds like a musical doesn’t it????)

Alessia looked up from her soup and glanced at Rhade. He had fine chisled features and wavy black/brown hair. Of his features, Alessia favored his lips. Rhade could pout better than anyone, or man she had seen to date. Rhade, also, had a bigger sense of honor and moral fortitude to rival that of the Jaffa First Prime, former First Prime turned SG-1 super solider, she corrected herself, Teal’c. She went back to eating her soup.

Rhade looked back at her. I wonder if she is going to ask me another question. Better beat her to it. “So what do you like to do when you are not on duty?” Alessia looked up from her fruit salad, “Well it depends. Sometimes I go out with the group for a beer at Murphy’s. Sometimes I go home and have a girl’s night in. It really depends upon the mood I’m in.” Alessia rested her cheek against her hand, “What do you do, that is, when your not on duty?” She prompted him with her hand. “The same. Except that we do not have a “Murphy’s”. It really depends upon what I need to do. Sometimes I work out. Sometimes I sit in the Wardroom looking at flexies. Sometimes I go to my room and read Philosophy.” He rested his head on his hand.

He saw Alessia’s forehead furrow, he sighed to himself, she might prove to be an interesting distraction. Then he reached across the short table they shared, and waved the back of his hand across her forehead. “You’ll get lines much quicker if you do that.” She relaxed, and let him do his ministration. “I know you’re much prettier if you relax.”

Alessia sat back a moment and pondered (No. Not to take over the world. That’s the Gould’s Job.) she placed her hand and the better half of her forearm on the table. Then she carefully stated “I have been given permission by Gen. O’Neill to take you on a “field-trip” of sorts. Actually, Gen.O’Neill will be going with us, as well as SG-1 and SG-8.” She paused, “We will be going to Murphy’s. As Gen.O’Neill does not see you as a direct threat, like the Gould he is so fond of, it was suggested that we give you a taste of our customs.” She waited for his reply.

She didn’t have to wait long “When in Rome, I believe it is said, do what the Romans do.” They both stood up and walked their trays over to the scullery. “Okay. Then we will leave at 1500 hours.” She looked up at him “I’ll bring you a change of clothes, so that you fit in.” He nodded his head.

Gould Mothership
“Sire, we have the coordinates to the To’kra homeworld.”

Baal sighed to himself. He had to think for these fools. It almost wasn’t worth it, but they were stronger then any of his Jaffa or the Tau’ri.

“Proceed” came the rumbling reply.

To’kra Homeworld- Dioynisus

“We will have to disengage and leave.” One of the Council members said.

“We have no where to run, except for the Tau’ri homeworld.” Jacob/Selmac spat out.

“It would not be wise to remain here regardless.” Grand Councilwoman Te’nra bowed her head. “If we remain with half our forces, we will still be defeated. It is better, I know, to live and fight another day. Our time will come.” Her head snapped up.

“We will abided by your orders, only because we do not have the necessary research carried out.” General Menalaus paused “But we do not have to like it.”

Chapter 8
Andromeda: Holding Cells

On the other side of the ring, things were not going much better. The four soldiers, SG-11, Lt. Casmira Carina Cipriana, believed they called themselves, were part of a secret government post from Earth. The fifth man, although ruggedly good-looking, *thought* himself elite, or at the very least, was from a culture that *thought* themselves elite. Lt. Cas rubbed her temples, Earth as she knew it was plundered, and considered to be in a set of systems that were Nietzschean controlled. The fifth man, Camulus, had been defeated by another “Gould Lord”. Someone named Baal. He was with a contingent of his Army in hiding, when they had received word to have a meeting with “Stargate Command”.

Harper and the scientist, who had lost her superior officer, were down on the planet trying to work out a solution. Cas sighed to herself again, I haven't slept in two days. She would have to go down to medbay and see Trance. Cas looked on the video screen at the prisoners. If it was another day, she might have considered Camulus as a suitable mate. But she didn’t want to go there.

It had taken Cas a two years to get off that hell hole that they laughingly referred to as Earth. It had taken her several more years to get to the rank of Lieutenant. Cas had suffered a lot for being a half-breed, surprisingly, though, no jokes from Harper. Harper had figured that if she had escaped from Earth, then she knew where he was coming from.

Andromeda: Medbay

Cas walked into medbay and almost slammed into Trance. There was a contradiction in terms. Trance *looked* sweet and innocent, but there was a lot of unanswered questions about the universe and more importantly—her.

‘Lt. Cas, I was just coming to find you.” She quirked her head to one side.

Lt. Cas mustered to her full 5 foot 10 inches. “Oh. About what?”

“To see if you could use some help, since you think you are above getting some sleep or eating well.” Trance eyebrow rose.

Well, damn, thought Cas, all hope gushing out of her. “Oh, well,….” She trailed off.

“He is good-looking. I’m sure it would not hurt to take a taste.” Trance helped confidently.

“I’m not sure Capt. Hunt would like me fraternizing with prisoners.” Cas coughed into her hand. Damn, but she could get down to the heart of the matter, of what was bothering her.

“You might wake up one day and find him gone.” Trance continued “ so you better tell your halves to cooperate.” She quirked her head to one side again.

“I’ll take that under advisement.”

Trance feeling that she had gotten through on some level, floated past and onto her duties.
It wasn’t that Cas did not want to, it was some feeling that she was not worthy. Both her commanders had told her she was a good soldier, but that she lacked a certain confidence. Cas walked back to her room after grabbing some grub, and went off into sleepy land.

Here is the latest chapter. I hope you enjoy. I know I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 9: General Quarters

Cas led him down the long corridor. Her quarters were located at the end of Officer’s Country. She knew she had to be at least breaking 20 different bylaws within the High Guard ranks. But rules be damned, in fact, Trivvers be damned, especially Tri-Gemma.

Lt. Cas stopped at the door to the front of the quarters, giving Camulus’ hand a little tug, ready or not, she thought, Camulus, Celtic God of War, better give in to her every whim. Camulus’ reaction was one of sweeping approval. Cas’ quarters were down in varying degrees of purple with splashes of silver, metallic greens and browns. Overall, one got the sense of a warm cocoon. Her sleeping area was separated by long streams of fabric flowing down from the ceiling, like cascading waterfalls.

Camulus focused on Casmira. Her hair was done in exquisite ringlets, her uniform replaced by a gossamer confection, the color of the night sky. If it had been approved by a Commander that Commander would have had to put his eyes out. In a single word it was curvaceous. In another to the max. Camulus drank in the full sight of Casmira, approval and lust showing on his face. The Gould wear their emotions on their sleeve.

She reached out and removed his cape. Camulus was caught off guard by the gesture, but it quickly switched back to lust and greediness. He was also slightly amused, and a single eyebrow rose. He wanted to see how brave she was, test her metal, so to speak. Cas tossed the cape onto the couch, and ran her fingers over his breast plate, until she found the metal and leather buckles. Camulus quickly claimed her lips; they were so sweet and inviting. He got her to open her mouth, and as if in homecoming, their tongues thrashed and warred. His hands slid first to the small of her back, then down to her ample bum, cupping her closer to his rigid staff.

It was increasingly hard for Cas to keep open her eyes as they were hazy with lust. Camulus decided that Miss Casmira was progressively overdressed, a single motion, disrobed her. He smiled to himself that she had no undergarments on, and that he was being treated to an old fashioned seduction. Casmira and Camulus came up for air, she looked deeply into his eyes, what she saw there was isolation, strength, want and need. What got to her was the isolation. She felt on some level a kindred spirit to him. She then felt his muscles flex with unused energy. She would give him the workout he needed. Camulus sought the heat of her mouth once again, as he scooped her up and onto the bed, sweeping the fabric that separated them from pleasure aside. He quickly discarded his Kilt and other garments, and felt the cool air caressing his skin. She quickly looked on at the beautiful male God that stood before her in all his glory. Camulus then bent over her, his mouth seeking hers, and his hand wadding through the thick thatch of black curls, to find her feminine folds and the nub of pleasure. Cas felt the heat building and intensifying in an arrowing point, and she was suddenly afraid to let go. But Camulus murmured to her that she had too, so she did in a single loud moan. She shook for a few minutes afterwards. Then quickly turned him onto his back. She flicked first a nail over one mauve male nipple, she heard him groan, and was pleased. She quickly followed that up with sucking and playfully nipping his nipples, and worked her way down to his navel, then to his rock hard staff. She took him into her mouth, he groaned and rose off the bed, thrashing his head side to side, while one hand gripped the pillow, the other massaged her neck. “Woman, if you do not come up here you will get a surprise!!!” He growled an oath. He then swore in a strange language, and growled “Mo Cridhe!!!!”

She came up but stayed on top. She lowered herself down ever so slowly, until she could feel him entering her womb. Camulus growled “Mine!!!!” He laved her sweet, tender breast, giving each the attention they deserved. Casmira rode Camulus until they both rode the wave of pleasure. They did this several times, until damp and sated the fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 10

Alessia brought him Jeans, Boots, a T-shirt, some socks and underwear (she had Jackson pick that up, since she didn't know which size to pick up) and a Leather Jacket. She tossed them to him and said " We leave in a half hour. If you don't know how to put them on, I suggest you consult Jackson or Teal'q."

He grinned at her " What would be the fun in that." his grin grew even bigger when he saw her flush. " You are my keeper." When she grew crimson, he knew that he had hit the button. "Go. I can figure it out."

In all the time he had been there he had not teased, joked, or anything with anybody. She smiled at herself Maybe we are growing on him.

A half-an-hour later Jackson, Rhade, Alessia, Carter, Murray(Teal'q) and O'Neil left the base for Murphy's.

Chapter 11

Months and months went by and they were no closer. Alessia slammed down the brief and massaged her word-warry eyes. She watched as Rhade came in and sat opposite her.

"A distraction?" She smiled

"If you want." He said

"You are welcomed anytime I have to get through a brief."

He shook his head and smiled back at her." Well, then, I would like to talk to you about tonights events."

She groaned "If you mention to me one more time about how 'unsure' you are Gen. O'Niell will let you out of his sight, when you know that he trust you more than the Tok'Ra and Gou'ld...." she trailed off.

He grinned at her angry little speech. "No, I was just wondering if there was anything expected of me."

She laughed " No. Nothing at all, just be your usual charming self."

He smiled, a sad sort of smile. "Then I will leave you to get back to your brief."

He waved to her as he left to go find Teal'q to do there workout.

Alessia's Home

He walked in after Alessia waved him forward. The front room had high, vaulted ceilings. The room was crisp and warm in appearance. It was done in a warm tan, almost like coffee with cream. On either side of the fireplace there was a fake tree, and a photos on top. There was two couches facing each other, with a glass coffee table in between. A bear skin rug was on top of the berber carpet.

"Go ahead and explore" Alessia called to Rhade. "I'm sure Earth looks a lot different in your time than it does now."

He contunied his roamings. Rhade came to a room on his left. He flicked on the lite. Must be a guest room The room in question was stark. It was inviting, but it had no personality. He flicked off the light and continued on.

He entered the room with a snap of the lights-a bathroom done up in various shades of pinks. Rose he thought that that was what Alessia had told him the color was. A pictures on the wall. He stepped out again, and continued on.

He came up to the master bedroom, it was done up in purples. Ahhaha! "This is her room." Rhade stated in wonder. She had told him some months before that her favorite color was purple, just like his was red. Their was mosquito netting above the king size bed. It was an exsquite room. He walked in further and saw a bathroom with a jaquzzi tub, and salts, lotions, and assorted other bath finery. He smiled.

Then he went in and sat on the bed. Soon enough he was snoring softly.

Front Room in Alessia's Home

Alessia put down the bags and shouted to Rhade "Go ahead and explore." She turned and reached into her wine refridg and grabbed a bottle of red out. Next she went into her fridge and withdrew a tray of cheeses/fruits and a tray of crackers and meats. She set them down in the livingroom, and got out two wine glasses. She popped the cork and set it down to breath. She pulled two linen napkins from the drawer, and set them next to the trays. She went over to the wine and poured it into the glasses. She picked up the bottle and two glasses deftly, and set them next to the trays and napkins.

Now all that was missing was Rhade. She went searching for him and found him asleep on her bed.

Alessia's Room

Rhade woke and grinned sheepishly at Alessia. "Enjoying yourself?" She smiled a challenge at him.

"Too much." He motioned for her to join him.

Chapter 12

Alessia's Room

Alessia joined Rhade on the bed. He wrapped one arm around her and drew her close, so that he could kiss her. She licked her dry lips in anticipation.

He looked at her full mouth. Then he kissed her. It wasn't a hard kiss, not demanding, but a kiss that searched for something. He withdrew for a moment and she made a sound of protest.

"Open for me." He breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath.

She opened her mouth and he took possesion once more. He groaned.
She withdrew this time and looked at him in question.

He answered " You and I have too many clothing on." he paused to catch his breath " We need to remedy that!"

He stood and undressed himself, looking all the time in her eyes, and smiling a postivily wolfish grin. Then he reached for her and undressed her, he pulled back the covers, and laid her down.

"You are what every man desires. But you knew that." He said rather haughtily.

She stared at him, in all his glory. My God! What a beautiful man! she thought and added out loud "I hope they broke the mold when they made you." she laughed rather huskily.

He laughed also. My she is brave

He moved to her side and brushed his knuckles along her nipples. "So beautiful.": he said over and over in a trances.

Then he kneeled. His mouth went from one peak to the other. She moaned her satisfaction and her hips rose up. One hand massaged one breast while his mouth worked on the other. The other hand went to find the kernel of her pleasure. He knew he had struck gold when she rose up in the air, her thighs parted, and she called his name sharply "RHADE!"

He chuckled softly. She forced him to his back "Turn about is fair play."

He chuckled again. He threaded his hands through his hair and reclinned on the bed. "Do your worst, or best." He said simply.

"I will." One perfectly mianicured nail went skimming down his chest, over one distented male nipple. He groaned, but kept his hands put. She leaned over with her long hair and kissed his lips. She tugged his lower lip into her mouth, and began to suck softly, all the while the other hand went down to where the hair veed in soft, motioning in soft circle. He felt her grab his member and softly began to do up down motions. But he kept his hands put. She raised up so that her thigh were on either side of him. Then she impaled herself on him, and he could not very well keep his hands to himself.

She moaned a pretty moan.
She chanted his name-



And he growled his satisfaction. Then the immpossible happened-
He said three little words that every girl wants to hear-

"I love you!"


……….to be continued

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