I do not own or profit in any way from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

This is my first slash and portrays a powerful possible Andromeda fictional pairing-in my eyes, strong emotions had lasted over 300 years. It takes place after Telemachus joins the crew but before the last season.

Chapter 1

Dylan looked up with a jolt to see Rhade standing uncomfortably in the doorway.

'Telemachus, Telemachus' Dylan reminding himself silently. 'Not Gaheris.'

Sometimes it still surprised him, their similarities, until he looked closer. 'His' Rhade would have strode confidently in, his boots tapping out a brisk rhythm, not hovering so. Or, Dylan remembered, just stay silent and watch. How many times had he looked up from this desk to see Gaheris leaning against the doorway, arms crossed with a slight smile quirking up one corner of his mouth. When caught, he would raise one eyebrow and his smile would broaden a bit. It had been a game between them. Sometimes Dylan would pretend not to notice him and stretch provocatively. Once discovered, Gaheris had hated to be ignored. Or, more often, Dylan would roll his eyes and command "Come to me Rhade". His first officer would advance on quiet feet across the distance separating them, plant his fingertips on the glass top and lean forward. His breath warming Dylan's mouth as he asked, "Captain, you wanted me?"

"Always," Dylan would reply "Always."

"Hunt, can I come in?" Questioned a hesitant Telemachus Rhade.

"Of course," replied Dylan, returning to the present as he watched the other man come forward. He carefully blanked his expression to mild interest as he thought to himself 'Gaheris, probably, had just been spying on me anyways.'

Dylan focused to real attention as Telemachus deposited two items he had been carrying to the flat surface. Dylan just stared at them. Dimly, he heard Telemachus' voice saying "I found these in my new quarters.... Well, to be precise, 'his' old quarters. I thought you should have them." Telemachus paused and then turned and left. Dylan was only vaguely aware that the room was empty now, except for himself and memories.

He recognized them, how could he not? Their familiarity made his hands itch to reach out and touch them, but he just stared. A picture viewer and a personal journal padbox. Not his own- but Gaheris's. How often had he laid in the bed that the picture viewer had been displayed near? And, he recalled, how often he had curled his body around his lover's as the other sat up in bed and wrote down private thoughts. Dylan would lie on his side, pressed up against the warmth of the Nietzschean, his face buried between the taunt skin of Gaheris' ribs and the pillow. His arm would be flung across Gaheris' lap and the other man would balance the pad on his bicep.

"Turn out the light, that's an order." Dylan would grouse.

"Just five more minutes, I'm almost finished," would be the standard reply.

Sometimes, Dylan would sigh and fall asleep. Other instances, he would start to drive the Nietzschean insane. Licks, bites, and kisses against the firm flesh. Soon, Rhade would growl and toss the padbox to the floor. Dylan would allow himself to be pushed to his back as the slightly smaller man leaned over him.

"Do you always have to get your way?" Dylan would hear the familiar complaint from his first officer and lover.

"Well, I do outrank you," he would tease back.

Gaheris would usually start to kiss him to shut him up. Dylan shuddered as he remembered the firmness of that mouth the-

"Captain, are you alright? My sensors indicate your body-"

"I'm fine." Dylan interrupted Andromeda. He ran his hands over his face before he turned to the hologram image of his ship. Andromeda was regarding the objects on his desktop suspiciously.

"I can have these items removed. I can summon one of my robots and jettison them out an airlock." She offered.

"They aren't bombs." Dylan dryly protested. "I think I should do this. It would be good for me." He looked at her concerned image. "Please, Andromeda."

"Understood." She said and blinked out. Dylan didn't request Privacy Mode, because she would worry, but now she wouldn't interrupt him again.

He took a deep breath and drew the journal closer to him. It had been left unlocked, and Dylan noticed, decrypted for him by Telemachus. Dylan knew it had been originally written in some obscure Majora Pride code. Hell, he had seen it over Gaheris' shoulder plenty of times and even questioned it. He remembered teasing his lover, "Gaheris, we're spooks."

"Former spooks," he was corrected.

"Right. Yeah, well we don't keep diaries."

"I just started this when I got my commission, I feel," Gaheris paused. "It might need to be read someday."

"Well, far be it for me to make your kids miss out on reading your memoirs." Joked Dylan, not liking the thought that something might happen to the other man.

"Gaheris, did you ever think in the future that I might be the one doing this?" Dylan mused. "Shit, you must have considered it, how could you not?" Rubbing his hands over his face again, he began to read.

Dylan discovered that Gaheris had heard a rumor of who would be the new captain of the Andromeda Ascendant and he had maneuvered himself to be the first officer. That he had accepted the mission to Mobius to forge a bond between them before the restrictions of Commonwealth officer's 'official' conduct could apply. Dylan also realized through hindsight and hinted references that high ranking Nietzscheans were already unhappy with the Commonwealth's views and dealings with the Magog and were placing their own people in key spots. Before they even met, Gaheris must have known that he might be expected to take over the Andromeda and betray his captain in some way. To make that easier, Gaheris had probably decided to develop an intimate relationship between them. And Dylan had made it so easy, thinking back.....

After the mission, the night before they were going to meet with Admiral Stark, they decided to hit bars and clubs together. But, after a few rowdy establishments, Rhade had suggested retiring to his rooms. And Dylan, who just wanted to get quietly drunk, agreed. And as well as getting sloshed, he got seduced. The refills, the back rub to relax, that turned into something more sexual. Dylan remembered agreeing to take off his shirt, hell, drunk it had seemed sensible. Then Rhade happening to have massage oil, yeah-the oldest trick in the book. The feeling of Gaheris' strong hands as he worked out Dylan's tenseness and telling him all the things he needed to hear about putting the mission behind them and dealing with the consequences. Stuff only fellow 'spooks' could share together. Dylan had been so eager to get rid of the bitter taste of Mobius, that kissing Gaheris seemed right. It had been Dylan pushing Gaheris down as the other man took off their clothes. Dylan had wanted a good, hard fuck to forget everything.

But how he remembered now the slickness of the oil and the heat and hardness of Rhade. The feel of the willing body beneath him as he pushed into the taunt ass of the other man. Of hammering in and not worrying about being a heavy gravity worlder, knowing the muscled form could withstand the punishment of Dylan's pounding. He had reached around to grasp Gaheris' cock, but found it already being fisted and pumped. His withdrawing palm had brushed against Rhade's quivering boneblades. He had vaguely recalled stories about Nietzscheans and wove his fingers between the bare bases. Rubbing them back and forth, he had driven the man pinned under him into a writhing frenzy. Rhade had climaxed explosively and that tightening vice had triggered Dylan's own shuddering release. It had felt great. So damn great.

Dylan also recalled passing out. Waking up with the hangover from hell and Gaheris helping him so he could puke his guts out. Handing him the med tablets and a wet washcloth. Running the shower and wrestling Dylan under the spray. Dylan remember trying to sober up, swaying slightly in the water with Gaheris standing behind him, arms wrapped around his middle to support his taller body. Being a little unsteady, but not worrying because Rhade was there-and Rhade would never let him fall.

"Fool, fool, fool." Dylan berated himself as he shoved the log slightly away and leaned back. Looking around, he saw the picture viewer and angrily flipped it on.

'Ah, don't we make the cute couple' he thought cynically. 'Too bad he was playing me from the start'. Glaring at the image, Dylan noted it was from a shore leave spent together on Riva Beach. Dylan had been sitting on the sand between Gaheris' legs. Gaheris was seated on a canvas chair behind him. Dylan had his elbows propped on each knee of the Nietzschean and was grinning at the hover camera. His expression was open and carefree. More like 'naive and stupid' brooded Dylan. Rhade had his hands resting on Dylan's shoulders, his boneblades were extended and he was looking down at Dylan. He looked.....sad? Dylan frowned and drew the picture closer. Nah.....well it was hard to tell. Even relaxed, the Nietzschean was so controlled. Well, not really relaxed, considering the erect boneblades. But that was normal; they were sitting surrounded by strangers and Rhade was so overprotective. They had several disagreements over that. Dylan remembered what had caused the first one.

They had been serving together on the Andromeda for several months. Everything was going smoothly. They were discreet and nothing about their relationship was interfering with their roles on the ship. Some members of the crew might have suspected, but only because of experience serving with Nietzscheans. The Nietzscheans definitely suspected but the special cleaning gels Gaheris supplied had confused their noses. In the military, it was pretty well common knowledge, though seldom discussed, that the highest ranking Nietzschean always tried to be involved with his superior. The joke was 'if the Alpha can't be the top dog, he wants to be fucking it'. That expression wasn't shared often with Nietzscheans, humans have survival instincts too.

A new Lancer had come aboard. The young Nietzschean, Dylan now realized, resembled Tyr. But without the long braids and bigger. A lot bigger. He and Attila were sparring and had drawn a bit of a crowd, mainly of other Nietzscheans. Dylan was holding his own quite well until Andromeda had interrupted. Holding up his hand in a 'halting' gesture, he had turned his attention to her. Still seeing movement from the corner of his eye, he had jerked his head back. The blow had mostly missed Dylan, but Attila's boneblade had grazed his cheek. He jerked his shirt off to stop the bleeding as he confirmed with Andromeda the time of his upcoming meeting with Admiral Stark.

While speaking with Andromeda, he had studied Attila's expressions. Subtle challenge, the sharp distracted attention, then alarmed awareness. But not, Dylan had confusedly felt, about striking his captain. It wasn't until Dylan had followed Attila's lowered gaze that he had begun to understand. In rather prominent view were several distinct large 'love bites', courtesy of his first officer from last night.

Muttering an oath, he pulled back on his shirt, now sporting a nice bloody spot, and had grabbed a small towel to use instead. Telling Andromeda he was going to Med Deck he had addressed the now subdued Nietzschean.

"I trust that was an accident and will never be repeated." Dylan had sternly commented.

"No, sir. Never. Absolutely an accident." Was the quick reply.

Nodding, Dylan left the room of strangely silent Nietzscheans.

Dylan had proceeded to Med Deck to let Doctor Hillary Kazva attend to his injury. Shrugging aside any seriousness of the shallow wound, he had briefly explained its origin.

"Ah, well then, I'll get my gear ready." The Nietzschean physician had commented. Dylan remembered being confused at that comment, but took the opportunity to get to know one of his doctors better. He remarked that he had noted that most High Guard ships had at least one Nietzschean doctor and it usually was filled by one of the few females-Nietzschean females that is- on a military ship.

"If men make awful patients, imagine a Nietzschean male?" She amusingly had confided. Besides a warrior would not want to admit to an injury-a weakness-but if he was just going to let a female fuss over him, that was entirely different. Dylan and the doctor were chatting when she got the call from his first officer that a medical team and hover stretcher was needed in Recreation Room Four.

Dylan had frowned in recognition and accompanied the physician, who seemed unsurprised. Returning to the room he had left earlier, they found a battered, bloody, and semi-conscious Attila on the mat. Near his head was a broken off boneblade and Rhade standing close by. He had his uniform jacket off and it was lying on a nearby bench. He seemed disarranged and had suspiciously bruised knuckles. Rhade then had calmly explained to a disbelieving Dylan that Attila had wanted to continue sparring. Rhade had obliged him and the younger male had simply fallen. Not wanting to pursue this in front of an audience, Dylan had dismissed him. All the Nietzscheans, including the 'falling' victim, had blandly agreed with their first officer's assessment of the 'accident'. The few human crew members also agreed, but they appeared shaken and uncomfortable.

Getting the highest ranking human alone, Dylan had pressured him into revealing the truth. Dylan had also picked him because he seemed the most calm of his human crew present. Lieutenant Ridley admitted that after Dylan had left the room earlier, all the Nietzscheans just milled around as if waiting while Attila had fidgeted on the mat. One had said something like "Nice knowing you, Attila." Roughly five to six minutes later, the first officer had entered, threw his uniform jacket on a bench, and approached Attila. He had announced that if the younger man wanted to spar, it would be with him. Ridley had believed Attila fought well, especially since his fellow Lancers were looking on, but the smaller officer had been efficient and merciless. When Attila had finally went down and stayed there, Rhade had snapped off Attila's boneblade and slashed his face with it.

Dylan was dazed. Seeing his confusion, Ridley explained further. With a human, Dylan's response would have been adequate to handle the situation. But the Captain should think of Andromeda as a lion's pit. Most Nietzscheans look for ways of climbing in the 'pecking order'. Attila's action was one of daring, so it would have moved him up. Then, they realized without any doubt, when they saw the revealed marks of possession, that their captain belonged to their Alpha. That knowledge-or lack there of-changed Attila's bold move into a stupid challenge which Rhade had answered most decisively. Ridley further had advised a befuddled Dylan to just ignore the incident and not pay any special attention to Attila. Even negative attention would show an interest that would weaken Rhade's claim. That would probably make the Alpha jealous and since a calm and controlled Rhade was scary, Ridley had not wanted to contemplate a pissed off first officer.

Dylan had gathered his wits enough to question Ridley's expertise on Nietzschean 'social customs'. With a grin, the tall blonde had pulled his collar down to show a serious love bite of his own. He confided to his captain that he was pair-bonded with Stonewall in Engineering. The huge Nietzschean also was the second most dominant Alpha on the ship, so Ridley was safe from repercussions from his and Dylan's 'chat'. He said to Dylan over his shoulder when he had been dismissed "Niet lovers are high maintenance, but the rewards are worth it."

Frustrated with the rest of his crew's lack of cooperation, Dylan stormed to his first officer's quarters. In the hallway, a short distance from the door, he almost had charged into Dr. Kazva. He remembered being surprised and expressing that to her.

"Shouldn't you be in Med Deck tending to your more seriously injured patient?" Dylan questioned her.

"Attila will be stabilized and ready for me when I reach there," she had replied firmly. "Though First Officer Rhade is not as serious, he is more important."

Dylan frowned, but had let her pass. Running his hand through his hair, he entered Gaheris' quarters. He remembered being torn between anger and confusion.

"Damn it, Rhade!" Accused Dylan. "What were you doing?"

"What was necessary, mainly due to your own actions." Was Gaheris quick rebuttal. Obviously, Dylan thought sourly, his lover was going for 'offense is the best defense' tactic.

Dylan planted his hands on his hips and faced Rhade, who was sitting on the side of his bed. His shirt was removed and the shiny white wet/dry binding around his ribs shown starkly against his skin. Dylan had spied the beginning of bruises blooming on his torso, shoulders and arms.

Dylan felt a bit guilty about his verbal attack.

"Do you want to explain that remark?" Demanded Dylan.

"Do you want to sit down and discuss this, or stay standing and imagine you are on a moral pedestal?" Was Gaheris' sarcastic reply.

With a grunt, Dylan yanked over the desk chair and sat, glaring at Rhade. He had actually, secretly, wanted a yelling match. If for no other reason, than to make the other man lose that annoying self-control. Though, he had noticed Gaheris glaring back, and was pleased. With a condescending gesture, Dylan motioned for Gaheris to start speaking.

Growling deep in his throat, Rhade addressed Dylan."You have been on enough Commonwealth ships with a mixed crew to understand the dynamics concerning Nietzscheans. Every Nietzschean on board wants to be the Captain or as close to you as possible. I hold the highest spot, but with your insistence on being discreet, others were not sure exactly where I ranked in importance to you."

For the first time, Dylan recognized his lover would have preferred a more open relationship and he shifted uncomfortably. Maybe Rhade himself doubted his importance as well, Dylan guessed.

Rhade continued, "You should never have singled him out to fight; that showed you might favor him, perhaps over me."

Dylan now recalled Attila's too eager expression in the gym. "We were just sparring," he protested. "No other Nietzscheans wanted to volunteer."

Gaheris raised an eyebrow and Dylan had quieted.

"Since you did not use the opportunity while fighting to fondle him..."

Dylan interrupted with a snort.

"And since," Rhade had firmly continued. "You probably didn't smell aroused, Attila got confused. He then turned the practice into a situation to score points with the watching Nietzscheans, since he wasn't going to 'score' with you."

"We were just sparring," Dylan repeated. "It wasn't anything sexual."

"It can be. I remember when we sparred a lot when we first came on board..." Gaheris let his voice trail away as he smiled smugly at Dylan.

Dylan had felt his body harden as he remembered. Their matches had become almost like foreplay. Each looking for an opportunity to bring the other to the mat to include wrestling into their workout. The banter a little too teasing, the touches starting to linger. All too revealing to the eagle eyes of any nearby Nietzscheans. Dylan started suggesting late night matches, not only to ensure empty exercise rooms, but so they could both retire to bed afterward. Together.

"Well, you weren't around." Dylan complained defensively to Gaheris. "What was I suppose to do? Sit around and get fat and flabby?"

Rhade's eyes had darkened as he gazed at Dylan, lounging in the chair a short distance away. Dylan saw his gaze move slowly over him and his own skin heated in response. He felt his cock stir and stretch under the sensual scrutiny. Realizing that any moment his loose pants were going to tent and give away his arousal, Dylan had leaned forward. Bracing his forearms on his knees, Dylan addressed his concerns about their relationship.

"Do you think 'us' is interfering with the running of Andromeda?"

The dark, heated look in Rhade's eyes had instantly hardened.

"No, what is causing problems is your insistence in keeping 'us' a huge secret. If we had pretended to slip up every so often, our crew wouldn't be confused, but maybe that's because you still are." Rhade said intensely.

"You and I are together and we are going to stay that way unless you transfer me off." His first officer challenged. "Then you will have Hannibal fighting with Stonewall as he chases after your ass." Rhade had concluded.

"Hey, Hannibal's my basketball buddy." Said a surprised Dylan.

"Yes, and he rubs against you way too often," accused Gaheris.

"That's called guarding; it's a close contact sport." Dylan defended. "Don't you dare beat the crap out of him too." Ordered Dylan.

"I was so severe with Attila because he slashed you. Drawing blood is serious among Nietzscheans. What if he had scarred you because he was showing off?"

Groaning, Dylan had leaned back in his chair and ran his hands over his face. Redirecting his gaze back to the other man, Dylan had remembered discovering something disturbing. His lover was studying him closely, while sitting still and controlled, his face composed and not betraying any discomfort. Not from their discussion, or from his physical battering. Not betraying any weakness, as if he felt Dylan might use it against him. Dylan had been disturbed at how guarded Gaheris was as they studied each other.

"You're not considering transferring me, correct?" Stated Gaheris firmly. The question sounded more like a statement of fact, but that it was said had been revealing to Dylan. It showed his lover's uncertainty and doubts.

"No, no I'm not." Dylan reassured softly.

Attempted to lighten the mood, Dylan continued. I am going to grab a shower."

"Good." Gaheris had replied gruffly. "You smell."

"Gee, thanks." Dylan laughed.

"No, I mean..." Gaheris paused. "You smell like 'him'."

Dylan was secretly pleased at this show of jealousy.

"Well, then let us both shower and I'll make sure you don't fall over."

Gaheris had looked slightly offended, but had not refused the offer of assistance.

Dylan stood up and pulled off Gaheris' boots and socks and stepped forward between the other man's dangling legs. Gaheris had leaned back on his elbows with a grimace. With efficient movements, Dylan unfastened Rhade's uniform pants and hooked his fingers in the waistband of them and the black thong underneath. Rhade levered his hips up to assist. Dylan had tried to be gentle as he wrestled the tight pants down the slim hips and muscled legs. He loved admiring the view of the snug uniform trousers, but they were a bitch to get off. Tossing them aside, he turned back to survey his lover. Gaheris had collapsed flat on his back on the bed, panting shallowly. His concave belly raised and lowered with his breaths and Dylan gaze focused on the thin trail of dark, soft hair that trailed down Gaheris' navel to a thicker nest. Emerging from the wiry curls was Rhade's cock, resting along his thigh. Even flaccid, it was longer and thicker than most human men's. Nietzschean genetics bred for quality *and* quantity.

Under Dylan's lingering look, it had hardened and lengthened with a large, shiny drop of precum pearling from it's slit. Dylan reached out with a fingertip and scooped it up, and brought it to his mouth to taste. Raising his eyes, Dylan had met Gaheris' slumberous, heavy lidded look. The other man quirked and eyebrow and started to say something, but paused as Dylan swooped down. Dropping to his knees on the plush carpet, Dylan grasped Gaheris' thighs and spread them further.

Still holding Rhade's gaze, Dylan had let one hand slide down to cup the smooth, large sack and gently kneaded his lover's balls. His right hand slid up and his blunt nails rasped through Rhade's pubic hair before circling the base of the lengthening cock. Dylan had given a slow lick up the prominent vein until he reached the bulbous head. Dylan swallowed just the head and slowly sucked back and forth over the crown while his tongue had probed the slit. He knew fully erect, Rhade's cock would be slightly shorter in length than his own, but much thicker. He knew swallowing that girth would be a challenge unless he tricked it. The actions of his nimble tongue would cause slick precum to flow. Nietzscheans leaked faster and more so than human men and their fluid had been enhanced to act as a natural lubricant. And it tasted rich and sweet. Dylan was addicted to the taste and let it coat his throat.

A slight narrowing of his eyes was the only warning he had given Gaheris before smoothly engulfing the entire length. Both hands moved to grasp Rhade's slim hips and pin them firmly down against the mattress. With a growl, the Nietzschean laid flat and lifted his arms above his head. Palms cupped his elbows in an effort to keep his convulsing boneblades up and away to avoid shredding the bed cover.

Dylan sucked and moved along Rhade's cock in short, deep motions, setting up a relentless rhythm. He would pull back just a few centimeters and inhale to slide back to the base to exhale into the wiry nest of curls. Gaheris had been making guttural groans and trying to buck against the vice of Dylan's strong grip.

Finally showing a little mercy, Dylan had slid his lips back to the crest of the head to torment the slit again with his tongue tip.

He had grinned as he felt the desperate fingers sink into his hair. Pressure against his skull urged him deeper. Dylan had started to oblige, then half-way down Rhade's shaft he stopped, and slowly retreated with a light scraping of teeth. The fingers in his hair had clenched into warning fists and Dylan sank his mouth slowly down again and moved his hands to weave his fingers between Gaheris' boneblades. Slowly, in a circling caress, he stimulated the sensitive boneblade bases. The freed hips beneath him started to piston up as Rhade fucked his mouth. Closing his lips around the base of the cock working back and forth in shallow thrusts, Dylan had begun to make swallowing motions and his throat muscles had convulsed around the hard shaft buried deep. With a roar, Gaheris had given a few last thrusts and emptied himself, shooting down the back of Dylan's throat. Slowly drawing his mouth down the length of Rhade's cock, Dylan had softly sucked, milking all of the salty sweet cum and causing Rhade to shudder beneath him.

Reluctantly, Dylan had let the softening hardness slip from his lips. Stroking Gaheris' forearms soothingly, Dylan had rested his face along his lover's thigh.

"Now I really feel like jumping up and into the shower." Muttered a collapsed Gaheris.

Laughing, Dylan had risen and gently helped the other man to his feet.

"You still have all your clothes on." Was the disgruntled observance.

"I'll take them off to shower and you can look, but not touch." Warned Dylan. "You're injured."

"You didn't think so a minute ago."

"I was showing you my bedside manner."

"Thank you, Florence Nightingale." Was Gaheris' reply as Dylan had steered him into the bathroom.

Dylan had grinned in response. He really shouldn't have been anticipating them showering together, as Rhade was all battered and hurt, but he had been hurting too. Well, more like aching, and his lover was Nietzschean....


Chapter 2

Dylan stripped off his clothes while Gaheris fiddled with the shower knobs. The Nietzschean liked his water at a certain precise temperature and Dylan had learned to adapt. It had been that or forgo sharing showers and that hadn't been an option. Finally, when Rhade stepped under the multiple sprays, Dylan had joined him.

"You do realize," commented Dylan, "That Attila won't be on the duty roster for a few days..."

"Perhaps close to a week." Was that smugness in Rhade's tone Dylan wondered?

"And that does interfere with the smooth running of Andromeda." Dylan had continued with a quelling frown.

Rhade grunted in reply, closed his eyes and stepped further into the pulsing spray.

"So let's say you don't prove a point to such an extreme again and...humm." Dylan was rooting through the recess panel that held Gaheris' shower gels and stuff. The other man had a scary amount of personal cleaning products. Dylan wondered of all Nietzscheans were so concerned with personal appearance, or if his was exceptionally vain. He also felt Gaheris' gaze and knew he had the other man's full attention.

"And..." prompted Gaheris.

"And maybe the cause won't rise again." Dylan had found Gaheris' original shampoo that the Nietzschean had used before Dylan had insisted on discretion. It had a nice light, herbal smell and Dylan knew it would not mask his own scent on Rhade. Grabbing the bottle, he had turned to see Gaheris smiling at him. A big, open, pleased smile. One that Dylan had not seen often enough.

Pouring the amber colored shampoo into his palms, Dylan had begun to lather it into Gaheris' hair. His long, strong fingers kneaded Gaheris' scalp as the other man purred with contented pleasure. At moments like this, Dylan had remembered, his lover reminded him of a large, domestic house cat. Rhade stood in front of him with his hands cupping Dylan's hips as he worked through the wet, silky strands. Dylan's legs were slightly spread and Gaheris stood between them making their heights more even. Rhade had easily become hard again and his new erection rubbed against Dylan's aching one. The side and head of his cock slid in the shampoo lather that had trailed down Gaheris' shoulders and chest to cover his taunt belly. Dylan felt the head of the other man's cock wanting to burrow into his own navel; the area was slick with Rhade's precum.

'They were getting ready to cum all over each other and Dylan had barely finished Gaheris' hair' thought Dylan to himself. He had known the rest would be torment. With a groan, Dylan pushed Rhade backwards into the spray, and rinsed the dark hair. Fishing around again among the bottles, he had found Gaheris' old body gel. It smelled slightly of sandalwood and enhanced a Nietzschean's natural body musk. Dylan and most other humans enjoyed the effect, a few races complained about suffocation; though not to any Nietzscheans.

Dylan had smoothed the gel over Rhade's neck and collar bones as he looked over the slightly shorter man's shoulder to their reflection. Someone, while outfitting High Guard ships, had installed reflective mirror-like panels of carnic in the officer's baths. Carnic was a surface that did not fog or condense do to steam. The idea was so that the male crewmen could shave and shower and save time. It was the general agreement, though, that the opposite was true; if you had a partner to 'conserve' water with. The panels were great for watching and the safety bars were helpful too. Dylan lathered Gaheris' biceps and shoulders and loved the feel of the other man's firm skin. He had hated the interruption of the wet-dry bandage and had skipped over to knead the muscled buttocks flexing under his palms.

With a chuckle, Dylan had tauntingly slid his hands away to Rhade's hips and heard an answering growl. Dropping to his knees again, Dylan had remembered being happy the flooring was slightly padded in case of accidental falls. Getting more gel, he had slowly stroked down Gaheris' thighs and legs. He felt his own hair being shampooed as he worked down to Rhade's narrow, elegant feet. Nietzscheans knew their genetics, thought Dylan, as his own feet could be compared to space shuttles. He had balanced a foot on his thigh and massaged the tendons with the soapy suds. He felt one of Rhade's hands leave his hair to brace against the cubicle wall as he carefully switched feet. After both feet were firmly on the floor, Dylan reached for more gel. Both of Gaheris' hands had returned to his hair and the shampooing had seemed suspiciously like guiding as an insistent hard cock was nudged around his chin. Dylan had grinned; he had purposely been ignoring that part of Rhade's anatomy except to blow on it occasionally. It had driven the Nietzschean crazy.

Dylan had then taken a deep breath and deliberately blown up and down the quivering length. His hands had slowly stroked up Gaheris' calves and brushed lightly against the hollows behind his knees before continuing to knead the backs of his thighs. He urged his lover to spread his legs further apart as he slid his own wider to lower himself. Dylan had tilted back his chin and very slowly, with just the tip of his tongue, traced the thin veins covering Rhade's balls. The skin of his lover's scrotum was hairless, by nature or design, and was extremely sensitive. Rhade's sack tightened and drew up closer to his body, but Dylan had pursued. Gripping the other man determinedly behind where his thighs met the under curve of his ass cheeks, Dylan held him still. Leisurely, he had explored the taunt skin while he breathed in the scent of wet Rhade and sandalwood.

Dylan put more gel into his hands from the bottle resting on the cubicle floor next to his knee. He had put his palms behind Rhade's knees as he stroked up again until he cupped each of his lover's buttocks in his large hands. He had begun a strong kneading that he knew Gaheris enjoyed and every so often he would teasingly run a finger up or down that tempting cleft. Each time, he had been rewarded with a guttural groan from Gaheris. He slowly had drawn a ball into his mouth, rolled his tongue around it and gently sucked before alternating to the other. Dylan had let a finger run deeply down Gaheris' cleft to rub the short stretch of skin between the scrotum and anus and occasionally teased the furled opening. When the other man had begun to press back against his finger, Dylan had given a warning pinch with his other hand that had still been caressing the flexing ass. He had also scraped a warning with his teeth delicately over the taunt sack he was fondling in the warmth of his mouth. Rhade had stilled his hips, but Dylan could feel the shudders racking the body standing above him. Dylan felt Gaheris' hands leave his hair and Rhade's ankles pressed against his ankles as his lover's legs had spread further apart.

Something had felt different around his hand caressing Gaheris' ass. Pulling his nuzzling face from Rhade's groin, he peered around his lover's slim hip. In the reflection he had seen that his lover had each hand gripping an ass cheek and was spreading himself for Dylan's exploration. The hand that had been holding Rhade's balls so he could flick his tongue back and forth along the seam of his sack, had begun to cup and knead instead as he continued to watch their reflections. He slowly pushed his middle finger into Gaheris' tight opening. Halfway there, he had halted and began to withdraw, and a warning growl rumbled. Planting kisses and nibbles along Rhade's hip bone, he had deliberately plunged his long finger all the way in and began a steady rhythm of advance and retreat. The only thing that hand interrupted the smooth cadence was that Dylan had occasionally curled his finger to scrape the sensitive spot deep within his lover's body. When that happened, Dylan had heard a guttural whimper that caused him to shiver and his long neglected cock to twitch. He had felt a slight shifting as Rhade had leaned forward to improve the angle of Dylan's penetration. Unfortunately, the Nietzschean's battered body had protested that movement. Dylan heard a repressed groan and instantly had understood the source of the sound. He had known that it had been pain and not pleasure.

When he redirected his attention upwards toward his lover's face, he had seen Gaheris try to conceal a grimace. Immediately, Dylan had stood, removing his hand where it had been curved up between Rhade's spread legs to enter him. His rising had forced the other man to straighten and he used his taller body to brace Rhade.

"Hold me. Touch me," he murmured. Dylan thought that would get a more positive response than 'Hold onto me before you collapse'. And, he was proven right when Gaheris returned his embrace and leaned against him. Dylan circled his arm to rest his palm in the hollow of Rhade's lower back and his other had adjusted both of their cocks. He positioned them so they were snug, side by side, sandwiched between their stomachs.

Rhade's hand had buried itself in Dylan's wet hair and forced his mouth down. Dylan had let himself sink in the sensation of the shorter man exploring his mouth in a deep kiss. Held firmly in place, Dylan allowed the invasion of Gaheris' tongue. Probing and relentless, Rhade had devoured his mouth as if he was a starving man. Gaheris' taste was dark and heady and Dylan had sucked on Rhade's tongue as it tangled with his own.

In tandem with the thrusts of their tongues, Dylan had grasped their cocks and begun pumping them. Groaning in his lover's mouth, Dylan had sought relief for his aching hardness. Then Gaheris had grabbed his wrist in a strong grip and stopped his motions. Tearing his mouth away to curse, Dylan had heard Rhade's demand.

"Fuck me."

"I don't think that's a great idea." Dylan's hand on Gaheris' back had brushed repeatedly against the wet-dry binding supporting the quickly healing, but still tender ribs.

"Don't think, fuck me." Was the insistent demand as Rhade bit his neck.

Hoping to distract Rhade from marking him above his uniform collar, Dylan commented, "You're awfully bossy for being the bottom. Why is that?"

"Because I'm Nietzschean." Was Rhade's arrogant reply.

"No, I really mean, why are you always the bottom?" Had been Dylan's question. "You are Nietzschean. Don’t your alpha instincts want to pin me under you and fuck me senseless?"

Rhade had stilled and Dylan glimpsed emotions dark and dangerous in his eyes before Gaheris had lowered his lids and hid from Dylan.

"Don't you like fucking me? Are you tired of it?"

'Ah,' thought Dylan, 'Answer a question with a question, offense as defense and change the slant of the subject.' Multiple evasion tactics.

"You know that's not true!" Had been Dylan's instant protest to his lover.

Rhade's hand in his hair had started to pull him down for another distracting kiss. Their lips a breath apart, Dylan had whispered, "No one has ever fucked me and I want you to be the first."

Gaheris had hissed a breath between clenched teeth as a shudder wracked his body. Rhade's hand had slid from Dylan's hair and covered his mouth. To stop them from kissing or halt Dylan from saying anything else too provocative, he wasn't sure. Dylan had felt Gaheris' other hand release his wrist and his face was then cupped in both of Rhade's palms. He was pushed back so Gaheris could meet his gaze.

"No, Dylan. No, that's not going to happen." He was told in a strained voice.

"Why? Don't you want to?" Asked Dylan, confused. He thought maybe it was a weird Nietzschean procreation thing.

Rhade's grip had tightened.

"Dylan, if I top you, I might hurt you. You're human."

"I'm half heavy worlder."

"And I'm all Nietzschean, and we tend to lose control sometimes." Was the serious rebuttal.

Dylan had given a long suffering sigh. "Rhade..."

"No, Dylan. I won't risk hurting you. I don't ever want to hurt you. Don't ever let me."

** In his chair remembering, Dylan shifted and frowned to himself. Gaheris had seemed way more serious than the situation warranted. But Dylan at the time was more concerned with sex. **

Dylan had recognized the stubborn look on his lover's face and knew to pursue this now would be futile. If he continued, he could set Rhade's mind totally against the idea and he would never consider switching.

"I won't." Assured Dylan. "If you ever get too frisky, I'll tie you up and tie you down."

Dylan had seen the serious look in Gaheris' eyes be replaced with curiosity.

"Of course," he continued. "Then I'll do wicked, unspeakable things."

"Unspeakable?" Purred Rhade. "Tell me."

Dylan had just laughed and turned Gaheris to face their reflections. Pressing up against him, Dylan had urged him forward more into the pulsing sprays. Rhade leaned forward and grasped the safety bar as Dylan scooped up the bottle of gel. He squirted some into his palm before replacing it in the recess. Reaching around Rhade's shoulders, he had worked up a lather before placing his palms on the Nietzschean's elbows. Rhade's arms were close to the cubicle's walls where the spray was less intense and Dylan slowly stroked his hands down. With the soapy suds, he circled and tauntingly cleaned the bases of Gaheris' boneblades. Dylan had kissed and nibbled Rhade's jaw and neck as he watched in the mirror. Gaheris' eyes were squeezed shut and his face had been ridged with suppressed emotions.

"Dylan." He had gritted out warningly.

Dylan bit his earlobe, but slid his hands away. One day, he was going to push past Gaheris' self control, he had promised himself. Soon. One hand had moved to play with Rhade's nipples. Teasing and plucking while the other slid down and cupped the head of Gaheris' cock and milked gently. Rhade groaned and rubbed back against Dylan. Dylan felt his erection slide up and down Rhade's cleft and knew once inside the clenching warmth, he wouldn't last long.

"Gaheris, this is going to be short and fast. Don't do your Nietzschean endurance thing." He breathed into his lover's ear.

"I want it hard. Don't be careful." Gaheris demanded.

Dylan ignored the injured man's response and smeared the palmful of the Nietzschean's precum over his own throbbing cock as he moved slightly back. He then took two of his fingers and started to stretch Rhade's tight opening.

"No!" Snarled Gaheris. "I want you fucking me now!"

Rhade bent further forward and his ass slid against the head of Dylan's cock. With a groan, Dylan had decided to comply. His hand grasped the base of his cock and guided the crown to push into the other man's quivering body. He had known that Rhade sometimes liked it rough, and he hoped painkillers could multi-task. Dylan surged his hips forward and thrust into the waiting warmth with a strong push. Both of them panting, Dylan had moved the hand that had been toying with Gaheris' nipples to spread in the middle of his chest to brace his lover. Dylan loved the sensation of being buried to the hilt and had ground his groin against the taunt ass squeezing his cock. His free hand had crept around the slim hip to circle around Rhade's velvet hard erection. Tucking his face against the curve of Gaheris' neck, Dylan had begun to pump his hips in short, digging, strokes that matched the rhythm of his hand. His ears had filled with the pounding of the water, the slapping sounds of their wet flesh and the sounds of his lover. Increasing his pace, he had told a growling Rhade "Come with me," before pressure built inside him and burst. With a few last slams and a deep bite to the nape of the Rhade's neck, Dylan had felt himself empty with almost violent convulsions. He felt his pumping, twisting, hand bring Gaheris to climax and the resulting internal muscles spasming around his trapped cock milked the last ounce of cum from his shuddering body. Gently easing his softening cock from the hard vise of Rhade's ass, Dylan ignored the unhappy noise from the other man. He finished cleaning Gaheris and quickly soaped and rinsed himself.

He turned off the water as Gaheris left the shower. The Nietzschean shuffled out towards the bed, leaving wet footprints behind. Following him, Dylan had wrapped a dripping Gaheris with a huge, fluffy bath sheet and dried him before tucking him into bed.

While toweling off, Dylan had spied a bottle of painkillers and forced a grumpy, sleepy Nietzschean to take one. Not an easy task. Rhade had pulled the covers to his nose and muttered,

"I. Don't. Want. To."

"Either take one now, or it might be the Med Lab for you."

Dark eyes had snapped open and hardened. All Dylan had seen was wet hair sticking straight up and Gaheris' glare. Feeling strangely vulnerable kneeling on the bed in the cool air, Dylan mentally scrambled and continued.

"If Dr. Kazva thinks you're not getting the proper care..."

The Nietzschean had grumbled and relented. Climbing in beside him, Dylan retucked the covers around the both of them and had curved his body around Gaheris. The lighting in the bedroom had revealed the bruises starting to darken and Dylan had been concerned and feeling guilty. He had also been curious about something.

"Andromeda." He had quietly called.

Immediately a small version of the hologram had appeared on their pillow.

"Yes, Captain?" She had asked in a low tone.

"How did Rhade know what happened between Attila and myself?"

"I informed First Officer Rhade per the orders he gave me shortly after you both arrived onboard." Was her neutral sounding reply.

Dylan sighed softly.

"Scan him and tell me if he's going to be fine." Dylan trusted his doctors, but he trusted his ship more.

"He should recover quickly." She reassured him. She paused and looked at them. "I will continue to monitor him while you both sleep, if you wish?"

"Yes, thank you. You are the best." Dylan had sleepily praised her.

Allowing herself a small smile, she had flicked out. A moment later, the lights shut off.

"Thank you." Dylan quietly called out again.

In the dark, Dylan had buried his face against Rhade's wet hair and relaxed around the battered, slightly smaller body of his lover. He was secretly amused a Gaheris' fierce concern of harming him. Knowing what a light sleeper his companion was, Dylan had not laughed, but grinned to himself as he drifted into sleep.

The next day Dylan was not grinning and definitely not laughing. In fact, he was rather dazed. Dylan had remembered commanding Andromeda to show the replay of the exercise room she had automatically recorded earlier. Her hologram activated and together they had watched the monitor. The speed and deliberate ferociousness of Rhade had been unsettling. And Ridley had failed to mention that Attila had been fighting well because it appeared he might be fighting for his life. In comparison the Nietzschean certainly had been holding back when he sparred with his Captain. Also omitted from Ridley's rendition was what Gaheris had said to the defeated Attila.

"If you ever mark my Captain again, in any way, for any reason, I will kill you." Gaheris had growled.

Dylan had told Andromeda to delete that last bit. Evidence like that could easily court martial his first officer. He had not worried about anyone in the room testifying, it had been obvious from their averted gazes that Rhade had complete command over every Nietzschean on board. And the humans who had been present knew they wouldn't have a prayer in a confrontation against their more powerful crewmates.

Sitting up suddenly from his musings, Dylan summoned Andromeda. Her image appeared immediately.

"Yes, Captain?" She asked.

"Andromeda," he questioned. "At Hephaistos, while Rhade was betraying me-"

"Betraying us." She corrected firmly.

"Yeah, us." Dylan continued. "What were all our other Nietzschean crewmembers doing?"

Andromeda tilted her head and her hologram appeared to be considering as she reviewed her internal records.

"They all evacuated, as you ordered." Was her reply.

"They didn't bother any of the other crew, damage you further than Rhade's sabotage or try to sneak a nova bomb out under their arm?" Dylan queried.

"No, they preceded in a calm and orderly fashion to the escape pods." Andromeda answered. "This is relevant, is it not?"

"Hell, yes." Confirmed Dylan. "Why didn't Rhade bring more Nietzscheans with him? He had no idea how many personnel were still on Command Deck. Also, why did he wait until the last possible moment?"

Andromeda frowned. "I do not know. It was not the most logical plan of action."

"Neither do I," Dylan sighed. "But I need to find out."

Dylan grimly drew Gaheris Rhade's personal log closer. He was confused and he had a sinking feeling he might discover more than he wanted to. More than he might be able to live with. Once again Dylan remembered Gaheris cupping his face and warning him not to let the Nietzschean hurt him. He began to read again.


Chapter 3

Dylan sat in the dark in his office. The sensors were programmed to dim the lights if there was a lack of moment and he had been still for a long time. He stared sightlessly at a framed picture of the Andromeda on the far wall. Slowly he focused. He absorbed the sleek lines of his ship rendered by a long dead artist. He remembered seeing her for the first time. He had still felt guilty over getting this commission as a result of his actions on Mobius. But here was no doubt of Gaheris' pride and excitement as they viewed her together on their approach. 'Magnificent' was the description he had used. Dylan remembered switching his attention between watching the Andromeda and his new First Officer's face. There had been no guile or subterfuge in his expression, just a happy openness Dylan had enjoyed seeing. Dylan knew now from reading the personal journal how Gaheris felt like he had to hoard moments of happiness because it could all be lost so easily. And that they were always bittersweet.

He tore his eyes from the picture that Gaheris had helped him hang and the image viewer caught his attention. It had an illuminator frame that lit and showed him the picture even in the half-light. Slowly, moving like an old man, Dylan tapped the button. The beach picture changed to one of the two of them with Gaheris' children. They were roughhousing on the floor and one of the wives had snapped it. They had insisted that Dylan visit for the afternoon on one of their early shore leaves together. He remembered feeling uncomfortable for the first few minutes until the three wonderful women had set him at ease. The relationship between the two men did not bother them because it would never threaten their family in any way. In fact, they confided that it relieved them to know Gaheris was not alone when he was separated from them and that Dylan would be watching their husband's back in dangerous situations. It was actually Gaheris with his kids that prompted Dyla to think of Sarah in a more serious manner.

Remembering Gaheris as a devoted father and now having brutal first hand experience with the Magog, Dylan understood how fear as well as duty would have prompted his friend's actions. The Commonwealth's policy of peace with those savage animals would have been intolerable to Gaheris as well as all the other Nietzscheans. Many times in conversation and private debates the two men had discussed the Magog, Nietzschean viewpoints and their perceived weakness of the Commonwealth that their race had been members of for centuries. Dylan had thought Gaheris had always taken the opposing viewpoint to be devil's advocate, not because his lover was trying to warn him. But Dylan had been so blinded by the fading glory of the Commonwealth that he could never see beyond it.

He remembered explaining to Harper how the mutiny attempt had not been personal. He realized how most Nietzscheans felt that turning on the Commonwealth was the best way possible to keep their families safe. In their eyes the Commonwealth had already betrayed them as well as being weak and stupid, qualities Nietzscheans could not deal with. They felt their stand against the Magog threat was the right one, the only one. And now that Dylan had fought the Magog in such close quarters he agreed with them, too late though. Despite what he had said to Harper he had felt and considered Gaheris's actions personal. Now he understood better, it wasn't 'how could Gaheris betray him' but ' how could he not?' And he had not wanted to. Torn between duty and loyalty, his friend had spent most of their time together tormented by things that could not be changed or avoided. And Dylan had been blind, deaf and dumb...oh how dumb, to it all. Maybe that's why he had wallowed in his self-righteous sense of hurt and betrayal, so he would not have to look closer at himself and his own failings. Of how he had loved what he had wanted to see in Gaheris and not the whole man. Because he would have been too weak to deal with the reality of the situation that was growing in plain sight around them.

Tiredly he pushed away from the desk and stood. His muscles protested and he wondered how long he had been sitting in the dark. Dylan walked to the washroom telling Andromeda to leave the lights dimmed. When he splashed water on his face Dylan refused to look in the mirror. Avoiding the Command Deck he headed for Ops Deck instead. Again he instructed Andromeda to leave the lighting low as he stood looking out at the stars. She complied without addressing him, understanding his need to be alone. He tried to assimilate all he had just learned about a man he thought he had known so well. And the bitter insights he had realized about himself; his self-absorption, selfish obviousness and naive arrogance. Dylan closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the cool clear panel that separated him from the emptiness of space. He heard the door behind him open and footsteps approach. Glancing sideways he viewed the beautiful profile of Trance as she stood beside him and stared out into the vastness.

"The crew is worried," she commented quietly.

"I'm fine," he responded automatically.

"You missed your rotation on Command Deck."

He gave a noncommittal noise, not admitting that he had been unaware of the passing of time.

"We know that you received your former First Officer's things. Telemachus feels responsible for upsetting you."

Dylan sighed, "The only one responsible for that is myself and my failure to admit the truth."

"And what truth was that?"

"Too complex to explain when I am just starting to understand it myself."

Trance's gaze appeared ancient as she turned to face him. "Complexity is my specialty."

Dylan gave her a tired smile. "Complex? Yes, but so simple too. I miss him."

There was a long silence and he barely heard her whispered reply.

"Me too."


Dylan's gaze sharpened as he watched his mysterious friend turn back to stare again at the stars.

She hesitated before continuing, "Gaheris was a good man, a fine friend and a Captain that earned my loyalty."

"Please." Dylan begged her.

He listened as she told him of a future where the Nietzschean had been quicker, more accurate and how that had unfolded. How it had mirrored his in many ways, most of which she remained vague about, and that it failed. That Gaheris had returned back in time to help fix things, burdened by his guilt and loneliness.

Dylan did not know when Trance left him and Andromeda's hologram took her place by his side. But she stood silent and he was grateful. Slowly Dylan shuffled to his rooms, stopping to retrieve the image viewer on his way to his empty bed. He set it on the side table before stripping off his uniform and climbing under the covers. Reaching out he pressed the button again. Rhade's wives sat on a couch smiling into the hover cam as the children played at their feet, Gaheris and himself standing behind them. Gaheris' arm around his shoulder the other resting on the curve of his first wife's neck, and everyone looking so damn happy. Dylan began to sob silently as he slipped into a numbed sleep.

A part of Dylan knew he was dreaming but the rest of him clung to the memory he was reliving in his sleep. He had woken in the middle of the night after enduring an endless diplomatic dinner and party that Andromeda had hosted. Gaheris had left a few hours into the party for his shift on Command Deck and now was slipping into bed with him. Dylan felt the smooth hard body of his lover spoon around his. A muscled arm slid around his waist and a palm flattened possessively over his chest. Dylan smiled in the darkness as the Nietzschean nuzzled his nape and hair.

Gaheris softly growled,"I know you're awake, stop faking."

"Gaheris, I never 'fake it' with you," Dylan protested with laughter in his voice.

A sharp nip on his neck was Gaheris' response to his teasing. Dylan's fingers moved to feather lightly around the bare bone blade bases of the arm encircling him. A deeper growl and a growing erection pressing into his buttocks was the reaction he earned from his caressing fingertips.

"Don't you want to know what you missed at the party." Warmth breath on his neck as his lover sighed.

"I suppose so," Gaheris groused.

"Once you left, Constanoble started flirting with me."

Dylan felt the arm around him tense and the blades flared under his fingers at the mention of the other Nietzschean Alpha. Constanoble was the Alpha of Jaguar Pride and a stunning specimen of genetic perfection. Taller than himself with tanned skin and a tawny mane of hair the other man had shown a marked interest in both of them. He had even talked to Gaheris alone for a length of time, something that stirred Dylan's own possessive streak. When questioned, his lover said they had talked of duty and their families. Dylan had not believed the subject matter had been so tame, not with the glitter in Constanoble's eyes. When they talked later the Alpha had inquired about their personal relationship. For once, throwing discretion to the wind, Dylan had been swift to stake his claim. Constanoble had seemed amazed when he realized Dylan was the more dominant partner and his gaze had appeared more interested and began to follow Gaheris around the room. Only refocusing back to Dylan when he had hinted that he would like to change that. They played an interesting game of 'cat and mouse' with Constanoble as the cat and Dylan pretending to consider being the mouse. The other man was certainly...

A dangerous growl grew in the dark.

"You're beginning to smell aroused and it's because you are thinking of him." Was the angry accusation.

Dylan blinked in the darkness, he knew better than to lie. Evasion was a better tactic and one he might use to his advantage.

"Not Constanoble personally- just some things he hinted at." Dylan quickly defended.

"That Alpha's all dominant, so what was he suggesting that interested you so much?"

"Something I want to try that you're not willing to consider." Was Dylan's soft rebuttal.

An unsettling stillness radiated from his lover's body and Dylan could not prevent himself from tensing. Still, he was unprepared when in a fury of swift motion, Gaheris pinned him on his back and loomed over him in the darkness.

"Andromeda, low lights please," was the rumbling request from Gaheris.

When Dylan saw his lover's face he realized taunting the tiger was going to have serious repercussions tonight. He shivered in hopeful delight. Gaheris' face was taunt and his eyes burned with unbanked fiery desire. The slighter body held him down easily, muscles flexing under the smooth skin.

"If you are even thinking about.."

Dylan interrupted,"Hell, yes! I'm thinking about it all the time- just not with someone other than you."

With a deep growl Rhade swooped his head to capture Dylan's mouth with his own. As their tongues tangled and dueled Dylan shifted his body under his lover's. Moving them slightly so Rhade was cradled between his thighs. His own erection was trapped between their straining bodies but Gaheris' cock was pressed down flush against his balls and brushing along his anus and the crease of his ass. Exactly where Dylan wanted him but where Rhade had only explored with his long strong fingers. One of his hands buried in the short thick hair of his lover and held Gaheris' lips against his own. The other stretched down his side and under his thigh as Dylan lifted his legs to coil around Rhade's slim hips. The reach that served him so well in basketball aided him now. Grasping Gaheris' cock in a firm grip Dylan guided it to his opening and gently forced the blunt head inside. Even though he had prepared himself with various toys the girth of Gaheris' cock stretched him almost to the point of pain. But it was a wonderful, sought after pain and Dylan tightened his thighs to draw Gaheris deeper. Gaheris' growl echoed in his mouth before his lover wrenched his head away. Dylan heard harsh breathing in his ear and his lover's caution, "Slow down."

"We are not stopping." Dylan's voice was the firm tone he usually used only as the Captain.

"We won't, but let my pre-cum do its job."

Dylan paused with the crown of Rhade's cock inside him and felt the slick fluid trickle to lubricate him for his lover's penetration. He felt Gaheris draw his head back and brace himself on his hands so they could look face to face. Gaheris' gaze burning into his, Dylan shuddered as his lover started to slowly surge forward. He only sank a few inches before drawing back, waiting a moment before returning a little deeper this time. Dylan's hand had slipped to cup the nape of Rhade's neck the other slid lower to caress the taunt skin covering his lover's balls. A soft but savage snarl was the response to his exploring fingers.

"Dylan, move that hand and use it to hang on or I swear next time I will tie you down," was the warning he received.

He paused to consider this new threat, it really sounded quite enticing. As Rhade's hips pulled back he was out of touching range for that particular caress and Dylan sighed in disappointment. He slid both hands between their bodies to play with Rhade's nipples as the other man carefully stroked in deeper. As Gaheris was withdrawing Dylan pinched his nipples and bucked upwards. He was impatient and tired of the slow measured pace of his lover and wanted to be filled by him.

"Gaheris fuck me or I'll find someone who will." The moment the words were said he regretted them. "I didn't mean that!"

The Nietzschean had been withdrawing and ready to push back in when he heard the threat. Gaheris stilled and his lips curled in a silent snarl.

"Shit, I'm sorry!" Apologized Dylan.

"No, but you will be... tomorrow morning."

With a powerful surge Dylan felt Gaheris bury his cock balls deep in his body. Before he could truly adjust to the overwhelming feeling of fullness his lover started a steady strong rhythm of strokes. With each slamming thrust Gaheris' hips ground into Dylan's and rubbed a spot deep inside him that made him writhe with sensation. Arching his back Dylan tightened his thighs around his lover's pistoning hips. Dylan knew the growling was from Gaheris so that meant the tiny breathless noises were his. The air around them was filled with their sounds of passion and the wet slapping of their muscled, sweat dampened bodies. Dylan's hands had moved to grip his lover's shoulders and he hung on as Gaheris rode him with fierce intensity. He was filled with Gaheris' hard territorial thrusts and his lover's face was taunt above his. His own cock was trapped between their bodies, slipping in their sweat and rubbing with wonderful friction along Gaheris' rippling muscles. Gasping as Gaheris lowered his body, heavy and demanding and braced himself on one elbow. Dylan felt the graze of bone blades along his stomach and a firm grip encircled his own cock. Short strong pulls on his cock echoed the savage strokes deep inside him. Dylan's body was stretched to accommodate his lover and almost seemed overfilled as he was overwhelmed by the rioting sensations coursing through his body. His head was thrown back and Gaheris sharp teeth nipped his neck. Dylan didn't even care it was above his uniform collar. A violent rippling spasm racked his body that he felt from his hair down to the soles of his feet. Shudders swept through him as he came all over their bellies in thick creamy spurts.

Gaheris grip was unrelenting as he continued to stroke and milked Dylan for every mili-ounce. Dylan dazed mind slowly returned to the wonderful reality of Rhade still pounding into his limp relaxed body. If possible Gaheris was sinking deeper and continued to rub over his sweet spot deliciously and triggered more tiny tremors. His lover's cum covered hand moved to grip his hip and the long strokes changed to short savage digs. Dylan's arms circled Gaheris' back as the other man labored over and in him. With a roar Rhade emptied himself and Dylan felt warm wetness splash deep within his body. The Nietzschean collapsed on his chest and Dylan squeezed his ass muscles to wring another heated jet of cum and a guttural groan from his lover. He easily supported the weight of the slighter man and cradled him close. He relaxed his legs, sliding them down to the twisted sheet and ran his hands up and down Gaheris' perspiration damp back and ass.

"You're mine...for as long as the universe lets me," was the harsh whisper he heard in his ear. Dylan had mummered something soothing back to his possessive lover. Little knowing how short that time would be.


'Time..it could be so tricky,' thought Trance. 'Sometimes time could unfold unexpectedly, even when she had considered every angle- another could develop.'

She frowned as she puttered around the nursery room off the main Hydroponics Garden room after leaving Dylan on the Ops Deck. In the other future Gaheris had helped her set it up and they had spent many hours together. Gardening was Gaheris secret passion and he liked to spend most of his free time there. He had said it was nice to nurture life after his actions had ripped so much apart. He had explained, when she asked about the strange hoop in the main room, of Dylan's love for basketball and them putting it there so he could watch his Captain play as he planted. Going back in time and asking Gaheris to sacrifice himself had been so difficult for her. But she had know when her Captain had shot Tyr that things would not unfold right- for the Kodiak was necessary for the best possible future. Her mind tangled as she remembered arranging everything involving Anasaszi and she was still unsure if the results would fall into place correctly.

She sighed. Was it so selfish that she had done that one little teensy thing involving Gaheris? She had waited outside the Command Deck as they fought knowing with a heavy heart the outcome. Following Dylan as he carried the Nietzschean's body to Med-bay. She had hidden the body of the younger Rhade close by. With Andromeda's internal sensors down it would be easy to switch the bodies and take her Captain away. To someplace safe and warm in the coldness of space- like a nice sun. Somehow she knew she would have to leave that puzzling scar for Dylan to spy years later and change their clothing back. But as she set things in motion to follow a new Captain she could not abandon her old one. She remembered being prepared to tesseract them away when she felt that faint spark. So unexpected.

Trance chewed on a strand of hair as she stared at the long counter her baby plants rested on. No one, not even her younger self, has suspected it held a self-contained regeneration bed. Very soon, now that she felt Dylan was becoming ready for the truth, she would reveal her small secret to him. She just had to wait for the right time. Trance shrugged as she tossed her dreads over her shoulder, she would know- after all its not like she was going to forget and miss the perfect opportunity to further the best possible future.

The End (for now)

P.S. opps when Trance became a younger version of herself in the pilot of Season 5, she did forget. Hmm...I wonder how and when her little secret is going to be discovered. --later--

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