Under My Skin



Disclaimers: I do not own Rhade or Harper even though I wouldn’t mind too. They belong to Gene Roddenberry. I make no profit from this story I’m writing it because I love these hunks.
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Chapter 1 ~~~ Two minds think alike

In Harper’s Workshop…

Things went flying, hammers, screwdrivers, shifters, gizmos of every type and description.

“I do not know why I let that Nietzschean get to me” Harper cursed slamming down the what’s-it.

“He annoys me to no end”. Tossing the who-de-what-it.

“Yet I do so like the way he looks, Ouch… that hurt Seamus pay attention” Harper cursed.

“And the way he smells” Harper stopped what he was doing to remember the smell.

“Hmmm… those eyes, dammit… Seamus Zelazny Harper will you pay attention to what you are doing”

“Harper what are you doing I smell smoke?”

“My sexy War Goddess you can not smell”

“This may be true but I do detect smoke what are you doing?”

“Not paying attention to my work, oh wonderful one”

“Harper cease and desist the compliments and concentrate on your work”

“Yes oh my lovely” Harper blew her a kiss and tried not to think about the tall, dark and handsome Rhade.

In the Gymnasium…

Meanwhile down the corridor, a certain Nietzschean was also having a hard time paying attention to what he was doing.

“He annoys me so” Rhade groaned lifting the weight again.

“He smells like a human… Hmm but it is a nice smell” He added more weight.

“And his eyes such a nice blue colour, Oww… Telemachus Rhade pay attention” Rhade dropped the weight on to his foot.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes Andromeda everything is fine” Telemachus removed his boot and rubbed his foot trying to get feeling back into it.

“Do you require medical assistance?”

“No thankyou I am fine” Rhade hissed again

“Damn that human” Rhade tried again to do his weight lifting

In the Workshop…

“Eyes so brown, skin so smooth, he is my hearts desire” Harper sang

“Harper what are you singing?”

“Nothing Andromeda my love”


“Trust me would I lie to you, sex Goddess of micro circuits?”

“Yes and you have done on a regular basis”

“You hurt me, I’m wounded”

“I doubt that now get on with your work Harper I need that sub-station fixed today and not tomorrow”

Harper took a very deep breath and tried to concentrate on his work and not a certain Nietzschean.

But his thoughts drifted again, he remembered the time he caught Rhade naked. Rhade had decided to go for a swim on their last shore leave and not having a swimsuit on him he just stripped off and walked calmly into the water.

Rhade either had forgotten that he was sitting on the boulder or stripped off deliberatly, either way Harper got an eyeful, and what an eyeful it was, Rhade was hung like a stallion. Harper was not sure where to look, he tried looking away but that worked for all of 2 seconds. So he tried to look at Rhade’s shoulders but that didn’t help for they were broad and strong, he did not want to look at his waist for it was slim and was connected to one mean looking backside.

In the end Harper just watched Rhade swim and dreamed that he could be the water touching such a hard, sexy, wonderful body.

In the Gymnasium…

Rhade had finally got that annoying human out of his mind or so he thought. But again his mind drifted to when they were on shore leave and he went swimming without a swimsuit, he knew Harper was watching him and wished Harper would join him. But he was afraid to ask //how could you be afraid nietzschean, you are a nietzschean// Rhade chastised himself.

Rhade sighed and decided that, that he had enough of a work-out and was going to take a shower and turn in for the night.
The water was colder than he normally had it but he needed to get Harper out of his mind.

He dried himself and fell onto his oversized bed. The bed once belonged to Tyr, he had decided to keep it as it was just the right size for a Nietzschean who wanted to bed a certain human, that is if he ever got around to asking him.

In Harper’s room…

Harper had finally finished for the day and was sitting on the shower floor the hot water ran over him making him feel alive. The day was as always a busy one, it seemed that his work was never ending.

“Just what I need a hot shower, some food and then bed” Harper breathed.
He slid under the covers and the moment he layed his head on his pillow he was in dreamland.

*** The sky was blue and the grass green, he was back home under the bright rays of the Earths sun. He reached his out his hand and touched another, he turned his head to the side but before he could say anything a set of lips covered his. A sweet tasting tongue slid into his mouth and they played tongue wrestling.
His heart beat faster as he felt a hand touch his body, a finger gently pinched his already hard nipple, then the mouth left his and kisses trailed his neck.
While one hand played with his penis another played with his nipple, Harper was moaning and whimpering.
Rhade moved in between his legs and took him all into his mouth bringing him up and over the threshold, Harper cried out Rhade’s name. Then he lifted the human up so that he could enter him, he rode him gentle at first then with more force, Harper came over and over. ***

Harper screamed out Rhade’s name and awoke in a lather of sweat.

“Is everything alright Harper?”

“Yes Andromeda everything is fine” Harper moaned “So much for sleep” he told himself.

In Rhade’s room…

Rhade tossed and turned he could not get comfortable, Harper’s face would not leave his mind.
Rhade lowered his hand and touched his already erected penis, it moved and vibrated at his touch. He took a very deep breath and stilled his heart then gently moved his hand up and down his tool. His mind saw Harper as clear as day and he called out his name, the more he thought about the human the faster his hand went finally he came screaming out the small annoying man’s name.

“Damn you Harper you will be the death of me”

“Is everything alright Rhade?”

“Yes Andromeda everything is fine” Rhade said between clenched teeth

In Andromeda’s computer frame…

“I do wish those two would get their act together, perhaps I should lock them up in the same room, a very small tightly confined-space room” Andromeda told her other selves.


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