Silly Captive


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Chapter 1

Beka walked through the corridors of the Andromeda, the high heels of her boots tapping out a jaunty rhythm. She absently twirled the long stem of the rose she cut for Rhade in the Hydroponics garden. Her strides dragged when she reflected on what she had found there. The plants looked like they were being neglected and it wasn't so long ago Trance had wheedled them all into helping her weed them. It had been fun, all of them playing in the dirt then having a picnic afterwards. Just like they used to do. She knew she had been concentrating all her time and energy on Telemachus lately, but she would have to find time soon to talk with Trance.

"Woo-hoo Boss, lookin' sharp an sexy," a familiar voice hailed her.

Beka grinned and hoped she wasn't going to blush. She anticipated the teasing she was going to receive from Harper. Who would have thought that the brash Valentine that tried to outdo Harper in outrageous sexual escapades would get all flustered about the topic of Telemachus. She paused to let Harper catch up. Beka pirouetted, letting her knee length full skirt flare slightly up. It showed off her laced up black leather thigh high boots. Her black leather vest also laced up. It had a deep scoop neckline and bared her midriff. She had actually bought a short leather mini that matched it but had decided to pair it with something more feminine for today. Her skirt was black but the fabric had red roses scattered over it, matching the one she carried in her hand. The ribbon she used to lace up her vest was also red, adding a little more color to her ensemble than her usual solid black look. She was planning to act more aggressive with her lover when she tracked him down but wanted to keep things low-keyed. She certainly didn't want to trigger any Nietzschean being challenged for dominance traits that she had heard about. Most males liked thinking they were in charge, Nietzscheans more so than any other. She had to ease Rhade into the idea of letting her have her wicked way with him. Though recently he had made many improvements in sharing the control of their lovemaking- sometimes. She was distracted from her thoughts by Harper. Harper could distract a saint from their prayers and the Divine knew -Beka Valentine was no saint.

Beka rolled her eyes at Harper's leering expression.

"Let's keep this short Seamus, I'm on a schedule."

"Ohhh...firm but feminine, is that how you are going to play this?" Questioned Harper.

"I'm not playing with you at all," frowned Beka.

"No Boss," replied Harper now his turn to roll his eyes. "I meant your little session you are planning with a not-so-grumpy-anymore Nietzschean."

Beka tried her 'innocent' look.

Harper snorted in derision. "Or was Andromeda not questioned by you for Rhade's location a few micro-minutes ago?"

"I just thought to drop by the gym and say 'Hi' to him."

"So," Harper grinned, "What's in the bag?" He gestured at the knapsack swung over one of her shoulders.

"Um... lunch in case he's hungry."

Harper howled with laughter. "Ohh..I think you want him 'hungry' alright."

"Harper.." warned Beka in a stern voice.

"You can't threaten me, 'cause I'm not the one carrying a flower cut from Trance's garden."

Suddenly a worried look crossed Beka's features. "I would happier if Trance did care."

She and Harper shared a long look, their teasing forgotten in their concern over their friend and her recent distant behavior.

"Ride back to planetside on the Maru so we can talk," Beka offered.

"As long as Rhade doesn't growl too much at me."

"The Maru is my home and yours too if you ever want it to be again," Beka said quietly to him.

"Yeah, I know. 'sides I think Rhade is mellowing up 'round me. It must be the steady 'getting laid' syndrome." Commented Harper with his usual cocky grin.

"Well I need to 'mellow' him out some more, so I'll see you later." As Beka turned she paused. "Um..Harper, how do you turn on 'privacy mode' in a public room of the ship?"

Harper leered again. "Never fear Boss, I'm diverting Andromeda's internal sensors for awhile so I can reprogram one of her systems. I won't even record a copy of any 'activities' to sell on Space-Bay." With a wave and another grin he darted into a nearby tunnel.

Beka rolled her eyes again and continued on her way. She was on the prowl for a certain unsuspecting Nietzschean. Beka's body hummed in anticipation and she wondered if Rhade would be able to scent her arousal as soon as she entered the room. Well, no one ever called Beka Valentine 'subtle'. Walking into the gym she immediately spied him. Beka didn't announce herself, she knew that with his enhanced senses and training not only was he aware of her arrival but also every detail of her appearance. Well, maybe all but one detail she was hoping to keep as a surprise. She strolled over to a weight bench along the wall, her gaze unwavering, focused on Telemachus. Beka sat on the bench and prepared to enjoy the show she knew he would give her. He might claim he was just practicing but the moment she started watching him it turned into a display of deadly grace. She remembered observing Tyr going through his forms, his explaining that he had expanded on the early training of his childhood with other Nietzschean styles he had learned during his 'free-lance' days. Telemachus, on the other hand, had his entire life devoted to perfecting not only a brutal effective form but also a graceful formal style used for display. To capture the interest of a mate with the lethal beauty of their katas. Being alone for over a year in the harshness of Seefra had worn away most of his smooth officer's polish and revealed the true dangerous Nietzschean survivalist nature that was the core of Telemachus Rhade. To see this presentation, elegant symmetry of motion shaded with savage undertones, all done in an effort to please her was both flattering and scary at the same time. That the opinion of a cargo pilot, who still hurt knowing that to her father being a 'dad' was never enough, had such an impact on a magnificent man like him. Power, strength, control, leashed ferocity- all these aspects and many more Rhade revealed to her through his flowing movements of his katas as she watched. A slight sheen of sweat highlighted the muscles of his smooth chest, naked except for the metal links of his necklace. Thin black silk pants hung low on his hips letting her eyes roam over rippling abs and a taunt stomach. Bare feet shifted on the mat and rose for deadly kicks to invisible opponents. A predator that Beka wanted to tease and toy with today. And she had thought Dylan was the silly suicidal one.

Finished, Rhade began crossing the floor towards her, his bare feet padding silently. He lifted his arms to run his fingers through his sweat darkened hair, the gesture causing more muscles to flex and his boneblades fluttered. Confidence oozed from him and Beka saw a smirk curl Rhade's firm lips as he caught her gaze devouring him. His own began to smolder in return. He added a swagger to his walk causing his cock to sway under the thin silk and then stopped close in front of her. Telemachus Rhade really was masculine perfection. She saw a slight flush creep under his beard and his smirk spread into a full blown grin and realized she had voiced her thought out loud. His hands rested on his hips pushing the low riding pants dangerously lower as he preened before her. Beka knew that it didn't matter how silent or brooding or grumpy a Nietzschean was, all of them- especially hers- loved compliments.

"Everyone says that a Nietzschean can smell if someone is lying- so know this as truth. You..are..beautiful. And there isn't a woman in this galaxy or ours that doesn't envy me. I still find it hard to believe we are together..." A vulnerable thought lurked for a moment in her mind before she pushed it away. Blinking, she refocused on Rhade. She found him squatting on his heels peering intently in her face. Finding her usual grin she started to say something else when he interrupted her.

"No Beka, tell me what you just now were thinking." He commanded with a growl. His unhappy one. Along with the wonderful physique came perceptiveness and stubbornness.

She sighed. "I just have wanted you for so long...and you have too...right?" She added in a tiny voice, "even before you found out I was the Matriarch?"

Rhade balanced perfectly on the balls of his feet as she felt his palms cup her face. His voice was low and fierce as he spoke.

"I have wanted and desired you from the first moment we met. From my first sight of you. And every time after that it has only increased until it has surpassed anything else I have ever experienced. It did not matter how much I lied to myself, pretended or kept you at arm's length it still grew. And I hate the fact that I didn't have the courage to claim you earlier." Rhade paused, "Does this ease your doubts?"

Beka circled his wrists with her hands and gave him a slightly overwhelmed small nod.

"Good." He grunted with satisfaction.

She grinned, her eloquent lover submerged back to the rough Rhade she adored.

"Getting all serious and deep isn't what I had planned," she told him.

"Serious is necessary sometimes...and deep is always good." Rhade replied with as answering grin.

She was happy that after reassuring her he was allowing them to ease to somewhere more relaxed. Beka had planned on fun, soul baring was always scary. She saw a curious look cross his face.

"What had you planned?" Rhade purred.

Putting on her best charming Valentine smile she offered,"Lets make a deal?"

"You sound like a used shuttle salesman," he grumbled. She pouted.

His hands slid down to her throat and she felt one of his thumbs stroke over a fading mark of his. She waited. Nietzscheans could be so inquisitive.

"What did you have in mind?"

"You let me act out one of my fantasies and next time its your turn," she coaxed persuasively.

"Oh Beka," he growled."You have no idea the things I have dreamed up."

"And you have no idea how far I would go to please you," was her soft reply.

Beka saw him still as he stared at her. His nostrils flared as he breathed deeply to keep his control.

"What do you want me to do?" He replied quietly in his deep gravely voice.

"Nothing...unless I ask you to."

"And what are you going to ask?"

"Nothing that makes either of us uncomfortable, we can stop at anytime...always." Beka assured him.

"How 'far' are we going?"

"Not too far, this time." At his inquiring eyebrow she continued. "Lots of people who like kink in their sex get addicted to it, anything else is called 'vanilla', with you it's always exciting."

He smirked in response. But Beka also thought behind his arrogant self-assurance she caught a glimpse of unsureness. She must be mistaken, just a look from him could make her wet. Beka was brought out of her musings by the sensation of his stubble rasping against the tops of her breasts. She realized Rhade had taken advantage of her momentary inattention to start nuzzling her cleavage. She also realized if she didn't seize control soon she would start melting into a predictable puddle. Like she always seemed to do around Rhade.

Beka buried her fingers in his thick sable hair and pulled. She pulled his face from her cleavage and back so he was forced to look up at her. She pretended not to notice she was only successful because he allowed it. In a stern firm voice Beka started to explain one of her favorite daydreams.

"I am the Captain of the sub-light slip cruiser the Eureka Maru.."

Rhade muttered, "now I know that's a true fantasy."

"... and you are my captive."

Her hands left the tempting bounty of his hair to dig in the knapsack sitting next to her on the bench. She triumphantly tugged out a long black silk scarf.

"Put your hands on the bench on either side of my hips, but not touching me."

Telemachus' hands tighten ever so lightly where they still circled her throat. Then he complied with her order, remaining silent. But Beka didn't trust him to remain that way. Hence the scarf. She shook it out with a sharp snap. Holding several inches of the silk stretched between her hands she held it in front of his lips.

"The gauntlets stay on." He ordered her in a low voice.

"Alright, we can compromise...captive."

Rhade narrowed his eyes that were glittering fiercely. Slowly his jaw unclenched and his white teeth parted for the silk. To Beka it looked more like a snarl than an act of compliance. They also looked very strong and ready to snap shut like a steel trap. She worked the scarf in his mouth with careful fingers and knotted it behind his head in his sable hair. She couldn't resist stroking the slightly damp strands again. Then she lean back to admire the sight of his strong face bisected by the silken gag. Beka came to the conclusion that, though black silk was fine for his gag, his pants really had to go.

"Stand up and lace your fingers behind your head," she commanded in a soft tone.

With fluid grace Rhade rose from his squatting position of balancing on the balls of his feet to stand flat footed, towering over her. He raised an arrogant eyebrow as he looked down at her. Beka held his gaze and leaned forward letting her lips brush over an exposed hipbone. Up a little higher and let her teeth graze his skin. Parting them to grasp as much taunt skin as she could to bare down on. She heard his growl as she marked him and then laved the spot with her tongue. Beka had held his gaze even when his had slitted to stare at her. There was no anger in his eyes- only banked hunger as his baggy pants tented with his erection. Beka moved to rub her chin against it as she said, 'Mine to mark, mine to touch, mine to take."

She observed the muscles in his arms strain but he kept his fingers locked behind his head. She reluctantly moved her mouth to nuzzle the waistband of his pants. Using her teeth she tugged on the material until she found the drawstring tie and slowly pulled it. Her hands were running up and down the muscles of his thighs that tensed under her explorations. Beka's fingers bunched the fabric and edged it down as her eager tongue traveled up slightly to discover his navel. She felt his stomach still as Rhade held his breath. Her tongue tip dipped into the shallow depression and probed there. Beka smiled as he groaned. There was still some beads of perspiration on his taunt belly from his earlier exertion and she licked up the saltness as her hands lowered his trousers further. She heard the rustle as his pants lost the battle with gravity and her tugging hands to pool around his ankles. He was bare beneath them, how she loved Nietzschean dressing habits. Beka leaned back to enjoy the revealed bounty. A lingering look revealed his semi-hard state, which was a little surprising. Usually Rhade went from relaxed to fully erect in two micro-seconds. Her gaze traveled up his hard body to his face to find his own eyes darting around the room. Beka grinned.

"Captive, do not expect your puny ship, the Ant-dromeda to aid you for I have disabled all her internal sensors," she reassured him.

She had planned on waiting but his semi-hardness was too tempting. Fully erect he was too large for her to totally hold him in her mouth easily so she took this rare opportunity to quickly lean forward and swallow him. She filled her empty hands with the firm curves of his ass. That definitely regained his absolute attention. Her tongue twirled around him and he rapidly grew. Beka loved the stolen moments she could drive him crazy with her mouth. It usually didn't last long as he always pulled her away quickly. But not today. But not, unfortunately, yet. Beka released him with one last pull and his cock bobbed with its freedom. Rhade's cock was, without a doubt, now fully erect and glistening with her saliva. She tilted back her head and looked up into his burning gaze.

"Step out of you pants and back," Beka told him.

Easily he balanced and with a powerful surge of muscle kicked his discarded trousers half way across the room. Beka blinked. Telemachus' movement of stepping away recaptured her attention. She swiftly moved her knapsack and the rose to the floor and strode to the nearby shelving unit and grabbed some of the towels folded there. Returning Beka shook one out and spread it out on the bench. She snapped her fingers and pointed.

"Lay down there," she ordered.

He silently stared at her for a long moment, his dark eyes serious.

"Umm... no more snapping my fingers?" She asked.

With a nod, he moved to the bench and sat, straddling it before laying back.

Beka quickly ordered him to release his hands from behind his head and grasp the empty rests used to rack the weights. Hunting through her knapsack again she pulled out two more long black silk scarves. Wrapping one each around a wrist she tied them to the weight rests. She stood near his head and gave them a solid tug, as if she really expected them to hold against his strength. Only chains could be successful but submission was all about your lover letting you have the liberties you desired and the restraints just sensual props to add to the moment. Beka had acted in the dominant roll with other lovers but none of them had been as potentially dangerous as this Nietzschean warrior. She loved the trill of having a tiger by the tail. But instead of stripes hers had acres of either smooth or hair roughened tanned skin just waiting for her fingers and tongue.

Beka walked back to near his knees and swung her own leg over the bench. At his strangled sound she realized his sharp gaze had discovered her surprise. Straddling the bench and standing over him she let her leather clad knees butt up against his bare ones. The toes of her boots nudged his resting on the floor. Beka understood that with his legs free Rhade could easily turn the tables on her and was pleased that he just waited. Deciding he should be rewarded for his patience, Beka slowly raised the hem of her skirt with her fingertips. She watched his dark gaze glitter as the fabric inched up her thighs and when it narrowed Beka knew her bare pussy was exposed to his view. She saw his nostrils flare and knew he was breathing deep the scent of her arousal for him. Holding the gathered skirt in one hand she took her free one and played her fingers over the folds of her feminine flesh. Dipping two of her fingers inside herself she scooped some gleaming moisture and removed them, slowly raising her hand. Beka grinned, Rhade's eyes were torn between following her hand or staying glued on her inner core. She waited for his gaze to lift and drew her fingers in her mouth sucking on them. Smiling wickedly at him she returned her fingers for more but this time she took the collected wetness and spread it over the head of his straining cock, mixing it with his leaking pre-cum. He groaned and arched his hips so she would rub with more pressure against his hardness. Beka stopped and dropped the raised fabric, shielding herself from his stare once more.

She settled on the bench ignoring his growl of protest. It rapidly turned to a purr as her hands lifted to her laces and toyed with the ends. She felt his stillness as he watched. Ever so slowly Beka pulled on one, letting the bow become undone then plucked at the ribbon, unweaving it from the eyelets of her leather vest. Beka held the edges together hiding her bare breasts until his gaze lifted to glare at her. Beka sighed to herself, most submissives would be using their eyes to silently plead with her but then most were not alpha Nietzscheans. Rhade's narrowed in warning. She parted the vest and provocatively arched her back and shrugged it off, making sure her breasts jiggled and causing his gaze to instantly lower and grow heated. Once her arms were free she lifted her hands to cup her breasts lifting and squeezing them for him to watch. Beka's fingertips circled her aureoles and then rubbed the tips. She loved watching his face and the jaw twitch his beard couldn't hide. As much as she was enjoying this she moved on to the next phase of her plan. Lowering her hands Beka spoke.

"Knowing you were in here working out and getting all hot and sweaty I thought of a way to help."

Telemachus watched her suspiciously as she twisted to retrieve a container from her bag near their feet. She placed a kiss on his knee before sitting up. Beka moved the bowl back and forth letting his hearing pick up the strange clunking noises. He frowned as she rested it on his stomach and she leaned sideways to grab a small towel from the stack still on the floor. Opening it, Beka tossed the lid and used towel covered fingers to fish out a piece from inside and show him. His eyes widened as he recognized what she was branishing.


She placed the bowl behind her on the bench and leaned forward. Taking the end of the ice she traced a circle around each of his aureoles. Telemachus tucked his bearded chin to his chest to watch her with hard eyes. Then Beka drew a straight line down his sternum to dip the icy edge of the cube into his navel. At his harsh indrawn breath she removed it and replaced the cold sensation with the wet warmth of her tongue. Beka moved the ice to torment Telemachus' tight nipples following it with the warm laving of her tongue. His response was to alternate between growling and purring. She absently trailed icy swirls down his side as she pulled one of his flat disks into her mouth and suckled strongly, causing him to arch his back. She let her hand hang to the side and the ice drip on the floor as she switched to his other nipple. Beka circled it with her tongue before fastening on it and pulling deeply. Again Rhade's back arched and she felt his cock grinding into her belly. Straightening up she looked down at it. When she had shaved his chest Beka had left the thin trail of sable hair leading from his navel heading south. Rhade's cock rose proudly from its nest of dark wiry curls, thick and hard. The veins pulsed under the smooth skin and pre-cum leaked from the slit at the top. Those glistening drops were irresistible. Beka ducked her head to capture them with a lingering swipe of her tongue. Rhade's hips arched up and she drew back.

"Prisoners need to learn to remain still." She informed him in a stern voice.

Rhade's response was a truly nasty growl but his hips did settle back to the bench.

"Even though you are starting to obey me," Beka said ignoring the growls that she knew were going to increase, "you still need to be punished."

She dropped the mostly melted piece of ice behind her and fished out a fresh piece from the bowl.
Rearranging it with the towel that protected her own fingers from going numb she paused. Instead of continuing to growl Rhade had gone silent. He stared at the clear cube with a deadly gaze. Beka wouldn't have been surprised if lasers shot from his eyes to disintegrate it. She took a deep breath and lightly skimmed the ice along his length. Scooting back on the bench, pushing the bowl with her butt, she quickly followed the cold path with her mouth. Beka raised her head to check his reaction. Rhade's was pressed back into the leather of the bench and his eyes had closed. She noticed with relief he was also fairly quiet accept for shallow panting. Circling the base of his cock with the ice she swiftly blew there with her warm breath. Using the ice to trace the thick vein running the length of his hardness she then ran it along the underrim of the crown of his cock. At his shudder she engulfed his head in the wet heat of her mouth then pulled back to tease the slit at the very tip. Sneakily the ice skimmed his scrotum causing a harsh noise to escape the silken gag. His head reared back up to glare at her. She grinned, unrepentant.

Rhade snapped his fingers. Instantly Beka understood this was a real signal for her to stop. She silently berated herself for not remembering to establish one before they had started this. Dumping the icecube back in the bowl she moved it to the floor and used the other end of the towel to pat him dry. Tossing it also down she rested her hands on his knees squeezing them gently. Telemachus had rested his head back but now he tucked his chin to look down the length of his body at her.

Beka said in a serious voice,"I know I'm suppose to be torturing you here but I would never do anything that you truly objected to. I don't know why you are uncomfortable with me going down on you, not sure if its a Nietzschean thing, a control issue or if you just don't enjoy it..."
She was interrupted when muscled legs coiled around her body and she was jerked against his hard chest. Dark eyes blazed into her own.

" enjoy it?" A short serious nodding was her answer.

Beka grinned,"Then you wouldn't find the idea totally objectionable if I wanted to suck you off and have you come in my mouth?"

She thought a surprised look entered his dark eyes. She continued,"I want to taste you, I want you to come so I can swallow it and you can warm my belly deep inside me."

Beka saw Rhade blink several times and then slowly nod 'yes'.

"You're not going to regret agreeing to this, I'm going to make sure this is the best you've ever had," Beka assured him.

Rhade rested his head back and took a deep breath, uncurling his legs from around her at her urging. Beka slid back on the bench and circled the base of his cock with one hand as the other cupped his sack. She wasn't going to start with any teasing licks, she wanted no chance of Rhade changing his mind. Beka sucked briefly on the head of his hardness before working her way down the length of him. Relaxing her throat to accommodate his girth she swallowed him. When her lips reached her fingers she slowly inched back, at the head she took a quick breath before repeating her motions. This time faster. His pre-cum started to coat her throat making it easier and her rhythm increased. Nietzschean's pre-cum was different from a human's. Besides tasting sweeter it was slick and engineered to act as a natural lubricant. As her pace quickened she started breathing through her nose and hollowed her cheeks to suck on his shaft. Beka felt Rhade's hips lift as he began to fuck her mouth with shallow thrusts. Her other hand gently squeezed his balls and rolled them between her fingers. She felt them tighten and draw up against his body. She loved the sensation of his thickness filling her throat, it heightened her own arousal unbearably and Beka began to make small moaning noises that vibrated along his cock.

A rumbling growl echoed around her as she moved her hand so her nose could burrow in his pubic hair. Pulling slowly back she left a thick trail of saliva and pre-cum. Moving both hands to his cock, one at the base the other just above it Beka began a twisting motion as she concentrated on the head. Rapidly she moved her mouth over the bulb of his erection over the rim and down several inches to return in a relentless rhythm. Beka felt the powerful thighs her arms were braced on tense and started thrumming her tongue against the leaking slit on the very tip of his cock. When she felt his hips arch as Rhade surged in her mouth Beka sucked as hard as she could. Hearing a harsh muffled roar she swallowed as thick cum filled her mouth and rushed down her throat. Hard spurts followed as his hips jerked twice more and then he shuddered and relaxed. Her hands gently holding him, Beka opened her mouth and panted around his softening erection. Breathing deeply she closed her lips and surged forward swallowing his cock and sucked strongly, milking it and forcing another harsh cry as he came again in her mouth. Tremors wracked his body as she slowly withdrew her mouth and twirled her tongue around him.

Beka laid her head against Rhade's trembling thigh and her hand gently laid his flaccid cock along her cheek, nestling the head to rest in the softness of her hair. Letting her breath warm his depleted sack, her palms stroked his calves soothingly as Rhade regained his sanity.

Beka grinned to herself, she still hadn't gotten his name, rank and Commonwealth serial number.


Chapter 2

Beka loved the feel of Telemachus' taunt skin under her hands. She heard his harsh breathing and belatedly realized she should loosen his gag. She moved her head slightly and gave a brief kiss to his cock resting on her cheek before gently moving it to lay on the thigh she was not using as a pillow. Sitting up she swung her leg over and rose from the workout bench to walk the short distance to the other end. Rhade's eyes were closed and his dark hair was mussed from the silk gag and a mixture of drying and fresh sweat. His hands were clenched loosely around the empty rests of the weight rack and she unwound the scarves tying his wrists from the metal. Supporting each arm as she lowered them, Beka ran her hands up and down Rhade's biceps massaging the muscles. Considering his rigorous training she really didn't believe they were fatigued from being raised but it gave her a wonderful excuse to touch him. The silk was still tied around each wrist and she fastened them together and looped rest of the material around and under the end of the bench. Letting his hands lie on the leather above his head, his upper arms rested against the metal posts of the rack. Kneeling on the floor next to his head Beka carefully worked the silk gag from his mouth, the loop of fabic now on his neck as she stroked his bearded jaw. Grabbing a towel she patted his beard. Gags had a bad habit of making saliva multiply but at the same time drying out your mouth. Dropping the towel she reached for the bowl.

"Do you want more ice?"

Rhade's eyes snapped open and he turned his head to look at her.

"To suck on 'cause your throat's dry?" She clarified.

"Yeah, thanks," he said. After giving her a long look. She gazed back with her best 'innocent' expression. His gaze narrowed.

Beka fished a long rectangular icecube from the bowl and ran it along his lips, when he parted them she slipped it inside. Her own fingers followed and Beka felt Rhade suck on them as she withdrew them from the wet warmth of his mouth. While he was busy with the ice she spoke.

"So... my torturing you wasn't too bad was it?" She knew her usual grin was in place but worried that her eyes revealed too many questions. Dropping her gaze she continued," you were very stoic, very Nietzschean." And patted his shoulder.

"Beka, I want to explain.." his words had a slurpy quality and he paused.

Seeing his difficultly in talking around the icecube she cupped her palm and held it next his cheek.

"Go ahead and spit it out."

He frowned and sucked furiously.

She sighed," Telemachus..considering your bodily fluids I just dealt with I think I can handle a little saliva."

Giving her an odd look he turned his head and the icecube slid into her hand. She picked it from her palm with her forefinger and thumb and ran her tongue along the edge before sucking his icecube in her own mouth. His gaze was heated as he stared at her mouth. She made a 'continue' motion with her hand and he blinked. She grinned. Then he looked serious. Her smile faded.

"Beka, about me coming in your mouth.." he paused and Beka knew Rhade was trying to figure out his next words. If this is where he tells her blow jobs are Nietzschean taboo she was going to be really pissed. His semen tasted even better than his pre-cum and she had planned on many more samplings.

"In Nietzschean culture...," he started over. "Nietzschean males all though our past and even in modern times, depending on the Pride, have a habit of abusing human females slaves. The excuse being that the warriors were away from their wives. But no Alpha would ever consider the risk of a slave having his child so the most common practice was to use her mouth. This being know it was considered ill bred for an Alpha to then ask his wife to do the same as a slave. From this stigma it developed that a Nietzschean female from a prominent Pride would seldom offer this."

"Um...not Nietzschean," Beka interrupted after hurriedly crunching the ice and swallowing.

"No, you are a human woman so I would never insult you by treating you as a slave or by expecting you to offer this." He said this with such a serious expression.

Beka was a slightly confused.

"So Nietzschean guys don't like getting head, because it's the custom?"

A purely masculine look crossed his face and his tone was fierce and harsh, "Of course we all want it, I. Enjoyed. Every. Moment." She saw him take a deep breath before he continued and did not doubt his sincerity. "But, as an Alpha male it would be dishonorable for me to ask you.."

Beka interrupted again, "What if I demand it? What if..I insisted as your lover and as the Matriarch to the right to go down on you?...Wouldn't it be your duty to allow this?"

Beka grinned, it wasn't often you saw a dumbfounded Nietzschean Alpha male. Not knowing how long Rhade was going to just stare at her Beka prompted,"..And you did enjoy it...right?"

Rhade's face looked feral as he growled," Allow me my freedom and ask that again."

"Ah..tempting ...but no." Something occured to Beka,"Telemachus, have you ever had...?"

"No" he admitted quietly, "and I am glad you did..and it was with you."

Beka started blinking and she knew a huge smile was spreading across her face.

"Beka, kiss me," Telemachus told her.

"Um...I'll taste like you," protested Beka. She knew how most guys didn't like the idea.

If anything Rhade's expression turned more territorial and he ordered,"!"

She leaned over him and complied, their tongues battling as they dipped and stroked.

She pulled back and groused,"You're pretty bossy for a prisoner."

Rhade rumbled,"Beka, why is it you want me still tied up?"

"Because my silly captive, I'm not done with you yet."

His gaze narrowed and Beka quickly replaced his gag. Rhade glared at her but lifted his head for her to readjust the knot. Her fingers could not resist burying themselves in the sable strands.

"Telemachus, I want to mention something..and you know.. it's just an idea that you might want to do.." She was idlely stroking his chest with her other hand as she knelt by his head, their faces still close together. Beka prayed to the Divine that she wouldn't blush. She took a deep breath and said in a casual tone.

"I know you do have respect for me...but if you ever wanted to pretend..that I was your slave..and you" Her embrassment melted under his heated gaze. She gave him a now confident sultry smile. She leaned close and purred into his ear. "You could tie me up however you wanted, order me around, I could pretend to be meek or pretend to fight you.. make me do anything..fuck me anywhere...any could have me kneeling like I am doing now, but at your feet and grab me by the hair and force your cock in my mouth and fuck my mouth...and I would love it..."

Beka had ignored the strange sounding growls but the ripping noise got her attention. Not of the silk scarves but of the leather of the weight bench Rhade was gripping. She realized it was time to calm her Nietzschean if she wanted to finish her fanasty. She just had gotten a little carried away there. Beka wisely shut up and stroked his hair soothingly while her other wandering hand stilled, resting on his heaving chest. She watched his flaring boneblades to judge his calmness. They stilled after a few long moments and she deemed it safe. Beka patted his chest and said in a casual voice again "Well, I'll just let you work out the details."

Telemacus turned his head, slitted his eyes and gave her a long 'I will get you later' look.

Beka tried not to appear too pleased at his silent threat. She spent a long moment just looking at Rade's splendid body, one hand stroking his hair the other playing with his necklace. Her eyes could not help being drawn to his manhood arching over his taunt belly in a bold thick curve . He was fully erect again, she guessed her provocative suggestions were the cause, and twitched under her heated stare. A pearl of pre-cum gracing the tip teased her unfairly. She complained to Rhade. He groaned. Gravity caused it to form into a glistening strand that slowly stretched to his belly from where his cock curved up over his shallowly panting stomache. Her palm caressed down his chest and her fingertips scooped from the small pool forming. Beka brought her hand to her lips and sucked her damp fingers watching Rhade's face. His eyes were hungry and fierce as they followed the movements of her fingers. She repeated the gesture but this time licking them before interting them between her lips and then drawing her fingers in and out as his gaze darkened. Beka grinned, returning to the growing pool of pre-cum she let her fingertips play for a moment before bringing them to her breast. Taking Rhade's essense she swirled it around her nipple and them slowly covered her areola, leaving it shiny after her anoting was done. Rhade was rumbling from deep in his chest, the sound part growl part purr. It let her know he loved what he was seeing but was frustrated that all he could do was look. Sighing as she removed her fingers from his hair, Beka lifted her skirt and stood holding it bunched up in front of her. Her fingers playing again in the shiny fluid, gathered more and slowly spread it over the supple skin where her curls once grew before Rhade shaved her. Her hand made another trip to smooth more lower over her feminine folds, leaving them glistening when she was done. Rhade had become silent as he watched her and Beka felt the tension vibrate in the air around them.

Beka had planned on continuing her torment, perhaps going down on him a second time to get him hard all over again- but that obviouly was unnecessary. She also realized that her own arousal was demanding satisfaction that only Rhade's cock deep inside her could appease.

"Can you slide down the bench more so your knees are over the edge?" Beka asked.

Telemachus immediatly complied. Beka swiftly swung her leg over so she was standing straddling him and looked down at his tense waiting body. Disgruntled, she realized her skirt was in the way. Rather than trying to remove it now she tucked the material in her front waistband freeing her hands. One of them dipped between her thighs and parted her soft folds while the other circle the width of his cock gently guiding it back so it alined with her opening. Poised above him Beka found Rhade's stillness a little unsettling. She got the distinct inpression that he was just waiting...waiting until she was closer before he pounced as she saw his sharp hot gaze judge the short distance their bodies were separated.

Beka paused and ordered softly,"Telemachus..I want you to stay motionless for me."

Rhade's eyes jerked from their focus on her pussy to meet her gaze. His now held a very thwarted expression. She waited until he grudingly nodded. Beka bent her legs slightly until she felt the blunt slick head of his cock rubbing against her owm damp core. She rocked back and forth, holding him in place as her inner moisture ran down to meet his.

"I love how wet we get for each other.. how our juices mix together..ahhh" Beka's body betrayed her and her weakened knees gave enough for the crown of Rhade's cock to breech her. She caught herself and allowed the stretching sensation to wash over her. Beka took a deep breath and as she sighed, sunk down him. Letting gravity help her as she forced all of his cock to impale her, coming to a gasping halt when she was imbedded to the hilt with his hardness. She dimly heard a harsh cry wrung from Rhade as her body adjusted itself to the length and girth of his cock buried deep inside her. Beka felt so full and as she stayed still wanting to wallow in this sensastion. But the tremmors of Telemachus' body flowed up through her and she focused on her lover as well. His head was thrown back and he stared sightlessly at the ceiling a grimance of intense pleasure frozen on his face. It actually worried Beka a bit, because she knew she would start moving soon. She leaned forward her body shifting and tighting around him and a hiss escaped him. Beka rested her arms on his chest and cupped his beard rough cheeks.

"Rhade, the ride's just starting." "If you you want to come, go head and you can just catch up for another one."

A determined look crossed his face and Beka wanted to roll her eyes.

"I like the idea of you coming twice inside me...filling me up," she purred. Rhade still looked stubborn.

Beka knew he had no concept of the range of motion this postion of lovemaking allowed her. The very few times she had briefly been on top in their short relationship she had been clasped closly to his chest or his hands had held her hips for his thrusts. She didn't think Nietszchean stamina and control could hold out against Captain Valentine in the pilot's seat. She grinned. Beka planted a kiss in the center of his beautiful chest and reached behind her to tuck the back of her skirt in the waist band, safely out of the way. Then bracing her hands on his shoulders Beka rose partially, bent her knees and braced her booted feet. She lifted up along the length of him until she felt the rim of his cock's crown pull at her outer lips and then bore down. It wasn't smooth, not enough lubercation and adjustment time for her body, so Beka grit her teeth and ground her hips into his. Knowing the mass and breadth of her lover's Nietzschean body Beka felt no hesitation, Rhade might try to hold back in their lovemaking but she wasn't planning on showing any mercy. As her strokes quickened their slickness allowed her to start slamming into his hips. His grunts echoed her rhythm. She released his shoulders to curl her fingers around the edges of the bench and increased her leverage and force, their sweat slicked bodies slapping together. Beka was glad, for a moment later Rhade arched powerfully up, and the movement might have thrown her except for her grip on the metal and leather. She pushed back, hooking one leg under the bench and grinding her pussy into his shuddering jerking body. She felt him exploding deep within her and warm wettness wash over her heated core as he cried out. As he relaxed, Beka rested too and took fortifing lungfuls of air. She had barely held off her owm orgasm but it had been worth it to watch Rhade's face. His expression of strained almost agony followed by pure bliss had been beautiful.

She felt him soften inside her and began to gently rock her hips, making sure there was no danger of him slipping out. With every rock she added a squeeze of her inner muscles. Milking him and enjoying the tiny noises escaping the gag. She relented and stilled but kept her pussy pressed firmly against him, lowering to rest on his torso. After a few long moments she stretched, rubbing her skin along his. Nuzzling her nose into his beard she bit Rhade's chin. She saw him tilt his head down and drag his eyes open. Beka flashed her famous 'Valentine' smile and waggled her eyebrows up and down. Rhade blinked.

She bowed her head and began to lick the sweat from his neck and collerbones, adding an occasional nibble. Pausing to suck on his nipples she let her nails gently raked down his sides to knead his hard hips. Grinning into his chest as she felt him stir inside her. Beka slowly sat up and started a rolling rhythm back and forth and began squeezing her inner muscles again, but instead of milking him it now caused him to harden further. Increasing her pace she settled into riding Rhade's growing shaft. She wet her fingertips in her mouth and reached down to play with the tight points of Telemachus' nipples. Rolling and flicking them, Beka knew she was turning them into aching nubs. Beka felt intense pleasure at the sensations dancing through her body as Rhade's growls started echoing again in the room. Her skirt had fallen in the back and with every movement she felt the slinky fabric slither and caress both of their hips and thighs. Sliding her hands again to his broad shoulders she increased the pace of her undulations. Lift, lower, roll, grind, return and start over, it drew her into a mindless wash of intense sensation. Feeling her smooth hairless pussy rasp against the rough curls at the root of his cock, the press of her clit along the unforgiving hardness of him and the incredible fullness of having him so deep inside her. Beka just rode. Until suddenly an orgasm crashed over her unexpectly, leaving her shuddering and sobbing in its wake. When she regained awareness she found she had collasped on Rhade's chest. She propped herself up an shaky elbows to look down, on Telemachus' face was a tender expression. Then masculine devilment crossed his face. He wiggled his eyebrows. Beka laughed.

"Torturing is very tiring, I believe I will need some assistance now."

Rhade appeared exceedingly eager. She regained her breath and rose to a sitting postion again.

She warned,"Careful you don't buck me off."

Rhade's expression grew determined. His powerful hips began pistoning in short strong pulses and Beka arched her back. Her hands reached behind her and she let her nails furrow along the tops of his thighs. She listened to the wet sounds their bodies were making and Rhade's rough rumbling noises. She brought one hand to curl around his waist as her other dipped under the back of her skirt. With just her fingertips Beka caressed Rhade's balls. He spread his thighs slightly wider to give her access to his sack and her nails ever so gently raked the soft taunt skin there. His thrusts gained force and she now gripped the anchor of his waist with both hands. She looked down at his persperation slicked torso and admired the glistening rolling muscles and his bulging biceps as he gripped the bench above his head. She knew he did not need the leavage so guessed it was to keep his self-control. His bearded chin was tucked into his chest as he watched where their bodies were joined and moving together. Beka thought her skin appeared very pale against the tanned darkness of Rhade and vowed next time to remember to get rid of the skirt first, but there was no way she was going to try removing now. Not when she felt another climax building to crest. With other lovers in the past she would often close her eyes to concetrate on her own orgasms but with Telemachus her arousel was enhanced so much by watching him and his desire. His expression was fierce and filled with pained pleasure. She knew he was holding at bay his own orgasm so she could reach another. She moved one hand and combed through his dark pubic hair and then used her fingers to captured some of their mixed juices. Taking her slick wet digets Beka rubbed and circled her hard nub that was aching with pent up desire and urged Rhade to join her in climaxing. Together they exploded and their tremors and shudders kept triggering each other causing aftershocks of sensation.

Slumping to his chest again Beka mummured,"Hold me."

She heard a ripping sound as Rhade easily shredded his bonds and his strong arms enfolded her. Beka's ear resting on his chest echoed with his thundering hearbeats and she felt herself rise and fall with his breaths. She felt the ship's cycled air cooling their heated bodies and causing her skirt draped around their thighs to flutter.

Andromeda's image sprung to staticy life next to them. "Beka and Rhade, Harper has made my hologram program fully functional again," she informed them in a proud tone.

"Umm..that's great," Beka responded in a startled voice as she pressed her bare breasts harder in Rhade's chest. He was making a garbled noise.

Andromeda crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at them. "That is not the proper function for that piece of equipment, what.."

"Privacy Mode!" Ordered Rhade after pulling the scarf dowm.

Andromeda huffed and disappeared.

"Rhade that wasn't very nice," laughed Beka.

"I don't have to be nice, I'm Nietzchean!"

Rhade gently eased her off his softing cock as she made a little sad noise. He kissed her cheek and gathered their clothing, hurriedly pulling on his pants as she tiredly sat on the bench and giggled. Kneeling, Rhade instisted on relacing her vest and nuzzled her neck, nipping lightly. He unknotted the scarf from his neck and draped it around hers, pausing when he noticed the dampness in the middle of the silk from his mouth. Beka saw him frown and then he arranged a dry end to cicle her skin and the rest to dangle like an old-fashioned man's necktie. She marveled at Nietzschean resilence as she watched him put the towels in the hamper and gather their belongings. When Rhade picked up the rose she blushed.

"Thank you," he said, bending to give her a tender kiss. When he straightened Rhade grabbed the end of the scarf and pulled. Following the urging Beka looked down as she stood. The long black scarf wrapped his fist and circling her neck resembled ...a leash? Beka raised her eyes to Rhade's laughing, but still smouldering dark gaze.

"This is the part of your fanasty where the captive escapes his bonds and overtakes the ship."

"No, it's not," protested Beka.

"It is now." Said Rhade tugging on the silk with a smirk.

The End (maybe)

Rhade's Revenge

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