L.C. Brotherton


I'll see you in my Dreams
Rating: PG
Pairing: T.Rhade
SPOILERS: Season 5, “What Will Be Was Not”
SUMMARY: Rhade was doing a considerable amount of thinking in Harper’s bar.


The Long and Winding Road Work in Progress 1-50 and 51-?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: T.Rhade/OCF
Summary: Time doesn't heal all wounds. Telemachus Rhade is brought to task by someone from his past regarding his decision to become a member of Dylan's crusade.
SPOILERS: At this point, anything from Season Two on is fair game as a spoiler


One More Day’s Light, More or Less
Category: Humor/Sarcasm
SPOILERS: Season Five-One More Day’s Light
SUMMARY: Did you watch the episode? This story is the one my muse watched while I watched the one that was aired on Sci-Fi. They seem to be different episodes, so I need to watch again to see where the differences are.



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