Rhade's Revenge


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Author' note and warning: this is the sequel to Silly Captive and does contain heavier D/s with pretend N/C also some pre-anal (if that makes any sense)


Telemachus Rhade walked slowly through the corridors of the Andromeda with Beka at his side. One of his arms encircled the beautiful blonde, keeping her securely tucked against his body. In his hand was the rose she had given him and the end of the silk scarf still tied around her slender neck. He was in no particular hurry, after an intense bout of steamy sex in the gym even his Nietzschean stamina was needing time to recharge. His body had a delicious lassitude that was the result of three shattering climaxes, though his mind was busy. Rhade still found it hard to believe the freedom Beka was granting him in choosing to fulfill his fantasies. And his mind and cock were still both recovering from the sweet torment of Beka's mouth and the knowledge it would continue again, at any time he wished. His arm tightened and he nuzzled her soft hair at the thought. Beka's head tilted and she asked if they could swing by the Maru at Andromeda's main docking bay. He agreed, the ship was so big that the Maru was about the same distance as her officer's quarters they now shared whenever they where aboard the Andromeda. That and the fact he would probably agree to anything Beka wished right now.

Entering the smaller ship he looked around. Cramped, old and falling apart the Maru, he realized, was now what he considered as 'home'. And it felt right. Rhade followed Beka into their tiny cabin and watched as she crawled onto the bed. He admired the view. He almost missed her soft instruction to pull out from under the bed the two black storage boxes he had noticed before. Noticed but had never opened even though only one had a lock. What really caught Rhade's attention now was the slight blush flushing Beka's pale skin. This, he concluded, was going to be interesting. Kneeling on the cool floor he opened first the unlocked one and gazed inside. His brain tangled as his eyes registered the contents. Thank the Progenitor that his old roommate during his Academy days had been a slob and a Casanova or he might not have recognized now any of the things that his much more adventurous lover had collected.

A small feather duster still in its clear wrapper laid on top and Rhade moved it aside to get a better view of the other items. Bottles of different oils, dildos, silver bullets and other toys were arranged neatly. He breathed deeply but only the smell of Beka and faintly some of the scented oils was detected by his nose. Some of the items he could tell at a glance appeared new and a few Rhade admitted to himself he didn't recognized. His mind that earlier had been considering different possible fantasies now broadened immensely. Rhade reluctantly tore his attention away and focused on the other box. Beka's soft voice told him the combination and he lifted the lid. Rhade blinked and felt his body harden painfully. Inside was a mixture of leather and metal and the smells filled his lungs as he only barely caught her faded scent. He guessed it had been some time since Beka had opened this box. At his quiet question she confirmed it. Restraints of several different kinds nestled with various different whips and supple suede or leather flails. The restraints he liked but the others really didn't interest him too much right now but they did lead him to an appealing thought.

"Beka, can I spank you?" Rhade asked.

"Do you think I might be naughty?" She inquired with a saucy smile.

He frowned and hesitated.

Seeing this Beka turned serious and told him," Yes,and suggest anything ..If I don't feel comfortable I will tell you and maybe we can reach a compromise."

When Rhade had heard her offer earlier 'anywhere' he had immediately thought of different locations but now he remembered catching a glimpse of something in the first box and turned back to it. Digging at the bottom he unearthed what he thought he recognized. Many of his Nietzschean male friends had been bi-sexual as this was common for his kind and, though he had never experimented in that direction, he knew what butt plugs were for. Rhade just had never thought of them in connection with a woman and was surprised at the fierce urgings that idea unleashed in him. Rhade looked up into Beka's doubtful eyes.

"Umm... those...That's one area I'm almost a virgin in." She explained in an almost embarrassed voice. "I've only done that with one guy and he's smaller...umm..and alot more submissive.."

Now, Rhade wanted this dark desire fulfilled even more, especially as he realized the trust this act would be on Beka's part in him. He wasn't totally naive, they both knew he could really hurt her by fucking her ass but his erection twitched at the thought of her tight dark depths. Blanking all expression from his face, Rhade asked quietly "Is that a no?"

She appeared to be in deep contemplation for a moment before Beka took a deep breath that pushed her breasts against the low scoop of her top's neckline. It almost distracted him but he wanted to know the answer to his question.

"No, I don't mean no, but we have to go slowly if I'm going to stretch so you will fit."

Rhade instantly agreed, as much as he yearned for this forbidden treat he didn't want to do anything that bothered Beka or cause her true pain. They spoke for a few more minutes on the subject of preparing her properly before the conversation returned back to him spanking her and what she enjoyed in the area of being restrained. After reaffirming her safe word Rhade grew still and stared at her relaxing on the bed.

"Captain, I'm going to overtake your ship now and I want you to react how you would...almost for real.' Telemachus threatened in a purring rough rumble as his body tensed in anticipation.

With lightening reflexes Beka rolled away and tried to rise from the bed. Surging from his kneeling position on the floor Rhade leaped across the width of the bed to capture her around the waist. A sharp elbow banged his ribs but with far less force than he knew she was capable of. Grinning in relief that she understood the nature of the play he wanted, Rhade held her squirming body as Beka cursed him in several languages. As her cursing filled the air so did the intoxicating scent of her arousal. A meek submissive Beka might be fun for later but now he wanted to tame her fiery nature and subdue her wiry strength with his own. Using his larger body to pin hers Rhade snapped around Beka's wrists the metal cuffs he had grabbed from the case. He would have thought the old fashion restraints had become antiquated but realized they would stay popular in 'speciality' shops. He gently dragged her up the bed and refastened them around the metal bars of her headboard. Scooting down her body he straddled her bare hips as Beka bucked up against him, her skirt bunched up around her waist. He gritted his teeth at the sensation of Beka softly slamming her pelvis against his erection as Rhade stared down at the flushed wriggling body beneath him. Her bright blue eyes glittered with excitement and her heaving creamy breasts strained against the low border of her top. His blunt fingers clumsily unlaced her vest and he tossed the red ribbon aside. Folding down the edges of her top he used the black leather to frame the pale perfection of her breasts and decided to leave it on her. As well as the thigh high leather boots that were almost too sexy for him deal with. Rhade's calloused fingertips caressed the soft skin of her breasts and brushed over her beaded nipples causing them to harden even more. Her cursing was interrupted by groans as Rhade felt Beka arch under him and grind her hips against his aching cock, the thin silk pants he wore providing no protection from the tormenting friction.

Reaching to the nightstand Rhade grasped the rose and trailed the velvety petals over her panting torso. Changing his grip he allowed the thorns to lightly scrape her skin and leave tiny thin welts that contrasted starkly with her paleness. Pinning her struggling shoulders to the mattress Rhade crouched over her and let his tongue sooth the pink marks before licking and suckling the pert crests crowning her beautiful breasts. He made sure his beard tormented her satiny skin and her swearing had a more sincere ring as she arched and trashed under him. Pushing her breasts together Rhade buried his face in her softness as his thumbs teased her nipples. Sucking fiercely on a pale curve he made sure to leave a rosy mark before nibbling and licking his way down her chest to her panting belly. Moving his body to span her thighs, his hands tugged Beka's skirt over her hips while he explored her navel with his tongue tip. Frustrated with the barrier of fabric, Rhade swung his leg over and moved to her side. Swift deft yanks divested Beka of her skirt and he skimmed out of his own meager clothing. Only quick reflexes saved him from a well aimed kick to his ribs. Gripping the leather encased ankle he pretended to glare down at her as he growled, barely hiding his grin. 'Beka Valentine- always a firebrand' He thought with smug proud amusement of his spirited lover.

"Now you have to be punished," Rhade purred.

Beka stopped cursing and considered him as Rhade smelled her heightened arousal. Capturing her free ankle with his other hand he spread her legs wide as he knelt between them. Pushing her splayed knees towards her shoulders Rhade gently forced Beka's body to curve and raised her feminine core high and totally vulnerable. His body tightened and his cock throbbed as Telemachus hungrily stared at the tempting treasure before him. His voracious gaze devoured the pale bare folds of her shaven pussy and he barely saw the shadow of faint red stubble. Rhade grinned as that gave him an idea. Leaning over her he rasped his beard along the tender skin of her crotch and chuckled wickedly as a truly nasty comment about his Nietzschean heritage was imparted to him. He gave long soothing licks to her abraded skin but avoided the hard nub that her wiggling hips tried to thrust against his mouth. Another target for exploration was what Rhade had in mind and he tilted her hips higher. Placing her thighs over his shoulders Rhade relished the feel of her satiny skin as his palms smoothed over her ass. Fingers gripping her hips, his thumbs spread her buttocks to expose her pink furled rosette to his gaze. And his tongue. His warm breath fanned over her as his tongue circled her pale flesh slowly, drawing closer as she quivered in his hands. When his questing tongue lightly skimmed her puckered opening Rhade heard Beka gasp and she began a helpless mewling when he began laving the tender flesh. Using his thumbs to part her further, Rhade probed deeper and gently forced his tongue in her tight entrance and explored the hidden depths. Holding her arching hips firmly he fucked her ass with his tongue as Beka shuddered, causing her cuffs to rattle louder against the metal bars of the headboard.

His face pressed tightly against her, Rhade continued the relentless rhythm of his tongue as his hands skimmed down her quivering body. Finding her nipples his fingers began plucking and pulling on them matching the cadence of his tongue. Deep satisfaction filled him as Telemachus felt Beka fall apart in his embrace and shuddered her release while calling out his name. Tempted by the scent of her creamy cum Rhade moved his mouth to lap up her feminine essence, his tongue scooping deep in her vagina. With one last roll of her nipples between his fingertips he moved one hand to toy with her clit as the other reached to stroke his own aching hardness. Gathering his slick leaking pre-cum he coated his fingers before gently, but insistently, working his long middle finger in the tight entrance of her ass. Beka stiffened and arched away until Rhade purred reassuringly against her pussy and she relaxed. Rhade moved his finger in and out and explored the warm smooth walls of her inner passage. When he felt the resistance of her muscles loosen he added his slicked index finger to join the other inside her. Working in tandem he fucked her pussy with his tongue while his fingers fucked her ass and was rewarded when Beka climaxed again.

Gently lowering the limp form of his lover, Rhade ran soothing hands along Beka's thighs as she recovered. He had dried his fingers on the end of the silk scarf that still encircled Beka's neck. Gazing at her he admired the stark contrast of the black leather and her pale satiny skin with the faint delicate tracing of blue veins. Telemachus turned her over on her stomach and brushed the tousled hair from Beka's face. Her eyes were still closed as she recovered. He knew better now than to push her body too far, it had been scary that time she had passed out. Rhade ran his palms over the curves of her ass and his sharp gaze noted with satisfaction the glistening of Beka's pink rosette from his saliva. His hands grasped her hips and he raised them and braced her with pillows under her belly and pelvis. Moving to the side of the bed, Rhade reached down and hunted through one of the black boxes. Seeing movement from the corner of his eye he turned. Beka had scooted away and bright blue eyes peeked at him from over a creamy shoulder. He tried hard not to laugh as he gave her a menacing growl.

"Now you're going to have to be really punished," He mock threatened.

Her gaze grew excited and she wiggled her hips. Using the sweep of a brawny arm he moved Beka back and knelt to the side of her. After a lingering caress to her ass he brought his palm down sharply. The slap made a skin on skin sound that caused his cock to twitch violently. He repeated this several times, moving his blows slightly, before pausing to admire the pinkened skin of her pale ass and breath in deeply her arousal. Smelling her, he was reassured of Beka's enjoyment and he continued after a soothing caress across the heated skin. Relishing the feel her satiny skin under his palm he, knew he would seldom use one of her leather whips as he wallowed in the pleasure of spanking her.

His pre-cum steadily dripping on the tangled sheet and his erection demanding relief, Rhade reluctantly rubbed her tingling skin as he eagerly moved behind her. Gritting his teeth as he grasped his cock he rubbed its weeping head over Beka's puckered opening smearing it with his slick pre-cum. At her soft protest and flinch he ran a reassuring hand down her back and leaned over her.

"Easy Beka, I"m not going to try to fuck you there yet, just trust me."

He kissed her softly on her shoulders and nuzzled her hair as she relaxed. Drawing back Rhade rubbed the bulb of his cock over her anus before sitting back on his heels. Cupping his palm under the head of his cock his other hand milked it firmly and he shuddered as he collected his pre-cum. Releasing his aching erection he found in the sheets the slender dildo he had selected earlier. Spreading his pre-cum over it as a lubricant he decided with primal possessiveness that he would never use the scented oils for this when his mate could smell of him instead. One hand spread her buttocks as the other gently pushed the dildo into her dark depths. Beka groaned and widen her thighs for this invasion moving back to take it deeper. Worried she was moving too fast Telemachus slapped her on one curving ass cheek. At her urging he continued, one hand spanking as the other worked in the dildo. When it was fully embedded he removed his hands to stare hungrily at the black plastic end buried between her buttocks. Beka's muscles flexed and he saw it move as she clenched around it and his own cock jerked viciously in response.

He reared up on his knees and guided his cock to the waiting entrance of her pussy and prepared to plunge in with one long stroke. Groaning Rhade realized, that with the dildo deep in her ass Beka's inner channel had narrowed, and he would have to tortuously inch his way in like in the early days of their relationship before her body had grown used to his size. His massive tense body trembling, Telemachus slowly pushed in to her clinging wetness. Beka was making mewling noises that still managed to sound demanding and he gripped her hips harshly to hold her motionless for his penetration. Sweating and shuddering Rhade was finally fully sheathed inside of Beka and he paused to enjoy the tight clamping sensation while praying he would last longer than one thrust.

Beka started chanting,"Hard and fast." And being the accommodating lover he was, Rhade decided to agree with her breathless demands.

When he started stroking, Rhade realized his own body was pushing in and out the dildo in her ass, something Beka voiced her appreciation of. His hand reached between them to adjust it slightly and he guessed he had turned the end when he felt the dildo start to vibrate. Only the thin wall of Beka's inner channel separated the humming length of plastic from his own cock and the sensation was unbelievable. He grimly came to the conclusion that this was at the top of his list of favorite things, if he lived through it. Beka echoed his slamming strokes with keening cries and Rhade bent over her to grip the curve of her shoulder between his teeth. With guttural grunts he savagely pumped into her clinging vibrating warmth. Releasing the softness of her skin from his mouth, Rhade arched back and roared "MINE" as he came in a wracking convulsion deep in Beka's body. As his seed spurt against her womb, Telemachus felt Beka's climax clenching around his cock causing his own to continue with almost painful pleasure. As his shudders slowly lessened he slumped sideways, taking Beka's limp body with him. Rhade heard Beka whimpered as another climax rippled through her and his own cock was being ruthlessly milked by the continuing vibrations. He pulled away slightly to shut off the tormenting dildo. Telemachus accidently turned it the wrong way and the humming increased, as well as Beka's whimpering, as another climax clenched her body around his cock triggering a small after ripple of his own. Knowing Beka was helpless impaled on both his still semi-hard cock and the dildo he swiftly fumbled shut it off. Both of them panting in the quietness of the room, he barely her soft "Thank you." Rhade preferred to interpret that for the incredible sexual experience and not that he had finally figured out how to turn off the damn thing.

After long moments of recovery, Rhade reluctantly drew out Beka's wet warmth. He was amazed to still hear her soft noise of sadness rather than relief. Slowly staggering to the bathroom he leaned against the sink as he cleaned himself. Wringing the warm water from the wash cloth Rhade returned to clean his lover and carefully remove the dildo, tossing the toy and cloth both across the room to land in the sink when he was finished. Looking at Beka's exhausted body he was worried that he had caused her to pass out again and caressed the curve of her hip. Her soft snarl reassured him and he was flattered she thought he had enough energy to begin more lovemaking. Making soothing noises, he undid the cuffs and lowered her arms while massaging them. Rhade removed her top and rolled Beka gently to her back and kissed her lingeringly on the nasty mark he had made on her shoulder. She made a reassuring mumble at him and he smiled. His smiled turned into a grin as he unlaced and tugged off her wicked boots. Hidden under them were knee high socks of bright lime green with purple polka dots. She had a frightening sock collection courtesy of Trance that he was becoming fond of.

Rhade dropped her clothing to the limited floor space of their tiny cabin and looked around the cramped room crowded with their possessions. He ordered the lights dimmed and the Maru complied and he settled down to curve his tired body around Beka. It did not matter that spacious officer's quarters waited a short distance away, Telemachus Rhade was home.

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