Decisions, Decisions


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Author's note: I started writing this due to Vee017's 'About Last Night' I was unsure of which Rhade was in the story (I love them both so kinda a moot point) but I was positive I wanted to try a version of "the night before" so I want to thank Vee for the inspiration and also b5delann for telling me about Bacicwords. Thank you all for reading and encouragement. :)

Chapter 1

Beka sighed to herself and settled back into the familiar comfort of the pilot's chair of the Eureka Maru. Even though she had performed some of the riskiest stunts of her life in this spot, to her, it felt safe. She could remember sitting in her father's lap as he showed her the stars and told her fanciful stories. But now, she had to do some soul searching and face the truth, if only to herself.

"Truth; never a comfortable subject for a Valentine." She mused.

But this issue in her life had to be resolved and she had been dancing around it for too long. It was affecting her life, including her piloting. The last few times she flew were so rough and jarring that Andromeda had questioned her and expressed concern.

And just yesterday, she remembered with a grimace, Dylan had pulled her aside and went into big brother/concerned Captain mode. The only highlight, Beka's grimace turned into a grin at the memory, was watching him squirm around while explaining his insights on the situation. Insights derived from his relationship with his former first officer. Exactly what that relationship had consisted of, Dylan had tried to stay vague.

But there had been no doubt that Gaheris Rhade had been a Nietzschean male alpha and that was the problem she was dealing with now; namely, his descendant, Telemachus. Beka stared out of the Maru at Andromeda's docking bay as she recalled her conversation with an uncomfortable Dylan. Telemachus apparently was displaying for her. Their once casual flirtation now had an edgy intensity. Telemachus watched her constantly, growled at Harper and always found her no matter how she tried to avoid him. Now, Beka's only refuge was the Maru. Even he wasn't brave or foolish enough to pursue her in her beloved ship. Probably the latter, she concluded, Nietzscheans have that survival concern.

Beka snorted, thinking back in the beginning when she would have been happy to jump him. But, that time had passed and they had settled into an odd pattern. Both flirting and knowing that they were attracted to each other and both knowing that neither was going to follow through. Until now. She could tell by his eyes he would be eager to go much further. So, she avoided flirting with him and when he would follow her around, she avoided Rhade all together. This was after ignoring him and being bitchy failed. She asked Dylan why those tactics didn't work; she excelled at bitchiness. Probably, Dylan replied bluntly, because Rhade could still smell her interest-no matter what her mouth said. That information Beka found unsettling. She knew what caused the change in Rhade's behavior. The discovery of the truth of her genetic material increased her desirability. Knowing now that she was considered "worthy" made her angry.

Dylan had tried to explain the Nietzschean male mind to her. Alphas were too aware of their self worth and genetic superiority to involve themselves in casual sex with anyone. But, if they did, the casual aspect would quickly evolve into seriousness as an alpha male would instinctively become possessive. The urge to hold and keep their sexual partner was too strong to override. So, the fling that Beka had desired when they first met, Rhade had known would not work. Any relationship they would have would have to be that of steady lovers and the role of a human mistress would always be second to that of a Nietzschean wife. That was simply the way it was in Rhade's society. Beka would be forced to stand aside and share or give him up. Rhade was realistic about his fundamental instincts. He also knew Beka would probably castrate him, Dylan told her.

But now, Beka would be accepted by his people. Hell, she would be desired as a mate by powerful pride alphas. So Rhade was now in pursuit mode and Beka tried to hate him for it. Dylan actually reasoned with her, saying how a Nietzschean male was not a human man, and she could not expect him to think or act like one, no more than she could a expect a Than.

Could she accept him for who and what Telemachus was? And, if so, was Beka herself ready for a serious relationship? She had no doubt that once given a chance, Telemachus wouldn't let her go. Her life would change even more, but Dylan had pointed out that once the news of her DNA became widespread-Nietzscheans would become a constant in her life. Dylan also hypothesized that sooner or later, if Beka continued to rebuff Rhade, he would become withdrawn, aloof, thinking that he was considered lacking. Dylan suspected that Majoran Pride was holding the past actions of Gaheris Rhade against Telemachus. The Nietzschean alpha might believe Beka thought that the Rhade name was unworthy and perhaps leave.

Beka cursed softly to herself and closed her eyes. She was getting a headache with all this heavy thinking. Beka mused; it was so much easier when the only thing she had to worry about was not drooling in his presence. Beka frowned, Rhade's new "look" wasn't helping her self-control either. Clean cut, he had held her interest. Now, with this rough, pirate appearance, he was playing on her "bad boy" weakness. And where did he shop-Slutty Stud Muffin Exposed?

Today, he had on skin tight (of course) leather pants that laced up the side and a crocheted tank top. It reminded her of the one Tyr had used to wear. "Did some little old lady knit these and send them out to an alpha male mailing club?" Beka thought with a giggle. Thank the Divine that his weapon station was located behind her pilot's podium on the Andromeda's command deck. As it was, his dusky nipples play peek-a-boo with the holes in his shirt almost caused her to have a mental meltdown. His sniffing and smiling smugly did not improve her temper either, Beka considered darkly.

She should be flattered, she knew the care that he invested in dressing to showcase that wonderful physique. He had a leather jumpsuit that made her hands itch with wanting to unwrap him. This outfit she saw earlier seriously tested her self-control. His hair, wet from his pre-shift shower brushing against his shoulders. Bare arms with those gorgeous muscles flexing every time he pushed buttons on his console. His skin peeking out at her through the lacing of his pants, up the side of his strong thighs and over his hips to his waistband. That unbroken expanse taunted Beka with the knowledge that if she unlaced the sides, she could peel them down and Rhade would be bare beneath the leather.

Beka shifted restlessly in the pilot's chair and gasped when the ribbing of her tank top dragged against her sensitive nipples. Sliding her hands up and under her shirt, she cupped her breasts in her hands and kneaded gently. As heat pooled between her thighs, Beka decided to postpone any decision making and instead, indulge in her favorite Rhade fantasy.

Beka would lure Rhade into the Maru and trap him spread eagle in the main corridor. His body would be stretched in a delicious X and Beka would take shameless advantage of his helplessness. Steel cables would encircle his wrists and clamps would somehow come out of the flooring to immobilize his ankles. She was a little hazy on how she got an Alpha warrior trussed up so easily, but happily skipped on to the next part of her erotic daydream. She would gag him with a knotted silk scarf. Black, of course. Beka had the feeling that even tied up, Rhade would try to be bossy and this solved that problem. She would tease his nipples through the holes in his shirt until they became as aroused as hers were now. Beka would nibble on his jaw and throat while talking dirty to him, describing all of her plans for him. She would grow impatient with the restrictions of his shirt and rip the holes bigger so she could have unlimited access to his nipples. She would twist and tweak them, scoring them lightly with her nails and then applying soothing pressure with the pads of her fingertips. Breathing heavily, Beka proceeded to do to her own nipples what she fantasized doing to his.

Her hands would eventually skim down and slide behind him to squeeze and knead those taunt buns encased in leather. Digging her nails in to see if he would arch up into her. Beka knew she would travel her mouth down to those neglected nipples. She would circle them first, then flick her tongue back and forth rapidly against the very peak. She would switch from one to the other then finally settle down to suck forcefully on one, pause to blow gently and change to the other. In her dream, Rhade would be tense and quivering slightly as he watched her. Beka would then withdraw her hands to his hips, step back slightly, and drop to her knees between his spread legs. Her fingers would play with the leather ties at his waist as she tilted her head back to gaze up into his burning eyes. Smiling wickedly, she would rub her chin and lips against the hardness of his cock still trapped in leather. This pose would appeal and drive the alpha in him crazy. Also, Beka had heard a rumor that Nietzschean females seldom gave blowjobs to their mates, something to do with wasting genetically enhanced semen or crap like that. Beka personally loved going down on a man, the right one. To her, it was the ultimate power trip.

Sometimes in her fantasy she would rise to her feet, step back, and do an erotic striptease. In others, she would remain fully clothed to taunt Telemachus. In either version, she would end up on her knees and in this case slowly unlace the sides of his pants until she could ease it down and release his hardness. Beka loved this moment when she saw his cock for the first time. In each dream it might have a slightly different appearance, but she knew it would be smooth and hard, like suede covered steel. She would continue to unlace his pants to his boot tops while she looked her fill and bared him for her exploring fingers. She would gaze uninterrupted for as long as she wished, her hands running down the outside of his legs. She never noticed the hardness of the metal grating on her knees, so enthralled was she with the view.

Then, she would spy a pearl of pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock and she could never resist tasting it. Flicking the slit to capture with her tongue the essence of Telemachus Rhade. That would cause him to groan deep in his throat, and she would rake her nails down the front of his muscled thighs before running her palms soothingly up to circle behind him to clasp his bare ass cheeks in her eager grip. Arching her back, Beka would sink deeper on her knees so she could reach his balls with her hungry mouth. Licking and circling their weight, she would draw her teeth lightly over the taunt skin before drawing them one by one into the warmth of her mouth. Rolling them with her agile tongue, she would look up into his face to see if he was watching her. If his eyes were closed, she would pinch him sharply to draw his attention and gaze to her. She didn't like the idea of him shutting her out so he could wallow in the sensations she gave him.

Beka would definitely make sure he was focused on her as she drew back to cup his balls with one hand as the other grasped the root of his cock. Her long, strong fingers would circle his base and draw his cock down to her waiting mouth.

She would lick with a strong stroke along the underside of his vein from base to crown. Pausing, she would circle the head, licking each side. Starting on the underside next, she would travel his length with small nips and short strokes until she reached the head of his shaft again. This time Beka would take just the head of Rhade's cock into her mouth and suck, pausing to lash her tongue back and forth across the slit found there. In some of her fantasies he would be writhing and moaning for more, in others Telemachus would be stubbornly silent and still. Either scenario pleased Beka. She would withdraw her mouth to speak, tilting her head back to meet his gaze. Sometimes she would command him to remain motionless, other times she tell him to him to fuck her mouth slowly, but in all Beka would reveal to Rhade that she wanted to end with him exploding in her throat so she could taste him.

In this particular daydream, she dared him to last as long as he could. Beka started to slowly draw his shaft down her throat, moving her hand so she could continue to caress his sack, her fingers deftly rolling his balls gently. Occasionally, she would softly rake her nails along the sensitive skin of his scrotum, feeling it tighten and draw up closer to the heat of his body. Beka's free hand could now explore that small stretch of skin between his sack and anus and up past there to slide to his sweat slick crack and then to his tailbone. There, Beka would brace her palm to pull him closer to her face as she deep throated him with ease. In her fantasies, she never worried about breathing, Beka thought with a small smile to herself.

Beka discovered that one of her hands had unzipped her leather pants and slid under her damp panties. Her fingers were burrowing through her trimmed curls to find and play with her aching nub. After a moment, she slid one and then two of her fingers into her wetness. Moving back and forth, Beka finger fucked herself to the same rhythm she was working Rhade's cock in her fantasy. Faster and faster her movements became, to drive Rhade over the edge. Beka began to hum, her secret weapon, and the vibrations traveled up his length to the growing pressure in his balls. Soon, Rhade would come, a strangled scream escaping the silken gag. Beka would swallow his saltiness and lick him clean. Sometimes Rhade would be shaken and spent, others- still half hard and ready for another round.

Groaning, Beka threw her head back as she found her own release. Relaxing in the pilot's chair, she reluctantly came to her senses, blinking slowly. A violent curse spit out of mouth as she focused on her surroundings. Rhade was looking back at her through the clear and stupidly left open crash shield of the Maru's cockpit. Telemachus' gaze held hers as he unclenched one fist and stepped forward to touch her ship. Beka Valentine knew the moment of reckoning was upon her and she had to make her decision now.

Chapter 2

Telemachus Rhade woke up in a bad mood and with a boner. He could not decide what was worse-starting his day stiff and aching, or waking in a wet spot. Either one was frustrating.

Growling, he headed to the shower. He figured he would 'solve his problem' without changing the sheets on his bed. He brooded that the relief wouldn't last long, as soon as he stepped onto the Command Deck and saw Beka, he would get hard again and threaten to burst his pants. Thankfully, leather was a durable material. Spending his shift surrounded by the small crew while sporting a major hard on was never a pleasant prospect. Dylan would pretend not to notice, Trance would pretend not to stare and Harper, that annoying little piece of shit, would smirk. Rhade considered Beka, he had no idea what sort of mood she would be in during this coming shift on Command. But, he knew, no matter how she acted, just being around the slim blonde would be torture.

He loved watching her even though her console was situated so he couldn't see her face. Rhade had to admit the view of her ass was a fine compensation. His sharp eyes always searched for a panty line and never discovered any. So, in his fantasies, Beka wore a thong under those tight pants. She would stand confidently, her feet braced and her legs so temptingly spread-just slightly- to madden him. Every time she shifted, her ass cheeks would flex and his hands would itch to explore her taunt flesh.

Rhade frowned as he stepped into the shower cubicle and adjusted the water temperature. The tension between them was getting worse. He actually preferred the 'Beka is a mega bitch' phase that had come before. He enjoyed their sharp banter and the way she would get all bristlely. Her intelligence, temper, willpower and courage were qualities he admired about her. As well as her great ass.

But now Beka was doing an ignoring and avoidance dance that worried him. Rhade was also getting pissed off. Her pretending nothing had changed between them, when now there was an awareness that charged the area around them.

And, her stubborn refusal to even glance his way except for sneak peeks was frustrating.

Fuck! All he had to do was inhale to know her interest!

Telemachus' hands spreading the soapy lather over his chest and arms slowed. He breathed in the steamy vapor as he remembered the richness of Beka Valentine's scent. Oh, how he wanted to wallow in it. Have it cover him so even when she wasn't near, he wouldn't feel alone.

Rhade absently rubbed the shower gel into the rippling muscles of his stomach as he smugly considered the thickness of her arousal he recalled smelling on several occasions. He wondered how wet Beka got as she stood ever so coolly on Command. If her panties soaked through and were he to step behind her and slip his hand between her thighs and cup her, would the crotch of her tauntingly tight pants be damp?

Groaning, Telemachus slid into on of his favorite fantasies as his hands moved lower. He spread his own legs so one hand could cup his sack as the other circled his cock. Stroking his erection slowly, he imagined the scene on the Command deck.

Telemachus would stride over to stand directly behind Beka. Before she would have whirled around to confront him, but considering her current behavior she would be more likely to just step forward away from him. At that moment, he would make his move. Quickly and decisively, he would crowd her forward into her console with his own body. Each of his hands would grasp her wrists and pin them to the front of her work panel. In his fantasy, she would never get the chance to slam an elbow back into his gut, causing to land on his ass and gasp like a blowfish. No, he would be controlling the situation with swiftness and skill.

Leaning even more forward, he would press his weight into her back. He would move his feet to the insides of hers so she couldn't close her legs against him. Rhade would bury his face into her hair and tell her "Beka, it ends and starts now."

Usually her reply would to compare his lineage to a drift rat's. Rhade would calmly ignore her as he told Hunt, "Captain, we would like the Command Deck."

Hunt would blandly agree and order the others to leave with him. Trance would be giggling and Harper would enviously look over his shoulder at them, maybe tripping and hurting himself. Instead of slapping him on the side of his head with a force lance, Dylan would be pulling along a curious Doyle who wanted to stay and watch.

Damn, considered Rhade, maybe Trance would want to stay and watch too. He would have to save that thought for a future fantasy as Beka distracted him. She was trying to free her hands. Even in a fantasy, Rhade wasn't sure how he could hold her in place and get her clothes off. His imagination couldn't stretch to picture her just giving in to what was growing between them and stripping for him.

Conveniently, sitting on the edge of her console, he would find a pair of gravity restraints had suddenly appeared for him.

Clipping them around Beka's wrists, he would secure them to the front of her console. Running his hands up her arms, over her shoulders, he would then wrap his arms around her middle. Drawing her firmly against his torso, he told her "Tell me you want this."

"Tell me you want me."

Beka's usual reply involved space slugs, Neanderthals, and other colorful descriptive. Rhade had been in the Maru with her when it was shot at or something broke down and had always been impressed by her vocabulary.

'Damn, the woman knew how to cuss.' Rhade reflected with admiration.

At this point in his fantasy, Rhade would slide his palms his palms up her flat belly to cup her breasts under her snug, probably black, shirt. His cock would be wedged against the seam of her ass and he would rub against her as they both moaned. Telemachus would pushed the material of her shirt up under her arms so he could explore her freely. Beka would arch against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Looking down as he kissed and nibbled along her neck and jaw, he would watch his hands. Caressing, kneading her soft flesh, Rhade would run his fingertips over her erect nipples. He would pluck them, pinch them lightly and roll them between his strong fingers. Watching the contrast of his dark hands on her much paler skin always drove him crazy in his daydream.

Standing under the pulsing heat of the water, Rhade reluctantly removed the hand that had been squeezing his balls. Sliding it upward, he played with his own nipples as he imagined Beka's breasts. He wondered what sort of noises she would make. Sometimes, she would moan or whimper, others she would still be softly swearing at him. He would drag his hands from the curves of her breasts to rest them on her ribs. He would allow them to both catch their breath before speaking.

"Tell me," he would command again.

"What?" a dazed Beka questioned.

"Tell me to continue, or tell me to let you go and leave." Telemachus replied.

Even foggy with passion, he knew Beka wouldn't blindly decide. She would still as she thought. And then, after a long pause (in Rhade's opinion) say "Yes. I want you. I want this."

An Alpha should feel victorious, Rhade only felt relief as excitement swept through him. With one hand, he would unfasten her pants and move away enough to let them fall as his other hand released himself. As much as he had studied her ass, he couldn't picture exactly how it would look. Rhade just knew it would be pale and perfect.

In the shower, Telemachus braced his hand against the wall as the hand circling and stroking his length moved to palm the head of his cock. Moaning, he imagined seeing the dark crown of his erection pushing into Beka's soft folds. Her thong had disappeared and she would use her restraints as an anchor to push back against him, causing him to sink deliciously deeper. Bracing her forearms against her console, and not pressing buttons that would accidentally blow up the ship, Beka would match his rhythm as he moved in and out of her. She would be wet, warm, and welcoming.

Thinking this, Telemachus began to fist himself again as he fantasized about fucking her. Deep and sure he would pump into her. One hand would slide between her body and the edge of her console so it wouldn't bruise her as the other burrowed between her thighs. He would rub her clit, causing her to tremble and tighten around him. In his fantasies, Beka was noisy. Damn, he hoped that was true. He imagined her calling out his name -maybe not Telemachus, but he was okay with Rhade- as she neared her orgasm. He knew he would be chanting her name into her hair, as with short, hard thrusts, he tried to dig deeper with his cock.

Beka's body tightening and clenching around him in release would trigger him to pound harder into her. With a groan, he would explode and with a few last strokes, to empty himself into Beka's warmth.

In the shower, Telemachus shuddered as streams of cum mingled with the falling water. Bracing both hands against the cubicle's wall, he slowly recovered. Rhade wistfully thought how nice it would be to do this still inside the vice of Beka's body with the knowledge that if he wanted to, and was able to, he reminded himself ruefully, he could start all over again. Rhade also recalled that in his fantasy, he had forgotten about Andromeda. With his lousy luck, she would be interrupting their post-climax cuddling with a cool question about her crew returning to the Command Deck.

Rhade gave a grunt as he realized he really wasn't imagining Andromeda's voice as she reminded him he had gone over his water allotment. With a grumble, he turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. Already his day was going downhill, he considered sourly.

Rhade padded naked into his walk-in closet. he absently ran a small towel over his hair as he considered his clothing choices. He hadn't bothered to dry completely. If Andromeda had said he went over his shower time that meant he was running late. A few stray drops of moisture trailed down his body to pool in the thick carpet. He frowned as he mulled over what to wear. Telemachus didn't want to remind Beka of his slobby, smelly, self-pitying phase that he had recovered from. Thankfully he had packed more than uniforms when he had tracked down Anasazi's ass. He grudgingly admitted the other Nietzschean knew how to dress. In his hurry to depart, the former occupant of Telemachus' quarters had left behind some excellent clothing catalogs. Rhade barely had time to receive the stuff he had ordered before they all got blinked and stuck in this stupid, dead end galaxy.

"Look foreward." Rhade sternly reminded himself. He shook his head as he considered the two neat stacks of packing crates in each corner of his closet. One belonged to the room's first resident. Gaheris' belongings had neatly been packed by Anasazi, for whatever reason. Upon finding them, Telemachus had gone though his ancestor's things. After reading a personal journal, Telemachus realized how much the other Rhade had been torn between duty and loyality. And, in the the end, he had lost everything.

Looking at the other stack of Anasazi's things that Telemachus himself had packed, he puzzed as to why he had bothered. Maybe because the the other Nietzschean had shown such care of Gaheris' belongings. Tyr Anasazi too had lost everything. But he, Telemachus Rhade out of Majora by Rhade, was going to live his life to the fullest. Even if it was here, separated from the rest of everything. That life included Beka Valentine, she was just too stubborn to see it yet, Rhade thought as he laced on a pair of leather pants. Patience will be rewarded, Telemachus reminded himself, hopefully sooner than later.

Chapter 3

Telemachus Rhade strode along the empty corridor towards Command Deck. His boots rang on the metal flooring and his leather pants whispered as he lengthened his stride. Though he grumbled to Dylan, he missed being on the Andromeda and he certainly missed seeing Beka everyday. He doubted he would ever get paid but just smelling Beka made it worthwhile. Thinking that, he inhaled, drawing in the crisp recycled air of the ship instead of the stifling heat and dust of Seefra. His body hummed with anticipation and wondered how long it would take before her presence would cause the inevitable hard on he would have to suffer through. 'No more depression' chastised Rhade to himself 'today will be a good day.' As he walked though the doorway he immediately searched for the blonde pilot. She was not at the slipstream console. Frowning, his gaze swept the Command Deck and quickly found her. She was facing away from him and leaning down to talk to someone in the service conduit. Probably Harper, he guessed.

Rhade grinned to himself as he came to the following conclusion 'You know it's going to be a good work shift when you start it with a view of Beka's backside.' He took a moment to admire the firm curves incased in leather. He heard Dylan call out a greeting as he continued to watch the beautiful blonde. He saw her glance over her shoulder at him and noticed she stopped talking in mid sentence and stared. Rhade felt the heat of her gaze as she took in his appearance. They both knew he had dressed for her and by her reaction it was worth the effort. He had stopped by his old quarters to shower and dress from clothes he had left behind. He had found boots that were not all scuffed and caked with the dust and clay of Seefra and had teamed them with snug fitting leather pants that laced up the sides. Rhade's shirt was a sleeveless tank of black crocheted material that showed glimpse of his tanned muscled skin. He added a slight swagger to his walk as he approached his console.

Rhade observed Harper popping out of his hole like a hyper-active gopher to see what had captured Beka's attention. Whipping a rag from his tool belt the little mechanic pretended to wipe drool from Beka's chin. Rhade heard a giggle from Trance but Beka did not seem to find humor in the gesture. With a snarl the pilot took a healthy swing at the smaller man and Harper darted into the relative safety of the service tunnel. Not so easily thwarted Beka dove in after him. Rhade and Trance laughed as muffled thumps and scuffling noises echoed out to the Command Deck. Even Dylan looked like he was trying to contain his mirth and seemed to appreciate the light-hearted moment. High, girly squealing shrilled out and the listeners determined it was more likely to be originating from Harper and not Beka. Rhade poked his own head in to watch Harper get the stuffings beaten out of him; it would vastly improve his day. He was surprised and not pleased to observe the opposite had occurred.

A giggling Beka was pinned down on her back and the wiry mechanic was straddling her hips as he tickled her. Rhade's growl reverberated throughout the enclosed space as he prepared to climb in. He was not sure what his following actions would be, he was only acting on instinct. The sight of the woman he desired for his mate having another man on top of her triggered a fiery rage within Rhade. As he began to clamber into the tunnel he felt a strong pull on his weapon's belt halting him. Harper glanced over his shoulder and, with a startled yelp, he scurried up the nearby ladder and escaped from harm's way. Denied his prey, the infuriated Nietzschean whirled on the man behind him. Dylan quickly released him and back stepped away.

"Rhade, two things I want to clarify now" Dylan said loudly as he rested a hand on the force lance at his waist, "I am still the Captain of this ship- and I have never slept with Beka."

"Hey' groused a tousled Beka "thanks for sharing --not!"

"Yeah, thanks" was Rhade's gruff reply "I've always wondered."

Beka wiggled out of the narrow conduit and placed herself between the two men.

"Now that we are done discussing my sex life and the lack of one ," huffed Beka "can we stop terrorizing crewmates and get to work?"

"But it’s so easy and I like talking about your sex life and how I can change that 'lack of' problem for you," grinned Rhade.

"It's not a problem --you are!" was Beka's sharp response.

Rhade's smile slipped to a scowl and he stepped forward. Trance tugged on his arm.

"Now is not the time " she softly advised.

Rhade knew this mission was about helping her get information concerning her sun and he felt slightly guilty. With a last 'we will continue this later' look at the woman who tempted him just by breathing he turned to his console.

Beka and Trance flew the Maru closer to get further readings on the artificial sun as Rhade and Doyle used Andromeda's sensors to gather more data for the gold-skinned woman. He was brooding at his station when he acknowledged their return to the hanger bay. Harper had been talking to them from the safety of engineering and Rhade had been distracted from his usual musing on Beka. The Nietzschean hated to admit to himself why the other man had always irritated him to such a degree. He envied the short, scrawny, whiny man. Or more precisely, he envied Harper's familiarity with Beka. The fact that they had a long standing close relationship was obvious to anyone who watched them together. And Rhade often watched them when they were together. The casual touches and hugs, the teasing and bantering, drove him crazy. Also adding to his insanity was the almost sure knowledge that at some time they had been intimate. It was the freedom and fearlessness Harper showed in his behavior around her that made Rhade jealous and was the source of his dark thoughts. A few moments later Trance returned to the Command Deck. He was vaguely aware of her puttering around and speaking to the others. Some moments passed before she approached him and murmured "Now would be the right time."

"Huh?" was Rhade's brilliant reply.

"To talk to Beka about a certain subject."

Not pausing to question the mysterious young woman Rhade rapidly left and headed for the hanger bay. He knew Beka often hid on the Maru when they were both onboard the Andromeda to avoid him but with Trance's prompting ringing in his ears this tactic would not be successful today. With long strides he crossed the cavernous hanger bay to the crouching Maru. From across the length of the bay he glimpsed through the clear blast shield of the cockpit to see Beka sitting in the pilot's chair. The Maru might often be on the verge of instantaneous collapse but Beka kept that spotless. He drew closer and thought she might be sleeping she definitely wasn't sleeping after all. As he came to a halt Rhade's body flared to painful awareness as he stared at the woman he desired. Beka's eyes were closed and a flush stained her cheekbones as a sultry expression suffused her pale face. Her teeth had captured her bottom lip and he easily observed with his enhanced sight that she was panting by her flaring nostrils and the rapid rise and fall of her breasts. Those beautiful breasts were being fondled by one of her hands buried under her snug knit top. He could see the movements beneath the thin material as she kneaded her flesh and plucked at her nipples. Rhade's own palms itched to cup and caress those firm curves and he clenched his hands into tight fists. His own hunger coiled and tighten deep within the core of his body and spread outwards to sensitize his skin and make his nerve endings hum in hopeful anticipation. He braced his legs as he continued to watch her, as if he was preparing for a great battle. He was, with his self-control. The option of leaving and giving Beka her privacy did not even cross his lust filled mind. He knew his stare was so intense he was surprised she didn't feel or sense it. But he was grateful and frustrated that it didn't. What he wouldn't give for her to open her eyes and see him and then decide to continue; watching him- watching her.

With a groan he knew Beka couldn't hear, he allowed his gaze to lower to observe the motion of her other hand. He could see the flex and shifting of the muscles in her forearm and the twisting of her wrist but her fingers were hidden from his avid view. Her tight leather pants that had taunted him earlier were unfastened but obscured Rhade's surveillance of this surprising situation he had stumbled upon. He ground his teeth and a growl echoed throughout the hanger bay as he had to resort to his own imagination.

Rhade visualized Beka's long pale fingers slipping deeply into the dark wetness of her cunt. Her curls would be damp from her own juices and he ached to smell the scent of her fully aroused passion. She would get wetter and wetter as her hand worked her tender flesh and he wondered if she was using two or three fingers to pump in and out of her slick folds. Every so often she would pause and he guessed she was using a fingertip to circle and manipulate her clitoris as he saw her shudder. He wondered what her reaction would be if, when he went down on her, he gently bit that sensitive button or would she prefer him to suck on it while she shuddered for him.. not for herself. His deep breathes matched the pounding of his blood roaring through his aroused body as it all began to pool in his groin. His stiff cock twitched and filled even more at his thoughts and pressed painfully against the front of his now too tight leather pants. He wanted to be inside her so badly that his need threatened to overwhelmed him. The degree and intensity of his desire and craving would have concerned him if he had not been pushed past the point of caring.

Telemachus had read of sweeping emotions in great literary works and seen them on the stage and viewscreens of popular dramas but had never experienced them for himself. That was why when many Nietzschean women of fine bloodlines had approached him he had turned them gently away. Only when the pressures of his career and the goal of the Admiralicy demanded him had he taken a wife. She had been a wonderful woman and a huge helpmate but their union had seemed to increase, not lessen, the longings inside him. So despite the urgings of others, including his wife, he had not taken any more wives. When he had heard of her death through his contact, while he was finding refuge on the Andromeda, it had saddened him greatly. But, it had not been grief for the loss of his wife Jillian or of Louisa that had trapped him in that drunken stupor Dylan had found him in, but guilt. Guilt that he had not missed them more and the terrible self knowledge that he had used them both. His wife to mold himself to tradition and Louisa for the illusion of finally finding that mythical great love to hide behind. And feeling guilty for longing for Beka who he believed he had lost without ever even having her. Realizing he had used the fact she was human to create distance between them because he was wary of the strength of their attraction. Knowing that both lovely ladies faded away when compared to the vibrancy of Beka Valentine. He watched her now as she chased after passion, her body tense with desire as she journeyed to her goal of completion. He wished he was there sharing it with her instead of just observing it.

Beka's back arched and her hips began to rise from the worn leather chair as they matched the rhythm of her busy hand. Her tawny hair with its one saucy dark braid thrashed against the headrest as she concentrated on her pleasure. She widened her thighs to provide more room for her questing fingers and he imaged if she had spread her legs to accommodate him instead. Telemachus would kneel on the metal floor and tug her pants to past her knees so he could bury his face in her musky warmth and devour her. He craved to taste her and lap up her salty sweet essence. Rhade wondered if her juices were flowing freely down her thighs as he felt pre cum leak and slowly start to soak his trousers. His cock throbbed and the skin felt stretched beyond its capability as his erection strained. He knew he could come just by watching her but he was afraid that if he was caught up in his own orgasm he would miss hers. And he was determined to savor every stolen moment that he could. Powerful shudders wracked his body and he tightened his muscles to fight against his own urges that were demanding more. Clenching his jaw he forced himself to focus on Beka instead.

With her back bowed, Beka's belly gleamed pale in the dim lights of the hanger bay. Andromeda was not running with all her systems powered yet and for that he was grateful. Rhade guessed that with his rotten luck the ship's hologram could appear to question him so it was in his favor that she was not fully functional. He glimpsed a tiny trail of sweat traversing the flat plane of her stomach and disappearing behind her hand. He wanted to capture the escaping salty moisture with his tongue tip and follow it back up to its source between her breasts that were hidden from him. He would push the offending top up and out of his way and bare her breasts to his gaze and exploring hands. He longed to taste the soft skin stretched over her ribs to the under curves of her breasts and the peaks of her nipples. To discover if biting or sucking on them drove her crazy and to know he had the time and freedom to experiment with her wants and responses. Rhade wanted her reactions to be from things he did to her rather than Beka to herself. His gaze locked on her face as he sensed she was approaching her climax.

Beka's features tightened and her teeth released her lower lip so they could part as she began to pant. Her entire body arched even more and a long shiver raced its length as her mouth parted in a silent gasp. For a few moments she hung like this until her face suddenly slackened and her body relaxed and slumped into the comforting depths of her pilot's chair. Rhade's entire awareness was centered on her during this as she rode through her release. He watched her breathes start to slow as his own continued to labor and saw her hand slide down from under her top and rest on her calming belly. He saw her take a deep breath and her eyes flutter open. Telemachus knew it took her a few moments to focus on her surroundings and saw when she spied him. Or rather, caught him spying on her. He noticed her lips parting and moving, not for moans of pleasure, but to utter words not found in any galactic dictionary. Painfully one of his own hands unfurled and he unlocked his muscles to step forward. Reaching up Rhade rested his palm against the hull of the Maru and grimly considered how much force it would take to rip the flying rust bucket open and climb into the cockpit. A movement from inside caught his attention. He could no longer see all of Beka at this angle but he could tilt his head back awkwardly and still see her face as she peered down at him. Rhade's and Beka's gazes caught and held, time spinning out silently as they contemplated one another. Hers embarrassed and uncertain; his still hungry and questioning...


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Chapter 4

' Never let anyone catch you with your pants down' had been one of the many gems of good advice Ignatius Valentine had passed down to his daughter. 'Well', thougth Beka sourly he should have added 'never let anyone catch you with your hand down your pants' either. Especially when that 'anyone' is the object of all your fanasties and standing a few meters away. And he just caught you masterbating while you were thinking of him; and he knows that you were thinking of him. Beka knew she was turning the air blue around her with the cursing that was spitting out of her mouth but it was better then just sitting poleaxed and just wishing she could tezeract away. But Beka realized she could not disappear and neither would this situation. It would have to be decided now and without any of the careful deliberation she had planned. 'Well' she mused 'when had pondering a problem really helped me.'

She stared out of the clear blast sheild at the Nietzschean who was returning her gaze so intensely. They had both been dancing around this for awhile, until things had changed between them, and now his constant pursuit and her advoidance had been draining. She didn't like the sensation of running and hated thinking herself a coward. She prided herself on being daring and reckless and here she was hiding in her ship afraid of one little Nietzschean. Okay, she admitted, one overwelming mucscled male reeking of sinful sex appeal and danger to her self-control. But Telemachus Rhade was still a man and she had many relationships in the past and survived them all- some with a bruised heart; others with pleasant memories. But she felt this man would ask- no demand- so much more from her and that Rhade didn't want a casual relationship but desired to consume her -body and soul. And that frightened her; not that they would break up and she would lose him, but if they were apart, she would lose a piece of herself. While she battled internally her eyes could not help but to record and transmit to her already befuddled brain the image standing such a short distance away. Rhade was so darkly handsome and now seemed surrounded with an aura of danger and determination that left her breathless. His sable hair brushed his shoulders and she wondered how soft it would feel between her fingers or how thick while clenched in her fists. Those shoulders so broad with muscles flowing down his arms to very -she hoped- talented strong hands. Hands, she feared, that had no intention of ever letting her go. His hands were in tight fists near taunt thighs loving encased in leather pants. Beka wondered if herbivores galaxy wide willing fell over dead in the hopes of sheathing all that raw masculinity. She tore her heated gaze from those braced thighs to sweep upwards to slim hard hips and a concave belly panting shallowly under her perusal. Over muscles she couldn't name but ached to explored to rest with fastination on the copper disks of his nipples peeking at her through that excuse of a shirt.

Back to his eyes. Rhade's gaze was hungry and burned Beka deep inside to a gathering warmth that pooled between her legs. Her forgotten fingers were still buried inside her core and new wetness dampened them. When she had looked at him it had been a huge act of willpower and self- preservation that Beka had avoided gazing at his groin. She knew what she would find; she had snuck frequent sideways peeks while on Command Deck. Rhade had seemed unconcerned of his evident arousal around her. She had found that flattering and nerve wracking. Beka knew his erection would be hard, long, thick and straining against the confines of his trousers. And she realized that no matter how many times she filled herself with her fingers or some toy she had stashed away it would not begin to ease the emptyness inside her. Rhade stepped forward and one fist unfurled to reach up and touch the Maru. Beka wanted that hand to be on her skin; not the cold metal of her ship and in true crazy Valentine fashion made her decision. A very sultry smile curved her lips as she slowly withdrew her fingers from her damp curls and raised them to her mouth and licked them clean. She saw his lips draw back to a soundless snarl and knew that this powerful warrior was just as helpless to the desire that bound them together.

With one last swirl of her tongue she lifted her glistening fingers to above her head. Letting her back arch and her smooth bare belly rise she reached for the outer door release latch. Rhade had spent many hours flying the Maru, so instantly he realized what control she was pressing. Quickly for one so large, the Nietzschean disappeared from Beka's sight, heading for the main hatch. Giggling, Beka dropped her slow sexy act and leaped from the pilot's chair only to stumble and almost land flat on her face. Catching herself with her arms she thrashed and struggled with her tangled trousers that had bunched around her knees. Flopping to her back she tugged on the quick-release of her boots and kicked them and her stubborn snug pants off as she heard a pissed off Rhade pounding on the still closed inner hatch doors. Skidding on the slick metal floor she raced to the door control panel. Beka swiftly adopted a sexy languid pose as the panels slowly slid open to reveal a glowering Telemachus. When the panels were almost completely open Beka halted them with a flick of a button and stretched her arms across the doorway. She felt the fire of his gaze as he looked at her revealed to him. A short thin black top hugged her upraised breasts and bared her ribs and stomache to his view. A tiny triangle of matching black hid her damp curls from his hungry eyes. As she widened her legs slighly she saw his nostrils flare and knew he was smelling her arousal and recent release. She arched as she felt his eyes sweep the length of her long pale legs and imagined how wonderful it would feel to finally wrap them around his ... Beka frowned as she spied his firm lips twitching and glancing down she remembered her socks. Fuzzy, with pink and purple stripes, they had been a gift from Trance years ago.

Not liking the turn her seduction scene was heading, after all she had been fantasing for a long time about this moment, Beka decided to recapture Rhade's attention. In a low throaty tone she reminded him "Aren't you going to ask for permission to come aboard?"

Immediately Rhade's dark eyes narrowed and snapped back to glare into hers.
"Beka" he growled harshly, the low vibration of warning throbbing through her veins.
Riding a thrill more potent than any slipstream, she continued as if he had not interrupted.
"And perhaps you had better ask nicely" she teased.

He just stared back in reply. The Nietzschean's muscles tensed and then stilled and Beka sensed the powerful body preparing to pounce like the predator he truly was. Shivering in the sudden silence she wondered if her 'teasing the tiger ' game was going to violently backfire. A tremor rippled over her and she felt her scalp tighten as tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose and goose bumps washed over her waiting body. Beka saw a small hard smile curve the corners of his tempting mouth as he inhaled deeply. She guessed Rhade could smell her nervousness mixing with her arousal but she continued to stare back and not relax her reckless defiant pose. Suddenly, in a movement so swift and smooth her mind barely registered it, he uncoiled and rushed her. She only had time for a startled squeak before she felt his hard grip capturing her hips. Beka felt the rough hands on her smooth skin but stared out at the empty space Rhade had inhabited just a micro-second before. Confused, until she felt the hungry mouth burrowing into her fabric shielded core. The flimsy material was no barrier against the warmth of Rhade's devouring mouth and the nips of his teeth. Shuddering she glanced down as his silky sable hair tickled the sensitive skin of her inner thighs while his beard gently rasped against her. Rhade's dark glittering gaze locked with her overwhelmed one as he worked his jaws against her soft flesh.

"Damn" she gasped, "this way passes 'nicely'"

Beka realized she had been a over-confident fool to think she could control this encounter. The Nietzschean might have let her get away with that Matriarch crap but now that his frustrations were freed he would fight to be dominant, at least their first time together. Breathless, she
decided to herself that she would go along on this wild ride. Gripping the door opening she braced herself and tucked her chin to her chest to watch him. Rhade's hands slid to her weak knees and firmly urged them wider. Her silly socks sliding on the metal, she was relieved to be able to wedge them against the door edge. His calloused palms slowly returned to her hips and continued upwards. With a slight twist of his arms she felt the gentle scrape of his fully erect boneblades rubbing her hips as his fingertips explored the taunt skin covering her ribs. Beka heard a muffled truimph growl and felt determined teeth grasp and pull the severed pieces of material from her body to drop to the floor. She concluded that he had resourcefully used the edges of his blades to cut off her panties before all thought fled under the sensations of his tongue stroking over her bared flesh. Insistantly his agile tongue traced and licked her soft folds then probed the hard nub hidden in them. Rising on her tiptoes she sought to escape his exploration and give herself a moment to regain some of her self-control. A rumbling growl vibrated against her aching core and a forceful grip surrounded her waist and pulled her hard onto a relentless mouth. She felt the powerful puffs of warm air through her damp curls as he breathed and drew her scent deep into his lungs. Heated wetness discovered her leaking opening and thrust inside to scoop out the moisture found there. Determined hands moved her back and forth as Rhade fucked her with his tongue and Beka wanted more. She wasn't going to get it unless Telemachus agreed and he seemed to be concentrating at having her ride his face and make those whimpers. Noises, Beka finally admitted to herself, she was helplessly uttering with every movement of his jaw. The rasp of his beard and stubble against her soft skin was unbearably erotic and caused shivers to shake her body. Rhade moved one of her thighs over his shoulder and opened her further to his decadent invasion and Beka knew she would explode at any moment.

"Telemach... Telema....Rhade!!" she gritted out as she weakly tugged his hair.

Heavy lidded eyes lifted and with relief she felt his tongue still and the soft slurping stop.
His gaze silently questioned her as an unhappy growl trummed her overly sensitive flesh.

"I want the first time I come for you ..." she paused to catch her breath and thankfully the growling lessened as he focused on what she was trying to say. " To be with you inside me...please" she added hopefully. "And not in a doorway. " she hurriedly concluded.

There was a long moment as he studied her with his nose buried in her trimmed thatch and his warm breath sneaking inside her as he slightly withdrew his wicked mouth to pant against her.

"Okay" was his soft normal sounding agreement- as if he hadn't pinned her in place and relentlessly devoured her poor pussy. A pussy that was now missing the heated wet pressure of his mouth. Beka would had danced a little victory jig if she could move. She refused to admit to anyone, including herself, that the only thing keeping her from collapsing into a puddle was Rhade's firm grasp. She saw Rhade peer suspiciously over his shoulder at Andromeda's empty hanger bay as she tried to regulate her breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. Beka thought it was time she regained a little control of this situation. He lowered her leg and shifted slightly to the side as she opened her mouth to suggest they go inside. Both of her hands had lowered and were playing in his hair as he suddenly surged upwards and, with a casual hitch and a grunt, tossed her over one shoulder. The air in her lungs whooshed out and her hands scrabbled to find purchase in her abrupt upside-down world. All her searching touch found was smooth leather and flexing muscles as his long strides clumped over the metal floor grating. Beka heard the Maru's doors close as she admired the scenery she was treated to close up. Firm ass cheeks and thighs sheathed in supple leather that molded to muscles that were tempting Beka. Beka acknowledged she was weak as her hands stroked and squeezed everything that was in reach. Rhade's stride faltered and low guttural groans reached Beka's pleased ears.

'Payback's fun' she thought gleefully. Beka was so happy at her chance to inflict some sexual torment that she decided to not protest Rhade's neanderthal behavior. The whole caveman thing had been very unnecessary. She could easily have walked, she convinced herself and her jelly-like legs that were dangling in front of that beautiful Nietzschean chest. A sharp slap reminded her of who thought he was in charge, but as Rhade paused in front of her cabin door, he spread his legs slightly for her. She let her nails rake the thin supple leather and felt him twitch under her roving hands as she eagerly reached between his thighs to explore this new region. Her long nimble fingers traced the outline of his balls and caused him to shudder. He fumbled entering the door code and had to try again before he was successful. A distracted Beka realized the significance of this. No one was allowed in her private refuge. Often, when only a few people were onboard, she joined them in the main crew cabin but did not invite them in her tiny captain's cabin. That Rhade knew her private code was discerning and exciting.

With an easy shift of rippling muscles, Rhade gently threw her on the bed. Bouncing slightly she watched with avid eyes as he peeled off his top. Acres of hard tanned skin was totally bared for her viewing pleasure. Quickly she followed his example and seized his full attention. She felt a flush spread as the heat of his voracious stare burned her exposed breasts. Reveling in the shift of power she leaned back on her elbows and wantonly splayed her legs. Rhade was standing at the foot of her bed and her tiny cabin seemed miniscule now that it contained a large aroused Nietzschean. Rhade slowly unbuckled his weaponbelt and laid it on a nearby chair, never taking his eyes from her. He planted his hands on the mattress and crawled towards her, flowing over the footboard in sleek undulation of sinews and tendons. As he slowly stalked her reclining form she felt her illusionary control of their passion dribble away. Panting, she knew if he paused again to taste her feminine core she would pass out, she mentally scrabbled for a distraction. Shaking her hair behind her shoulders Beka urged " Kiss me Telemachus"

"Anything to oblige the lady" he said with a husky chuckle.

"Any lady?" she protested, pouting.

"My lady," he growled fiercely, correcting her as he crouched over her on his hands and knees.

Disturbed by his possessiveness Beka arched up preparing to kiss him. Before she could complete the gesture his hard demanding mouth captured hers. She could faintly taste herself mixed with Rhade's dark and dangerous flavor. His tongue thrust in to tangle with hers as Beka collapsed flat on her back under his sensual assault. The force of his devouring mouth pushed her deep into the pillow as he hovered above her. He wasn't pressed against her but she felt her skin absorbing the heat rolling off his body as the warmth wrapped around her. No longer propped on her elbows Beka hands were free to finally explore the taunting expanse of Telemachus's chest. Caressing blindly over bulging and flexing skin she felt his guttural groan as his body shuddered a response to her questing fingers. Beka found the flat disks of his masculine nipples and teased them into rigid points. Raking gently with her nails she discovered how sensitive they were as fine tremors coursed his hard form above her. Her palms trailed downwards over ribs and a heaving belly to press against the long length of him still trapped in leather. Deluged by the sensations caused by his hungry mouth, Beka stubbornly continued towards her goal of cupping Rhade's cock in her greedy hands. Her seeking fingers slid over straining leather as she searched vainly for the front fastening. Feeling like an idiot- a ravished aroused idiot- she belatedly remembered the side lacings. Frantic fingers plucked and pulled them to no avail. Admitting defeat she thought with disgust that they were probably the Nietzschean equivalent of Boy Space Scout knots. Wrenching her mouth away from Rhade's ravenous kiss was difficult. Sparing a moment to breathe she was distracted again as the warrior moved on to unclaimed territory. Bites followed by wet heated licks began to trail along her neck downwards as her nails dug into his hips.

'Down bad' Beka thought ' very bad- if he reaches my breasts I will turn into a mindless panting imbecile- more so than I already am.' But Rhade was not easy to deter as she had recently discovered. Desperate tactics were called for she decided begging.

"Telemach... Telema...Rhade please," she coaxed softly in his ear. "Please take your pants off so I can touch you."

Beka felt Rhade's powerful body still and a rumbling purr start. She moved her hand to his silky thick hair and tugged to whisper closer in his ear, " please... Rhade?"

He exhaled in a long-suffering sigh, "Alright" he agreed.

Rearing back to sit on his heels he looked down at her as his hands went to his hips. Beka saw a masculine grin spread across his face as he toyed with the laces. She made sure her expression appeared eager, soft and hopeful. It wasn't faked Beka admitted to herself with an inward groan. She fisted her hands into the pillow and arched her breasts as she let a little whimpering noise escape. At the sound Rhade's eyes darken and glittered and his hands hurriedly yanked on the ties. A short piece of leather lacing broke off into his fist, the other refused to give at all. With a scowl Rhade tore his gaze from her panting arched breasts to concentrate on his unyielding fastenings.

"Are we experiencing technical difficulties?" Beka asked softly as she then bit the inside of her lip to stop the giggle. Another important piece of her father's wisdom 'Never laugh at a man during sex- they will never see the humor in the situation.' She could see the ties were seriously knotted and were not going to give- not even for a pissed off Nietzschean. Uttering a truly menacing snarl, that Beka was relieved was not directed at her, Rhade twisted his body in an odd movement. Beka saw that he was using his boneblades on one arm to sever the leather laces on that side of his pants and then ripped them out.

"Take an easy," she cautioned, " those are my favorite of your pants and I don't know where you can get another pair."

Making an aggravated noise Rhade twisted his torso and worked more carefully on the other side. While he concentrated on the remaining ties the leather drooping open on one side lost the battle against his determined cock straining to escape. She saw the smooth head already glistening with precum force the flap down further as the rest of him emerged. The reality was even better than her fantasies as her eager eyes measured his big, long, thick, big...really big...-whoa hit the aft thrusters and slowly back away- big cock. Beka had been close up and personal with quite a few cocks; after all her motto was ' see it- like it- fuck it', but Rhade's was a little, correction- alot, intimidating. She had believed that it had been a coincidence that so far both of her lovers most endowed in the past were Nietzscheans. Where Rhade might have been bested a tiny bit in length by them he more than compensated in girth. Obviously their scientists had found, isolated and implemented the 'giant cock gene' in their physiology. Beka realised with sudden insight why Nietzschean wives did not object to each other. By passing their husband around they retained the ability to walk. She was unaware that she had been inching away until Rhade questioned in a dangerous tone, "Beka, where do you think you are going?"

"Umm... speaking of 'technical difficulties' that is not going to fit," she informed him with a vague wave at his groin area.

Exasperated Rhade assured her, "It will fit fine"

"Oh is that what you told all your other women...and they believed you?" Beka asked incredulous. "Do you have medical proof?"

Rhade's beard did not hide the flush staining his cheekbones.

"Beka.." he warned with a growl. But Beka noticed it was his unhappy growl, the one she recognized from earlier. It tried to sound mean but wobbled a bit. Tearing her eyes upwards she met his gaze. Rhade's eyes were not fierce and glittering anymore but vulnerable with uncertainty. Beka knew she was capable of many things but hurting this man still waiting was not one of them. Besides, she reasoned to herself, she had survived explosions, attacks by Magog and killer androids, and Dylan's suicidal missions... maybe she should try something really scary- like trusting Telemachus.

"I'm sorry, I'm being silly" she apologized. "I was just a little should have loaned me your instruction manual," Beka joked weakly.

"It wouldn't have helped," he replied, his eyes now laughing at her,"it doesn't come with pictures."

Giggling, Beka laid back and relaxed as Rhade lowered himself to rest some of his weight on her. Bracing on his elbows he began to kiss her again but gently now to further reassure her. That having a flesh-covered steel rod inside her was nothing to worry about but would feel good...very good. His tongue twined and played with hers as he re-explored her mouth. Warm velvet-like skin brushed against her as he lightly rocked his body over hers. Rhade's hard chest with its sprinkling of sable hair rasped her nipples causing them to tighten to almost painful sensitivity. The waves of sensations her body was absorbing swept her nervousness away and she responded with growing excitement. His pants were pushed down out of the way and she felt surrounded by heat and hardness. Each time he rocked the smooth head of Rhade's shaft would press, rub and retreat leaving more and more slick pre-cum behind. She remembered that Nietzscheans were engineered so that their pre-cum was a natural lubricant and felt it mixing with her own juices. Beka sensed Rhade shifting as he braced himself on one elbow. His free hand trailed down her side and over her hip to burrow through her feminine curls. A calloused thumb found and began a circling caress of her clit and she arched her hips. Because of her movement, the next time his body rubbed against her she felt the blunt pressure of him push inside her slightly before withdrawing. Suddenly that wasn't enough. Beka planted her feet flat and when his cock returned she lifted up so he entered her. Beka's hands slid to the small of his back and pressed, urging him to sink deeper. Rhade allowed more of his weight on her and her hips lowered down as she was gently pinned to the mattress. Tearing his mouth from hers Beka heard soft swearing as Rhade worked several inches of his cock inside her. She felt stretched but she craved the sensation of heavy fullness and her hands slid down to grasp his buttocks. Cupping her palms around firm ass cheeks she pulled him closer. Rhade moved back to both elbows and pushed his hips forward to give her more of his pulsing hardness.

He began shallow thrusts that made her impatient. Careful and cautious was not the Valentine way once they committed themselves to an endeavor. With the combination of their fluids Rhade slid easier in and out of her wet warmth and Beka ached to feel his entire length buried within her. She began bucking her hips trying to drive him deeper and grinding up against him to silently demand a hard fierce ride. His massive muscled body physically dominated her slimmer one and Rhade refused to be rushed and continued his slow shallow rhythm. But Beka knew his control was costing him as shudders wracked his body and harsh panting filled the air. Some of that panting was her own and Beka concentrated on a few even breaths before she started whispering in his ear.

"Rhade I want more of you..all of you...I want you to fill me up...and fuck me- fuck me- fuck me!" she chanted as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She bit him hard on his brawny shoulder and knew the strength of it would leave behind a serious mark. That seemed to be the signal he was waiting for and he finally sunk all the way to the hilt in her pussy. Withdrawing he started thrusting with more force and Beka felt her orgasm begin to build. She writhed against him experiencing the friction of their flesh as her excitement swelled. Her body seemed to throb with burning need and she matched his rhythm as she began to race towards fulfillment. She felt the tight stretch of her inner muscles as they conformed around his width, how they clasped his cock greedily with every inward surge and were reluctant to release him. She felt an electric fluttering deep inside as Rhade shifted, causing his cock to rub along her clit. Throwing back her head she braced herself as waves of sensation rushed through her.

"Telem..Te.." she gave up and began sobbing a mantra of "Rhade-Rhade-Rhade."

Her inner flesh clenched his cock deep as her climax shuddered through her body. Feeling her release Rhade seemed to slip the leash of his self-control. She heard a scuffing sound and when his body began thrusting with more power she guessed he had gained leverage by bracing his feet on the footboard. Beka might have been concerned at the increased force if she hadn't been surfing the waves in 'wonderland'. Her relaxed body easily accepted his surges as he pumped harder and deeper into her welcoming warmth. Feeling tiny tremors still coursing through her body Beka could now concentrate on her lover as he labored above her. His eyes half closed and heavy lidded, the expression on his face almost feral and his lips curled in a silent snarl. She wanted him to lose total control like she had. Even though her body's needs had been satisfied her cunt still wanted his hot seed pulsing through her.

"Rhade come for me ...come inside of me..I still ache for all of you..." Beka beseeched him.

Rhade's gaze glittered darkly and a deep rumbling growl issued from his throat. His thrusts became harder and shorter, savage digs deep in her slick channel. Beka loved the sensation of his scrotum slapping against her as he slammed into her body. After a violent shudder followed by several sharp jerking surges, Beka felt his release. As he splashed her inner core with a burning wetness he was calling out harshly above her. Long moments passed and Rhade's sated body finally relaxed against hers. Her legs unlocked their death grip from his waist and slid to rest between his still braced legs to curl around his trembling thighs. He was still propped on his elbows but most of his weight bore down on her and she relished his heaviness. Beka palms stroked his shoulders and felt his heaving belly lightly slap and stick in a shallow rhythm against her own still calming one. She felt him start to withdraw and tightened around him; her arms, legs and inner muscles and wrenched what suspiciously sounded like a whimper from him.

"Let's roll to our sides" she suggested. "I don't want you to leave me yet"

"Beka, I'm not going anywhere " was Rhade's reply as he complied with her idea and carefully turned them, still staying inside her.

Snuggled close, with their damp bodies still clinging while they cooled, Beka believed him. And that frightened her. She thought over his reaction as he climaxed. Some men chanted a name and it was nice when they got it right and it was her's, others got religion and called out to the Divine or did the opposite and cussed. Rhade however just growled one word over and over-

"Mine...Mine ...Mine"

All her life people had never stayed around long. Her family, lovers and even her crew had came and went. The only constant had been the Eurka Maru...and now a Nietzschean. A bossy, arrogant, dominant Alpha male one. She foresaw many problems ahead but before she could begin to dwell on them the Nietzschean in her thoughts stirred. Hair roughen muscles rippled against her and she breathed in his musky scent. His shaft moved within her and she hooked her leg over his hip and drew him closer as she kissed his throat.

'Problems...ah.. but the compensations' Beka considered as Rhade began to purr.


Chapter 5

Rhade began to purr as he felt the brush of Beka's lips against the cords of his throat. It had been a long time since he had experienced anything as satisfying as this moment. He stretched his much more massive frame along the long slim lines of the lovely lady next to him and enjoyed the sensation of his shaft stirring inside her. He frowned though, when he heard her moan. 'Was that a happy sated I'm ready for more- moan' or an 'I just got pounded by a lust-blinded brute- moan?' Pulling out of his post coital haze he realized he had better find Beka was so slender, and built on fine lines like a superb racing animal, that now in hindsight and with a much clearer head he was worried. He had lost control when she whispered her want and desire in his ear and that had never happened before. Rhade remembered with a wince the power behind his forceful thrusts and hoped Beka wasn't sore and disgruntled with him now. But the feel of her wrapped around his cock like a warm wet tight fist had been his undoing. He should have more careful of her and her more delicate human physique he berated himself. His hand had been at the small of her back holding her feminine center hard against his hips. Now he stroked it up the smooth satiny skin that was rapidly cooling, exposed to the room's air. Burying his fingers in her thick hair, he gently tugged so he could peer into her face. Her eyes were closed, her face slack and her expression unhelpful.

Despite what Beka had said and thought, Rhade did not have a huge sexual past. On Terazed the Nietzschean community was very strict about bloodlines because they were so isolated and casual sex was almost unheard of. Human parents kept their daughters well away from Nietzschean males. He had only one lover before meeting and marrying Jillian and his wife had been a virgin herself. Recently he had gotten together with a couple of girls he met in bars but they had been 'working' and since he usually had been drunk he had gained no great skill though those encounters. He groaned, not only had he possibly hurt her but he all the technique of a rutting Vedran wild boar.

"Beka are you okay?" Rhade asked. Hesitant to hear the answer he waited.

"Okay??" she mumbled, "I'm fucking fantastic!!"

Blinking gazed over blue eyes she looked up into his still worried face.

Her gaze cleared slightly and she gave him a slow satiated smile. She arched closer to his warmth and nuzzled his throat and stubble roughened jaw. Between bites and little licks she began to sooth any concerns he had about anything. Damn he was glad she wasn't concerned about appearing unaffected by what they had just shared together. Beka huskily voiced how she thought he was wonderful, how he had drove her crazy and how they had come for each other was exactly what she had been craving. He felt relief quickly followed by overflowing self confidence. He admired her for sharing her assurances with him and felt renewed arousal surging though him for his mate. He opened up to her about his own desires.

"Beka you can't imagine how much I have been starved for you", he confided, "how I have envisioned stripping you naked and being with you.

"Really, well I can't wait. Don't hesitate in starting." She teased, trying to lighten the mood.

"I thought I already had" Rhade said with a slight scowl.

"Nah don't remember?" "I'm not naked yet" she reminded him.

Rhade felt a silky soft sensation caressing the back of his thigh and along his flank as she shifted her leg. His cock hardened and grew as his mind scrabbled. He grinned at her ...her ridiculous socks!

"Well that's okay I guess, I still have my socks on as well."

"You still have you pants on too!" "I don't suppose you can take them off and still stay inside me at the same time?" She asked hopefully.

"Even my superior Nietzschean intellect can't figure that one out," Rhade sighed.

Beka gave him a sharp nip on his neck. Telemachus hoped that would leave a mark too. He wanted to remain buried in her heated depths and start all over again but practicality reared its ugly head. He was gratified to hear Beka's mournful moan as he drew out of her. Twisting, he sat up and bent at the waist to pull his boots off first. Something Beka was not happy to discover.

"Damn it! You had your boots still on and in my bed!" Was her outraged observation.

Rhade was secretly pleased that Beka had been so blinded by passion that she hadn't noticed until now. He quickly tossed them over the foot of the bed where they landed with huge thuds. His own plain gray socks followed. Shimmying out of his pants he draped them over the low footboard before turning back to a still softly grumbling Beka. She had rolled over onto her back and was lying relaxed before him. His gaze possessively recorded every inch of her pale loveliness. With masculine interest he watched a flush spread as she became aware of his intent regard. He also noticed with a grin it did not stop her from stretching provocatively and letting her long legs splay slightly open. As much as Rhade was tempted he heaved himself out of the bed. Ignoring Beka's pout, he padded over to her tiny washroom. He reached under the sink for a wash cloth and ran the water until it was warm. Slowly cleaning himself, he watched her watching him in the mirror. With one hand he lifted his still half hard cock so he could swirl the cloth over his balls and then he circled and dragged it the length of his rapidly growing erection. Rinsing the cloth under the water Rhade caught her disappointed expression. He couldn't stop his husky chuckle. Meeting his eyes in the reflection she laughed as well before giving him a fierce mock scowl. Her voice was serious though as she questioned him.

"Telemachus, you seem awfully familiar with my private quarters."

Looking over his shoulder he just grinned at her.

"Have you been sleeping in my bed when you've taken the Maru out on missions without me?" She queried, frowning slightly.

"Oh Beka, not just sleeping in it," his masculine grin widening.

"Argg!!!" she cried, throwing a small pillow in his direction. It fell sadly short.

Wringing out the washcloth he walked with a slight swagger back to the bed with it, scooping up the pillow on his way. Causing the mattress to dip he settled next to her hip. Beka widened her thighs and he took his time wiping away the residue of their mixed juices. When he was finished he easily threw the balled up wash cloth, having it land neatly in the sink. His calloused fingertips ruffled her damp red curls and she stretched under his touch.

"Harper and Trance both mentioned you were a natural redhead." Rhade told her.


"How did they know?" Was his ever so casual question.

"You really want to know how Harper found out," she replied.

At his rumbling growl, she sighed.

"I was actually red haired as well and only went blonde after we met," she explained in an aggravated tone.

Mollified, Rhade stretched out beside her, his hand never leaving her nest of trimmed curls as he continued to caress her.

"Aren't you a little curious how Trance knew?" She teased.

Rhade stilled, even his hand paused as he strove for a neutral expression. He raised an inquiring eyebrow and she giggled at him.

"Oh, I just told and showed her," Beka said.

Shaking her head, fiery curls tumbled before another toss restored the pale tawny color and dark streaks he preferred. He saw Beka's gaze shift and her grin slip into a wince as she turned onto her side, causing her pert breasts to jiggle nicely he noticed. His palm reluctantly slid to the curve of her hip at her change of position. Her feather light touch brushed his shoulder.

"That's going to leave mark," she told him in an apologetic tone.

Her probing fingertips tested the taunt skin around the bite on his shoulder.

"I hope so," he purred. "And this one too." he said, tilting his head to showoff the smaller bite under his jaw. "I want your marks on me; feel free to go 'wild'." Rhade urged her quite seriously.

"Okay, I'll have to remember that," Beka replied, adding "I probably have a few bruises myself."

His searching gaze swept her pale skin and spied small darking circles from his fingers on her waist. The protective part of him worried that sometime during their lovemaking he might go too far and Beka would become wary of his strength and disgusted with his inability to control it; the other larger alpha portion relished his marks that showed his claiming of her. Telemachus' thumb gently smoothed over the bruises as he frowned. He felt the firm pressure of Beka's palm cupping his jaw as she made him meet her gaze.

"Rhade, I like it rough and bruises don't bother me." She assured him.

"Really?" Rhade asked.

"Really, and I'll try to be gentle with you, but you make it awfully hard" she teased. "Speaking of hard..."

Rhade felt her cool palm slide down to his chest and smooth over his skin before trailing down his flat belly to his patiently waiting erection. Her nails rasped through his coarse pubic hair before long strong fingers circled the root of his hard shaft. She moved them to just below the crown of his cock before returning back to the base. She began repeating this movement, starting feather light to increasing the pressure to delicious firmness. Rhade arched his back and could not halt himself from pushing into her hand with shallow surges. All during her exploration Beka had not broken her gaze from his and seemed to enjoy gauging his reactions. Seeing her smile he felt her nails gently rake before she cupped her palm over the head of his cock and circled there. Slick pre-cum rapidly leaked and the sensations grew until small noises escaped his throat. Rhade reassured himself that they did not remotely resemble whimpers.

He felt Beka withdraw her hand and circle the base of his cock again. With relief he drew a deep shuddering breath and tried to regain the threads of his much valued Nietzschean self-control. He only had a micro-second before Beka's fingertips drifted and began playing on the smooth skin of his sensitive scrotum.

"Nice," she complimented "You shave?"

"No," Rhade gasped, "most Nietzschean males are naturally hairless there"

"Ohh...I wonder what it will be like to lick you take your balls into my mouth and roll them around my tongue?" Beka teased him musingly as she gave him a gentle squeeze.

"Beka, you'd better hush!" Rhade threatened her, of what he couldn't fathom and rumbled an unconvincing growl.

She just gave a sultry laugh before continuing as if he hadn't interrupted. "Do you know how badly I want to lick every inch of you and find out how far I can swallow your cock down my throat before I choke on your..."

With a roar that drowned out the rest of her sentence, Rhade grabbed her wrist in a steel grip and wrenched it away. Using his larger frame he pushed Beka flat on her back and surged over her, trapping her with his greater weight. Telemachus' muscled thighs forced her slim ones apart and he wedged his hips into the cradle of hers. He forced her arm up and pinned her captured wrist over her head on the pillow. He growled down at her, his sable hair falling to be a silky curtain around their faces. He was heady with the smell of her arousal and felt the excited shallow pants of her breaths against his own torso. He really hoped she was serious when she assured him she liked it rough because he felt his desire rising and feared it would soon rage unchecked. She shifted and he felt a nudge against his hand holding her wrist prisoner just above her head. Glancing up he saw her free hand laying on the pillow along side her other one. Easily, his large hand grasped both of her wrists and he looked back down into her eyes. Beka's bright blue eyes returned his gaze unblinkingly. Though he was clearly in the dominant position he felt weak when he realized how much trust Beka had in him. Even as he ground his cock against the softness of her belly he dipped his head and captured her lips in a tender kiss.

Their kiss rapidly evolved into something much more smoldering as she parted her lips and he swallowed the soft whimpers Beka made in his mouth. She knew how to fan the flames of his possessive nature as he instinctly started a thrusting rhythm with his tongue into the moist cavern of her mouth. He was balanced on his elbow but most of his weight was pushing Beka into the bed as he felt her try to writhe against him. He moved off her barely and she took advantage of her slight freedom to rub her breasts against his chest. Breasts, he suddenly realized he had yet to explore. Shifting his body lower he rubbed the underside of his cock against her clit before settling against her nest of curls. Rhade began biting, nipping and licking his way down her throat, pausing once to grasp the pale flesh and suck. Purposely leaving a rosy mark now that he had her permission and then swiftly continuing to the pale curves that had tempted him for so long. Once achieving his destination he pulled back to look his full at Beka's breasts and her puckering pink nipples. She jiggled them enticingly as she murmured to him. Rhade's lust filled mind only registered hazily what she said. But how he loved that she was a talker and noisy so that his ego didn't have to guess at her pleasure. When she shared how much she felt it made him feel invincible and her openness was a treasure beyond price.

With long languid strokes his tongue laved the under curves of her beautiful breasts, his nose nudging their weight gently. Rhade traced the blue veins that traversed her white skin with his tongue tip and nibbled a bit along the way. Ignoring Beka's begging, but relishing the sound of it, he deliberately avoided her nipples. Picking the perfect spot he sucked on the inside curve where he knew his mark would be seen in her cleavage unless he convinced her to wear higher necked shirts, at least around other men. He loved Beka pulling against her pinned hands and her restless legs moving against his. Every so often he would feel her fuzzy socked feet stroke his calves as she writhed under him. Knowing by her scent how aroused she was by the dominance she allowed.

Finally, unable to resist any longer he moved his mouth to one of her nipples. Flicking the hard point and leaving it glistening with his saliva when he moved to the other. Everytime he moved he made sure his hips flexed so his shaft ground against her. He alternated between her rosy peaks before settling on one to draw it deep into his mouth, sucking strongly. He grinned as he felt her arch up and he pulled back to blow on the nipple he just released. Turning his attention to the neglected nub he repeated his actions. Rhade felt Beka draw in a deep shuddering breath.

"Telem...Te.....Telemachus!!" She gasped out triumphfully.

He paused, impressed and waited patiently while she panted, resting his chin on her breast.

"Yes?" He prompted her.

"Oh shit your beard!"

Grinning in delight he proceeded to rub his beard and stubble along the sensitive skin of Beka's breasts. As she began to curse him in several languages his happiness grew. It sounded just like in his fantasies, but better. Finally taking pity on her he stopped, he was curious about what she had planned to say. He was also amused to learn she had given up on his first name.

"Rhade, didn't you want us naked?" Beka asked with a sudden and suspiciously innocent expression.

"..Hmm..." was his non-committal reply.

"I was wondering, why don't you take off your gauntlets?" She arched her neck and touched her tongue to the leather.

His gaze narrowed as he caught the wicked glitter in her eyes. His survival instincts silently screamed danger. There was no way he would let this wanton woman near his defenseless, unprotected boneblades- or their sensitive bases!

"Nah...we're even, you still have your socks on," he said, hearing her frustrated groan.

Beka began to speak again and he worried how susceptible he was to her suggestions. Rhade decided it would be prudent to his personal safety and sanity to distract her with something. Like his aching, throbbing cock thrusting up into her. Shifting, he started kissing her as his hand released one of her wrists. Firmly grasping the one he chose to keep, Rhade moved it downwards so he could still pin it to the bed near her shoulder but now he could also brace his weight on his forearm. Her freed hand had immediately buried itself in his hair and he enjoyed the tugging sensations for a moment. Returning his attention to his goal he canted back his hips and grasped his erection with his other hand and guided it to Beka's wet slit. He slowly shoved his cock into her tight warmth and felt her gasp against his lips steal his breath. He moved his head to nuzzle in her hair as he tried to control his own breathing and gather the rapidly unraveling reins of his passion.

Beka wrapping her legs around his waist, squeezing him with her inner muscles and screaming "More...more..." was not helpful. Grasping her wrist, he pulled her hand from his hair and pressed it also to the mattress as he levered himself onto both elbows. He was now able to pull back and slam in to the hilt his entire length. Beka's keening cry of approval echoed in his ears. His cock filled with a pulsing need, he began pounding and pumping into the tight pussy that clenched around him. Nothing could describe the emotion he felt as Beka's body convulsed around his in strong spasms and she screamed out his name. Knowing his mate had found fulfillment the inner beast of his Nietzschean nature roared to be free. His chest heaving like bellows, Rhade rammed his hardness into the still quivering heat of her. Growling, he nuzzled Beka's neck where it flowed into her shoulder. As waves of pure intense sensation washed over him and he felt his cock explode, he bit his mate. Pinning her in place with his teeth, hands and hips he rode out the tremors violently racking his body. Slumping, his perspiration soaked flesh clung to hers and Rhade tiredly licked the mark he had left on his woman.


Water running down his naked body from his recent shower, Rhade stood in his old quarters and packed. He had most of his stuff already in the duffle bag, leaving anything of value in his rented room on Seefra was unwise. The native population had the morals of scavenging Nightsiders, so he carried most stuff with him. He folded and shoved in the bag his pants he had worn earlier with a scowl. Searching Beka's room all he could find to use as laces were long ribbons Beka sleepily said were once Trance's. Walking the corridors of Andromeda back to his old room he had been stopped by Dylan. After briefly talking, Dylan thanked him for helping and Rhade reminded him again he was waiting to be paid. As they parted he heard Dylan call out.

"Rhade that's a good look for you...I like the lavender."

Growling at that memory he hurried pulled on clothes. He remembered Beka commenting on the Command Deck that she had a paying transport job lined up and how she didn't like for her paying clients to be cooling their heels. A chill coursed his body as it occurred to him she might already have left, he had told a groggy Beka he would be right back but... This was Captain Valentine the Queen of Avoidance. Rushing out into the corridor with his stuff he muttered,"Beka better still be waiting for me."

Suddenly a monitor flickered to life and he saw Andromeda's clear image instead of the usual static one.

"Captain Valentine has prepped her ship and the Euraka Maru is still in my docking bay," the cool voice informed him.

"Uh.. thanks...How do you know?" Rhade questioned the computer.

"Harper fixed all my internal sensors and cameras...two days ago," was Andromeda's smug reply. He scowled and hurried past her, leaving her with a small smile on her digital face.


Rhade dumped his stuff after he boarded through the open hatch of the Maru. He looked at the two duffle bags, one of clothing and personal belongings the other crammed with weapons. He hoped Beka wouldn't notice most of possessions were now taking permanent residence here.. along with him. He knew he had to be careful of Beka's skitterish streak but Rhade had confidence in his superior skill and Nietzschean training to hide his possessiveness. He swaggered over to where Beka stood. He liked how her eyes traveled over him as she licked her lips. Her slim leather encased hips were resting against the railing behind her pilot's chair and he placed a hand on either side of them. With a surge of territorialness he noticed his bite low on her pale neck. He would have to remember to give her some of the clear salve Nietzscheans used. It prevented any infections, but really didn't speed healing, so his mark would stay on his mate as long as possible.

"I'm glad you waited for me," Rhade said with a warning note in his gravely voice. "You really would not have wanted me to"

He leaned forward and nuzzled her neck near his mark. He enjoyed the spike of nervousness in her scent mixing with the smell of her stirring arousal. All too soon, the fearless Beka bounced back.

"Telemachus, we have to talk." She tugged his hair to get his attention.

Rhade reluctantly pulled back and assumed a patient expression. He grinned to himself as he saw her narrowed eyes and the firm jut of her jaw. Hiding in the shadow of it was another love bite of his. He raised an inquiring eyebrow.

"I am running an almost profitable transport business, excluding Dylan's errands of course. And with this success several unscrupulous individuals are trying to interfere. I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to have you stay on the Maru full time... or as much as you wanted"

"Beka," he interrupted her with a growl "are you suggesting I work for you?"

"No," she protested quickly, "keeping an eye on the Maru would be risky and time consuming...I decided maybe it was time I took on a ...partner."

"Partner," Rhade purred, relief washing through him. He leaned forward to press his forehead against hers and looked into her bright blue eyes.

"Beka Valentine, I love you..r decisions."


The End....nah, just the beginning...

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